3 Festival Hairstyles with ghd

If you follow me on Twitter you may have heard me moaning recently about not being at Reading Festival this weekend. The fact it’s almost on my doorstep (I can post on the Snapchat Geolocator story thing from my house..) and I’ve had some of the best memories there over the past 6 years makes me truly upset not to be there this year. Festivals are one of my favourite places to be, and over the years I’ve been to quite a lot, seeing hundreds of artists, and having the time of my life. I would personally consider myself quite an experienced festival go-er, so when ghd got in contact asking if I would like to collaborate with them on a festival themed hairstyle post, I could hardly refuse.

GHD Gold V Atlantic Jade Styler Review & Festival Hairstyles emilyloula UK beauty blog

ghds have been my go-to hair straighteners since I was in my early teens, I remember waking up super early to straighten all my hair, everyday just for a standard day in school. I tried countless sets of straighteners over the years, but it was only when I was treated to a classic pair of ghds for Christmas one year, that I realised how much different they were. Compared to the multiple pairs I’d tried before, ghds blew them out of the water, heating up almost instantly and doing an insanely good job of straightening every single hair effortlessly, I was hooked. And whilst now you wouldn’t catch me waking up hours early on a daily basis to straighten my hair – I’m definitely too lazy and obsessed with sleep far too much for that, the love I have for my ghds has remained strong over the years!

GHD Gold V Atlantic Jade Styler Review & Festival Hairstyles emilyloula UK beauty blog

First, before I get into the festival hairstyles in this post, I wanted to show you how incredibly gorgeous the new ghd V Gold Atlantic Jade stylers are – I mean just look at them! These are without a doubt the most beautiful pair of straighteners I have ever laid eyes on, and because they are from ghd, you know the fantastic quality is going to be there too.

Not only are the straighteners themselves super pretty, but they also come with a matching heat resistant bag, which is really handy. I’m forever darting about my room looking for something to rest my straighteners on so I don’t burn the top of my chest of drawers (again…) so I know that I will get a lot of use out of this pouch. It’s also perfect for storing these beauties when I’m not using them, and will be great for travelling, as the ghds themselves also have universal outage, meaning you can use them wherever in the world without having to worry about mismatched voltages.

GHD Gold V Atlantic Jade Styler Review - Heatproof Pouch & Festival Hairstyles emilyloula UK beauty blog

Other than the beautiful colour of the straighteners – which ghd describe as ‘Atlantic Jade’, the first thing I noticed was the sparkly iron plates – I’ve never seen straighteners with glittery plates before, but I think it’s such a nice addition, – JUST LOOK HOW PRETTY! Along with the 2.7m swivel cord for convenient styling, and protective plate guard, these ghds have an automatic shut off, which means your straighteners will turns off after 30 minutes of non use, which is perfect for people like myself who spend the day worrying whether they were turned off or if the entire house has burnt down in their absence…

GHD Gold V Atlantic Jade Styler Review - Sparkly Plates & Festival Hairstyles emilyloula UK beauty blog

Overall, I’m a huge fan of these new ghds, they’re insanely beautiful, work incredibly well and will definitely do me for years to come – after all, my original pair are still going strong after over 6 years!! I really do think these would make a lovely gift for someone – I know I was overjoyed to receive them – and if the jade finish isn’t to your taste, they have some other beautiful shades in the collection.

GHD Gold V Atlantic Jade Styler Review & Festival Hairstyles emilyloula UK beauty blog

Now, whilst it would have been nice to show you some hairstyles on my own hair, I was having horrible visions of me dropping my camera after trying to take photos from awkward angles, or whining at my mum for getting the lighting wrong for the 76th time and ending up with no pictures at all. So instead, I thought it would be easier to complete this post with the help of one of my sisters, and luckily for me I have 3 – all of which have beautiful natural hair. So for the second time on emilyloula (first is here), please say hello to my gorgeous, baby sister Lucy…
Festival Hairstyle Ideas with GHD Braids & Curls - emilyloula beauty blog

Festival Hairstyle Ideas with GHD Braids & Curls - emilyloula beauty blog

Waterfall Braid With Loose Curls

This is probably my favourite hairstyle from the three in this post – I just love how cute the curls look! I always seem to forget that you can curl your hair with ghds as the barrels of the irons are rounded, but it’s actually super easy and really effective! Simply place your hair through the straighteners as you would usually, then angel the stylers with the bottom part up, and twist it at a 360 degree angle as you go down the lengths of your hair. For more defined curls, pin them up for a few minutes once released, hair spray them, and then twirl around your finger as you let them go. For these curls I simply used the ghds as mentioned and left the hair to drop out naturally – aren’t they pretty?!

Festival Hairstyle Ideas with GHD Slick & Straight Ponytail - emilyloula beauty blog

Slick, Straight Ponytail

If it’s going to be rather warm when I’m at a festival, the last thing I want is my hair draping around my neck and flapping around in my face, because when it’s hot in a crowd – it’s HOT. So for this reason, one of my most used festival hairstyles has to be the classic, slick, straight ponytail. Unfortunately I have loads of baby hairs around my hair line, and so does Lucy, so our version of slick ponytails doesn’t quite match up to the likes of Kim K etc, but we gave it our best shot! If, like me you find you have lots of little baby hairs, or a bit of frizz going on, using hairspray on a toothbrush to slick your hair back really helps to make it look a bit more polished. As I’m sure you would guess, this was the easiest hairstyle out of the three, we simply put Lucy’s hair up in a high ponytail, used a hairspray’d toothbrush to slick down her cute little baby hairs, added a pretty scrunchie and straightened the lengths with the ghds – easy yet effective…

Festival Hairstyle Ideas with GHD Easy Waves & Braids - emilyloula beauty blog

Festival Hairstyle Ideas with GHD Easy Plait Waves & Braids - emilyloula beauty blog

Dutch Braids With Waves

For the final festival look, we opted for two dutch braids at the top of Lucy’s head, and then messy waves for the lengths, and again I think it looks really lovely. Although you can make waves with ghds easily by clamping your hair between the ghds, turning the styler 180 degress, leaving it for a second, moving down slightly and then repeating in the other direction, I wanted to try out the plait technique. I simply, very quickly and messily plaited the lengths of Lucy’s hair, and then used the ghds to go over the plaits as you can see in the photo above. Once I had done this a few times, I removed the plaits and Lucy was left with some really cute little waves in her hair, I added a few extras with the ghds manually as previously mentioned, but I think it worked really well. A floral crown to complete the look and she was good to go!

What did you think of the festival hairstyles in this post? Would you try any out? Aren’t these new ghds the most beautiful straighteners you’ve seen? As always, I’d love to have a read of your thoughts in the comments and thank you so much for stopping by! 

emily x

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* The ghds were provided for the purpose of this post although as always, all opinions and thoughts remain my own. For more information, see my Disclaimer *

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