My Complete 2015 Beauty Favourites

First of all – Happy New Year! I hope that you all had an amazing Christmas, managed to spent valued time with loved ones and that the new year is good to you!

Somehow 2016 has just begun, and like most people, I honestly can’t believe how quickly last year went. 2015 was a pretty great year for me, I got an amazing new job (you can have a read here if you fancy), and my blog has really started to evolve into what I want it to be. I was wondering what type of post I should start 2016 with, and I thought there would be nothing better, than letting you guys know exactly what I’ve been loving throughout the whole year of 2015. This post is a little different than my usual favourites, where I pick 5-6 products I’ve been loving that month. Instead, I thought I would give you the low down on my favourite product from each category that I’ve been using in 2015, so I’ll be talking about my favourite mascara, blusher, eyeshadow etc etc. I’ve also written the same type post, but talking all about my Skincare favourites from 2015, so you can check that out here too! This could be a bit of a lengthy post (not that that’s uncommon here on emilyloula), so get comfy, have a read, and hopefully you’ll enjoy!

2015 Beauty & Makeup Favourites on emilyloula blog

Single Eyeshadow – Maybelline Color Tatoo Eyeshadows

RRP £4.99
Featured in:
Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow Review & Swatches | October Favourites | May Favourites
If you’re a regular reader here on emilyloula or know me in real life, I’m pretty sure you’ll have heard me blather on about Maybelline’s Color Tattoo’s already. I’ve recommended them to plenty of people, and there’s a good reason for that. They’re super easy to apply, really affordable coming in at under £5 each and look stunning when worn alone, or even are perfect as an eyeshadow base. I’ve reviewed them fully here, so I won’t go on much more about them, other than to say you need to try out at least one of these! Creamy Biege, Metallic Pomegranate & On & On Bronze are my favourite shades.

Eyeshadow Palette – Makeup Revolution I Love Makeup – Naked Chocolate

RRP £7.99
Featured in:
Makeup Revolution Haul
Since writing this post, I’ve realised that somehow I’ve only mentioned this gorgeous palette on my blog once, and that was in the haul post that I initially picked it up in (here). I’m actually quite shocked that I haven’t written a whole post about this, let alone mentioned it as I do love it so much – so I’ve now added to it to the list of posts I’ll be writing shortly – stay tuned! The palette contains 16 beautiful eyeshadows, with a mixture of shimmer and matte shades that are great for creating both an everyday nude look, and a full on smokey eye. The shades in the palette are ‘so me’, and I genuinely use every single one of them. Quality wise, the shadows are great, they’re extremely pigmented and last really well when paired with a primer. For £7.99 you really can’t go wrong with this palette, even if it just is because of the amazing chocolate bar style packaging…

Eyeliner – Soap & Glory SuperCat Eyeliner Pen

RRP £6.00
Featured in: 
What’s in My Makeup Bag? | May 2015 Monthly Favourites
In 2015 I started experimenting with different types of eyeliners, and I’ve found that pen style ones are my favourite for a quick, easy application. My pen eyeliner of choice throughout the year has been Soap & Glory’s SuperCat, as it has a long, felt tip like nib which makes precise application a lot easier. When it comes to doing the perfect eyeliner flick, I’m a complete novice but this liner has made it a lot easier than any other I’ve tried. It’s not drying, doesn’t tug upon application yet gives a beautiful define black line exactly where you want it – perfect.

2015 Beauty & Makeup Favourites on emilyloula blog

Mascara – Benefit Roller Lash

RRP £19.50
Featured in: 
Roller Lash Mascara Review | What’s In My Makeup Bag? | Birchbox March 2015 Review
Apparently I’ve got quite a thing for Benefit’s mascaras… They’re Real has been my favourite, and go to mascara for years now, but when I tried Roller Lash upon it’s release in 2015 it blew me away, and won the top spot for mascara in this post. This is another product that I’ve written a full review on (here), so I’ll keep this short & sweet. The unique curved wand, grips, coats and curls all of my lashes, and they hold all day – it’s absolutely perfect for me!

Lipstick – KIKO Velvet Satin Mat

RRP £6.90
Featured in: 
KIKO Velvet Satin Mat Lipsticks Review | Top Winter Lipsticks | What’s in My Makeup Bag?
Another product that I’m sure you’ll have heard me talk about before are KIKO’s Velvet Satin Mat Lipsticks. My review of these lipsticks (here) is my most read post ever, and my accompanying pin is my most popular to date. The Velvet Satin Mat range from KIKO are definitely my favourite lipsticks I’ve tried hands down, with 613 – Pink Carnation being my most loved, but all of the 5 shades I own get used on a regular basis. The formula is a satin matte, so it’s not uncomfortable to wear at all, is quite creamy and stays put for hours on end. At £6.90 each, you really can’t go wrong with these lipsticks, especially when the packaging is so gorgeous, and the lipsticks themselves are incredible.

Eyebrow Product – Illamasqua Brow Gel

RRP £18.50
I originally bought this is a trio set from Illamasqua, that included a gel eyeliner and a cream eyeshadow, all housed within these gorgeous rose gold glass pots. Not only is the packaging of this completely gorgeous but I’ve also fallen for the product inside too. ‘Strike’ is the perfect shade for my brows, without being too ashy, it blends out really easily, and doesn’t budge anywhere – once it’s on, it’s on. I always opt for this when I want to fill my brows in or I’m feeling for a more defined brow, as it does exactly what I need it to.  At £18.50, it is on the pricer side of the spectrum, but I’ve been using this for well over a year now, and as you can see from the photo, I’ve barely made a dent in it, as so little product is needed each time.

2015 Beauty & Makeup Favourites on emilyloula blog

Primer – MaxFactor FaceFinity All Day Primer

RRP £10.99
Featured in: What’s in My Makeup Bag? | My Summer Makeup Essentials
Towards the end of 2015 I had been trying out a fair few new primers, some of which I’ve absolutely been loving (inc. Soap & Glory’s One Heck of a Blot Primer) but I know I’ll always come back to MaxFactor’s FaceFinity All Day Primer, as it’s definitely my favourite. This primer does exactly what it says ‘on the tin’, and definitely does improve the longevity of my makeup, keeping it in place all the day. I use this throughout the year, but I find that it’s especially great in the summer months. It contains SPF 20 along with added micro correctors which absorb sweat and oil – perfect for those hot days where you don’t want your makeup sliding of your face!

Setting Powder – Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder

RRP £15.00
Featured in: Escentual French Pharmacy Haul | May 2015 Monthly Favourites
In 2015 I’ve tried various Vichy products, and have fallen in love with the brand – one of my favourite products from them has to be their Dermablend Setting Powder. A few people had recommended this to me on Twitter, so I placed an online order, and since the day it arrived, I’ve actually been recommending it to other people myself. After I’ve completely finished doing my makeup, a quick, light dust of this over the top with a fan brush ensures that my makeup is staying on all day, and I mean all day. I can definitely tell at the end of the day when I do and don’t use this, and when I do, I’m always impressed at how long my makeup lasts for. Again, this is another product that’s slightly pricer than the average setting powder, but you get so much product for your money that it’ll last you forever, and it’s honestly amazing –  worth every penny and some in my opinion.

Foundation – L’Oreal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation

RRP £7.99
Featured in: What’s in My Makeup Bag? | Blogging Made Me Do It – Boots 2 For 2
My most used and repurchased foundation of 2015, without a doubt is L’Oreal’s Infallible Matte. As the name suggests, it gives a really lovely matte finish, whilst providing quite a high coverage. I wouldn’t say that this a completely full coverage foundation, but it does do very well at covering my blemishes, acne scars and discolouration – it’s by far the best foundation on the highstreet for that! When paired with the Vichy setting powder (above) my skin looks flawless throughout the whole day, without budging – I absolutely love it.

2015 Beauty & Makeup Favourites on emilyloula blog

Concealer – Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation

RRP £18.00
Featured in: What’s in My Makeup Bag? | October 2015 Monthly Favourites 
The second product from Vichy in this post is their corrective foundation, however it’s actually won top spot for concealer. Whilst I do like this is a foundation, I find that I really only need the full coverage aspect of this in certain places of my face, so I do prefer to use it as a concealer. Sometimes as a foundation it can be a bit heavy, and I have to be careful what primer I use it with as I think it can streak slightly. However, the coverage of this is amazing, concealing all of my acne scars and blemishes with ease – I haven’t tried anything that compares to this in this aspect at all.

Beauty Tool – The Original Beauty Blender

RRP £16.00
Featured in: 
Birchbox September 2014 ReviewBirchbox Shop Haul 
Since receiving my very first beauty blender back in September 2014 from my Birchbox, I’ve repurchased 3 more and literally haven’t used anything else to apply my foundation. Every single time I’m wearing foundation I will have used my dampened beauty blender and to apply it as it gives such a gorgeous, airbrushed finish that I’ve unable to match with any brush. I’ve tried a lot other budget makeup sponges, such as the Real Techniques one and various own brand ‘tear drop’ sponges, and absolutely none have compared to the beauty blender. Yes, it’s nearly £15 more expensive than Primark’s version, but there’s a reason for that – the beauty blender really does out shine it and it’s other rivals. I honestly can’t imagine myself stopping using my BB anytime soon, it’s holy grail status for me, and an absolute staple in my makeup bag.

Blush – Benefit Rockateur

RRP £23.50
Featured in: 
The Blush Addict Tag
Before trying out Benefit’s Rockateur I did’t really have a favourite blush, I’d use a different one each day, never really finding ‘the one’. That was until I bought Benefit’s Christmas set from 2014 which included Rockeatur, and I pretty much haven’t stopped using it since. Without a doubt, it’s my favourite blusher as it suits my skin tone so well, paying off with a really beautiful rose gold shade on the cheeks. This has a slight sheen to it, which can double up as a highlight, and I feel that using this really does shape my face, and gives me a slight contoured effect too. I’ve just repurchased Rockateur, which is why it looks so pristine in this picture, and I’m sure I’ll be buying it again in the future – it’s by far my favourite ever blush.

Bronzer – Benefit Hoola

RRP £23.50
Featured in: 
What’s in My Makeup Bag? | Huge Benefit Haul
Benefit’s Hoola definitely has a cult status within the land of beauty, but I really do think that this is a product that has rightfully earned this status. It’s a completely matte bronzer so it’s perfect for a bit of light contouring as the shade is really flattering and not orange toned at all. This is the first bronzer that I’ve ever hit pan on, as I have so many bronzers that I flitter between, but this is a real favourite, and one that I’ll always use and continue to buy.

2015 Beauty & Makeup Favourites on emilyloula blog

Contouring Product – Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour

RRP £19.00
Featured in: 
What’s in My Makeup Bag? | May 2015 Monthly Favourites
When I saw that Clinique had come out with a chubby stick for contouring, I knew I needed in my collection ASAP, and once I had gotten my hands on it, it was true love straight away. I’m a big fan of this because it’s fool proof, you literally draw on your face where you’d like to contour, then blend blend blend. I’ve used the chubby stick for a subtle day time contour, as well as a going out ‘full on’ contour and I love it both ways. It’s so easy to use, the shade is perfect for my skintone and the satisfaction I get from drawing on my face with this can’t be matched.

Highlight – The Balm Mary Lou Manizer

RRP £17.50
The Manizers palette from The Balm was actually a Christmas gift, so I haven’t had it for that long, but in this time I have completely fallen in love with it. The Mary Lou Manizer shade, which is the beautiful champagne shade on the left has been my favourite recently, and has blown all of my other highlights out the water. A tiny amount of this goes a long way, and the glow that it gives my skin can’t be beaten – it makes my skin look lit from within, without being a glitter ball. I absolutely love this stuff – all the hype I’ve heard around it, is definitely justified in my opinion!

So after a lot of deliberation with myself – those are all my favourite beauty products from 2015! Sorry for the long post, there was so much to get through! Don’t forget that coming this week is also my skincare favourites of 2015 – so look out for that if you enjoyed this post!

What do you think of these products? Have you tried any of them? If so, do you love them as much as me? Again, Happy New Year, and as always, I’d love to have a read of your thoughts in the comments. Thank you so much for reading!! 

emily x

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