Review: bareMinerals Ready To Go Complexion Palette

I was recently having a browse on the bareMinerals website, and I came across this ready to go palette. It seems fairly new, and I have certainly never seen it before. I definitely did get slightly too excited about this and told anyone that would listen that I was waiting for it to be delivered.

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I have been using bareMinerals for about a year now on and off, depending on how my skin is looking/feeling and I do love it. This palette looked absolutely perfect for me as I spend a lot of my time in and out my car, so I thought this would be great to leave in there for those quick touch ups in-between work and going out. It would also be great to keep in your handbag, although I confess I’m not much of a ‘handbag girl’. I keep mainly all the stuff that would be in a regular handbag, somewhere tucked away inside my car and just take the necessities out when/if I need to.  But I am really looking forward to using this in different scenarios, like taking it on a plane in my hand luggage.

The bareMinerals ready to go complexion perfection palette is available in 6 different shades; R170 (light – the one I chose), R210 , R230 , R250, R310 and R330 and RRP’s £39

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The collection includes;
> bareMinerals Ready SPF20 Foundation – 4.5g
> bareMinerals Ready SPF15 Touch Up Veil – 4.5g
> bareMinerals Ready Bronzer – 3g
> bareMinerals Ready Luminizer – 3g
> Mini Precision Face Brush
> Mini Tapered Face Brush

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When I first opened the packaging I was impressed on how big each section was. From the pictures I had seen online before I purchased it I thought they were going to be very small but I was pleasantly surprised. I think each section is more than enough to have as a backup. Obviously if this was your only makeup, and not as an addition to your collection it wouldn’t last nearly as long.

I haven’t actually used any of the bareMinerals ‘Ready’ foundations prior to this palette so I was looking forward to something a bit different – yet still the same. I’ve always stuck with the original foundation, purely because it worked great the first time and still continues to impress me. I did venture to the matte version once, as sometimes I do have greasy skin days and thought this might help with the shine factor. I’m not entirely sure why but I do find the matte version to make me out to be more ‘orange’ than the original foundation even though they were in the same shade (light).

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The day I tested this palette, I was at work and had done my normal makeup routine at around 6am that morning, been working all day, and then before I left (around 7pm) I thought I would touch up with this. I marched off to the ladies with this in hand and my bareMinerals Full Flawless Face Brush (not included in this palette). The concealer was a really nice consistency, creamy yet not ‘sticky’. I quickly dabbed some onto a blemish with my finger and blended slightly, and had made a huge difference already. I was actually very pleasantly surprised with the ‘ready’ foundation, it went on so nicely, without ‘clogging’ my pores and sat really well on my face. Like I mentioned, I have never used this type of bareMinerals before, so I was a bit dubious, as I haven’t really used a pressed powder since I was in secondary school, when I thought that, that was the only type of makeup that existed.  The foundation itself definitely beat my expectations, so I was very impressed. I also really like the colour of the bronzer in this palette, and am considering actually buying it separately along with some ready foundation to have in my ‘essential’ makeup bag. I used my ‘Full Flawless Face Brush’ for the foundation, the ‘Mini Tapered Face Brush’ for the bronzer and the ‘Mini Precision Face Brush’ for the touch up viel. I didn’t actually use much of the lumizer, I just dabbed some onto my eyelids quickly with my finger to  give a brighter eye look.

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The brushes also were a surprise, I had read many places that other people recommended using this with full size brushes. I do agree with this if you really are a ‘brush person’ (which I admit I am), however the little brushes that are included are still lovely and soft, and very good quality, considering how tiny they are. You could easily do your makeup with this, especially if you are just ‘touching up’, but I would say if you were going from no makeup to a ‘full face’, I would use full size brushes.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of bareMinerals brushes in the first place. I find they wear out very quickly, the bristles get ‘clogged’ and the hairs fall out. I first started using bareMinerals when I bought one of their ‘Get Started Complexion Kits’ out of pure curiosity and reading lots of good reviews. In this kit I got the ‘Full Flawless Face Brush’, the ‘Flawless Application Face Brush’ & the ‘Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush’. I still have all three of these brushes but I don’t use them on a daily basis (if at all), so these are going to be the brushes that I keep with this pallete. If you haven’t tried bareMinerals yet (why not?), I would definitely recommend buying the starter kit and giving it a go for yourself. You might want to find it on sale or have a discount/coupon code as they do retail for £49 (but the combined value of all the separate items is £108).

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A lot of the reviews I had read before purchasing this palette mentioned that It can get very messy within the ‘clutch’. I am just going to keep replacing the plastic coating after I have used it. I can see where other people are coming from with this, as there is no ‘lid’, for anything, except the concealer, but I wouldn’t let that stop you from buying it. It is a great little palette and I am very impressed. I’m hoping this will last me a long time as it will be purely used for the odd touch up every now and again, but I will definitely consider buying another one when this does finally run out.

emily x

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