3 Of My New Favourite Foundations

Other than lip products, foundations are definitely my favourite makeup products to buy. I feel like I’m always testing out new foundations, and comparing those to the many that I already own, in the hope of finding ‘the one’, the holy grail foundation I’m sure we are all after. During my search I’ve come across these three foundations, which aren’t necessarily new to the market, but they have found a new place in my heart so I wanted to share them with you guys!

New Favourite Foundations High Coverage emilyloula beauty blog Vichy NARS Seventeen

New Favourite Foundations emilyloula beauty blog NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint Review

NARS | Velvet Matte Skin Tint SPF 30 > £30 

Lucky for me, but unlucky for my bank balance, I work less than a 5 minute walking distance away from Space NK, which is amazing yet very dangerous indeed. Almost a year ago now I remember seeing that NARS had created a limited edition box in collaboration with Space NK – The Modern Minimalist Box. I lusted over it online for a few days, and the next time I was at work I found myself being drawn into the store to check it out. Contained in the box, was NARS’ new foundation at the time – their Velvet Matte Skin Tint. When the shop assistant matched me to my foundation shade, she applied this with her fingers, and I have to say, I was less than impressed with how it looked on my skin. It appeared to sink into all my fine lines and pores and the coverage was pretty poor. I asked her what the best way to apply it would be, and she confirmed fingers were best as it is a tinted moisturiser type product. The only reasons I picked the box up in the end was because I had had my heart set on it, it was limited edition, the minis were SO cute, and it was a pretty good bargain overall. I can tell you now, if I had been in store purely to try out the foundation, I would have left empty handed I was that disappointed.

However since then I’ve been playing around with the Velvet Matte Skin Tint at home and trying out different application techniques, and I can safely say that now I am very impressed, and it’s a foundation I reach for all the time. My favourite way to apply this is with a damp beauty blender or a buffing brush such as Zoeva’s Silk Finish (my personal fave), which gives a lovely airbrushed finish with no streaks in sight. I wouldn’t recommend applying this with your fingers at all, and for certain I wouldn’t agree with the Space NK assistant on the fact that this is a tinted moisturiser, because to me, it’s definitely not. This is a much thicker consistency than a tinted moisturiser, although not enough that I would class it as a heavy or thick foundation at all, and the coverage is way, way better (when applied with a brush, or sponge). It’s probably the nicest smelling foundation I own (weird I know..) and the finish is lovely, not too matte that it looks like it’s sat on top of your skin, but matte enough that the name makes sense. I love that this has an SPF of 30 and it’s a foundation that I’ll definitely be repurchasing when it starts to run low.

New Favourite Foundations emilyloula beauty blog Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction 18H Review

Vichy | Dermablend 3D Correction Foundation SPF 25 > £21.50 

I have always big a huge fan of Vichy’s original Dermablend foundation, which I reviewed in full here, along with the setting powder. Because of this, when I saw that there was another foundation in the Dermablend line, I knew I had to get my hands on it. This new 3D correction foundation, isn’t as thick as the original, and the coverage isn’t QUITE as good, but I’d definitely still class it as a full coverage foundation. The consistency of this is almost like a mousse-y type paste when it comes out of the tube, which is a little strange to get used to at first. Because of the almost bizzare texture of this foundation, it means that it can level and cover indented scars in one layer, which works great for me because I have a lot of scarring from acne in the past few years. The staying power for this foundation is great, it definitely lasts all day – and I have oily skin. I think I need to play around with this to find the best application technique for me, but so far I’m very, very impressed with this, and would definitely urge anyone with indented acne scarring to give it a go!

New Favourite Foundations emilyloula beauty blog Seventeen Stay Time Full Coverage Review

SEVENTEEN | Stay Time Foundation SPF 25 > £6.49

For a little while now I had been hearing great things on various blogs about Seventeen’s Stay Time Foundation, but for some reason I never picked it up, and I’m now kicking myself that I never bought it sooner! If you follow me on Twitter you may have heard me going on about the various price glitches I find online, and luckily for me, this was one of them. I managed to order 3 bottles of this foundation, and a Seventeen nail varnish when Boots had a price glitch (they happen quite often believe it or not…) for £1.24 in total, yep that’s right, I paid less than 42p each for these – bargain!

This is the most high coverage foundation in this little round up and is my favourite from the bunch too. Porcelain is the perfect shade for my very fair skin, and isn’t too orange in colouring, which can often be the problem with budget foundations. This is the foundation I will wear for a night out, as the coverage really is top notch, it hides all of my acne scars and discoloration with ease. Since the coverage is so high, the foundation is thicker than the other two so it’s not something that I would wear on a daily basis, but I’ve never had any problems with this breaking me out whatsoever. If you’re after a full coverage, budget foundation I would 100% urge you to check this one out as it’s a complete bargain for less than £7!

So those were the foundations that I have been trialling out and loving at the moment. Have you tried any of these foundations, or do you have any recommendations for me? As always, I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments, and thank you so much for reading – I really appreciate it! 

emily x

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