A Weekend in Weymouth

emilyloula has always been a beauty and lifestyle based blog, but if you’re a regular reader you’ll know that the lifestyle element rarely gets a look in, as my beauty obsession really does take over. However, recently I have been wanting to write some more lifestyle based posts, and I thought talking to you guys about my recent trip to Weymouth, would be a great start.

As this post goes out, yesterday (Friday) was actually my 21st Birthday, and I had the most amazing day in London celebrating. Thank you for all your lovely messages, and if you’d like a post about what I got up to, let me know (it was a great day!)! However, as much as I LOVE buying extortionate amounts of makeup, and all my beloved gadgets and tech, I’m not actually that much of a materialistic person. I much prefer experiences, adventures and memories over a physical gift, often to the dismay of my friends and family. So when I was asked by my best friend what I wanted for my Birthday, I quickly replied that I wanted to go away for the weekend instead – and that’s exactly what happened. Weekend In Weymouth Dorset Lifestyle emilyloula

I knew I wanted to go somewhere near the beach, and that I HAD to visit Monkey World, so combining the two, Weymouth was the perfect location. Last Friday afternoon, we hopped into my little car, with the boot filled with bags, and the back seats covered in snacks and drinks and made our way down to the coast. The drive was lovely and picturesque and only took over two hours which wasn’t bad at all. By the time we arrived, it was just getting dark so we checked into our hotel, got settled into our room and headed down to the beach which was only a minute walk away. We had a lovely night, spending it exploring, eating KFC on the beach (oh how classy), and just generally seeing what Weymouth had to offer.

Weekend In Weymouth Dorset Lifestyle emilyloula

On Saturday we woke up bright and early because some fool thought our hotel room was theirs and continuously knocked on our door at 7am (can you tell I’m still bitter about this?) After getting ready, we hopped back into the car and headed down to the tourist area of the beach about ten minutes away. I had bought tickets to Sea Life, and that also included a ‘ride’ on their Jurassic Skyline Tower. Since that was right by the car park, we went there first, only queueing for about 10 minutes. The Jurassic Skyline is basically an observational tower that goes up 165ft in the air, giving you 360 degrees of beautiful views of the coast. I actually really quite enjoyed that quick ‘ride’, and after we headed into Weymouth town to do some more exploring, and a bit of shopping.

Weekend In Weymouth Dorset Lifestyle emilyloula

After lunch we went to the main Sea Life centre, which was actually right next door to our hotel. I’ve been to quite a few different Sea Life’s here in the UK, and I find they’re all quite different, which I really like. As this one is right by the beach, that was the main theme, with lots of outdoor splash areas, activities and pools perfect for families.

As always, there was loads of different things to see inside the centre, from giant turtles, to little sharks and amazing tiny jelly fishes. There was also a huge tunnel you could walk through, and the fishes (inc sharks) swam above and besides you which I really loved. Unfortunately the lighting in the majority of Sea Life was awful, so I wasn’t really able to get any pictures, which is a shame so you’ll just have to do with these two!

Weekend In Weymouth Dorset Lifestyle emilyloula

Previous to going away, I had read an article online about stunning areas of Britain that everyone should visit. A place called Lulworth Cove was on the list, and it was only 20 minutes away from our hotel so in the evening we decided to head down. I’m not sure what I was expecting but it wasn’t the thousands of people and hundreds of cars that swamped the field and associated car park – maybe everyone had seen the article too?!

Weekend In Weymouth Dorset Lifestyle emilyloula

It was unbelievably busy, and to see the actual view of the cove and coast, it was a 4 mile walk, up quite a steep looking hill/cliff, with what seemed like the rest of the world. We were pretty tired and feeling lazy so we decided against it but instead drove further round the coast and ended up at a beautiful spot called Durdle Door. We parked the car, took some snacks and drinks with us and wandered along the top of the cliff. We sat down and had a mini picnic, looking out onto the beautiful view of the sea, and the rocks with the arch. As it was the evening, and there was a rather significant breeze coming from the sea, after a while it began to get a bit chilly so we went back to the car, and admired the views from there. We actually both ended up falling asleep in the car, as we were that tired, which I can only imagine would have been a real sight for any passers by. After realising we had been napping for quite some time, we headed back to the hotel, got a domino’s and spent the rest of the night eating too much and watching rubbish on TV – perfect…

Luckily we were able to get more of a lie in on the Sunday, but we were still up fairly early so headed off for a final walk along the beach. The weather was still quite nice, and the views along the coast were as gorgeous as ever. We each got an ice cream, and wandered up and down the coastal path, enjoying the sun and admiring the scenery. As I’m getting older, I’m really starting to appreciate a good view, and how beautiful nature, and this world really is.

Weekend In Weymouth Dorset Lifestyle emilyloula

The last stop on our weekend away in Weymouth was to visit Monkey World, which was about a 20 minute journey from our hotel. I am a huge, huge lover of animals in general, but monkeys are my absolute favourite (other than my dogs of course). As Monkey World had been on my bucket list for the longest time, and we were already in the area, it was a no brainer that we made a visit. At only £11 for entry, it was really reasonably priced, and I definitely would have paid a lot more to see these amazing creatures.

If you’re unaware of Monkey World, it’s an Ape rescue centre in Dorset (UK) which assists the government around the world in stopping the smuggling of these beautiful primates in the wild. The centre cares for, and rehabilitates these refugees as well as those who have suffered abuse or neglect, so the morals behind it really are great. There are over 250 different primates there, from 20 different species, meaning there was definitely a lot for me to look at. I’m absolutely fascinated by monkeys and could literally watch them all day, I find the likeness between them and us really quite incredible.

Weekend In Weymouth Dorset Lifestyle emilyloula

After spending the afternoon ‘awwwww’ing’ at countless number of monkeys, it was time to leave, so we jumped back into my trusty car, and made the two hour journey back home to Reading. I had a really lovely weekend in Weymouth, we didn’t do anything extreme or incredibly exciting, but for me it was perfect and the getaway I really needed.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this lifestyle post, and hearing what I got up to on my little trip away. I’d really love to hear your feedback on this one, as I’m not entirely sure about including these types of posts on emilyloula – what do you think?

As always, I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments, and thank you so much for reading!

emily x

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