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Along with ColourPop, Makeup Geek are another American brand that I had been wanting to get my hands on for some time. It was pretty hard for us guys in the UK to get hold of Makeup Geek, but earlier this year Beauty Bay announced that they would be stocking them. I was incredibly excited and after a lot of googling and swatch searching I finally made an order. I picked up 6 of Makeup Geek’s original shadows and then one of their foiled shadows as well as 2 Zoeva brushes and a Morphe brush from Beauty Bay.

beauty bay haul uk emilyloula blog makeup geek shadows morphe zoeva brushes review

My Beauty Bay haul consisted of;

  • Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadow Pan in Grandstand (£7.95)
  • Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan Roulette (£4.95)
  • Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan Homecoming (£4.95)
  • Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan Shimma Shimma (£4.95)
  • Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan Pretentious (£4.95)
  • Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan Cocoa Bear (£4.95)
  • Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pan Glamorous (£4.95)
  • Morphe M502 Round Blender Brush (£4.75)
  • Zoeva 221 Luxe Soft Crease Brush (£6.95)
  • Zoeva 225 Eye Blender Brush (£6.95)

beauty bay UK haul emilyloula blog makeup geek shadows grandstand homecoming pretentious cocoa bear roulette shimma shimma glamorous


Out of all of the Makeup Geek shadows I picked up, Grandstand would definitely have to be my favourite. This is one of their foiled shadows, meaning it has a more dewy, metallic finish. I would describe Grandstand as a bronzey, rose gold shade with light taupe undertones. It’s incredibly pigmented, glides on beautifully and looks absolutely incredible in the centre of the lid as part of a lighter smokey eye. I only ordered one of these foiled shadows, but if the rest of them are as amazing as this one, I’ll definitely have to order a few more next time!


Another one of my favourites from the shadows I ordered, would have to be Homecoming. This is a medium brown that has a gorgeous golden shimmer running through it. Again this one is incredibly pigmented and applies really smoothly to the lid – it’s just beautiful, and works nicely as part of a taupe/brown eye look, or on it’s own as a wash of colour!


I absolutely love the shade of Pretentious in the pan, but it’s one that I haven’t gotten much use out of just yet as it’s more of an usual shade when swatched. It’s a bronze shade with a golden shimmer again, but this one actually has a slightly green, olive undertone to it as you can see in the swatches below. Once again the pigmentation is really great, but I just haven’t figured out how to get this to work for me properly just yet – stay tuned!

beauty bay haul emilyloula blog UK makeup geek shadows grandstand homecoming pretentious cocoa bear roulette shimma shimma glamorous


Cocoa Bear was actually the only matte shade I picked up in my Beauty Bay haul, which surprises me now as I thought I was all about the matte shades, but apparently not! This is a favourite shade for many people amongst Makeup Geek’s shadows, so I knew I had to get my hands on this one, and I’m glad that I did. Cocoa Bear is a classic warm chocolate matte brown shade, that’s perfect to be used in a brown smokey in in the crease. As matte shadows go, this has to be one of my favourites as it’s incredibly pigmented and feels so smooth upon application – a big thumbs up from me!


Roulette isn’t a shade that I would normally opt for, but I had seen it in so many blog posts, and the swatches looked incredible, that I just had to add it to my basket. It’s described as a metallic ‘rosy, burnt sienna’, and is probably one of the most pigmented shades from the bunch. I haven’t actually used this one properly just yet, as it’s quite a daring shade for me but it’s so beautiful that I’m definitely going to find a way to wear it – any recommendations more than welcome!


Another of my favourites from the Makeup Geek shadows I ordered is Shimma Shimma. This is described as a metallic champagne shade, which I would agree with. The swatch below doesn’t do it any justice – I couldn’t get the right lighting to show how beautiful it honestly is. Out of every single ‘highlight’ shadow that I own, Shimma Shimma is definitely my favourite. I tend to use it in the inner corner of my eyes to brighten and widen them – which it is really effective at doing!


Glamorous is a beautiful shimmery bronze gold shade, that again is insanely pigmented. It would be perfect for a bold golden statement eye look, which I’ll definitely be trying out. For the mean time I’ve been using it in the corners of my eyes, or as smudged eyeliner on the lid, which looks gorgeous. I’m looking forward to having a play around with this one, and seeing what looks I can come up with, as it’s a seriously beautiful shade! 

beauty bay haul emilyloula blog UK makeup geek shadows swatches grandstand homecoming pretentious cocoa bear roulette shimma shimma glamorous

When making my Beauty Bay order I realised that I didn’t have an eyeshadow brush specifically to be used for the crease, so I thought I would grab one up since they stock some great brushes. I ended up picking up three different brushes as I couldn’t make my mind up. I ordered the Zoeva 221 – Luxe Soft Crease and 225 – Eye Blender Brush as well as Morphe’s M502 Round Blender Brush.

beauty bay haul emilyloula blog UK makeup geek shadows zoeva morphe brushes review

My favourite from the three has to be Zoeva’s 225 – Eye Blender Brush as it is the perfect size to use in your crease to effortless blend out the eyeshadow. It’s so soft and not scratchy in the slightest which is great, and it makes such an easy job of blending that it’s honestly perfect in my eyes. I would personally say that Zoeva’s 221 – Luxe Soft Crease brush is actually slightly too big to be used in the crease as the name suggests, but I still love it all the same. I find this better for blending out the darker shadows I tend to use in the outer corner of my eyes. Lastly, I’m actually also a big fan of the final shadow brush I picked up – Morphe’s M502 Round Blender. This is what I tend to use once I’ve nearly finished with my eyeshadows as it’s perfect to blend everything together, making sure that there are no harsh lines. The Morphe brush is just as soft as the Zoeva ones, and does such a good job of blending effortlessly, that I’m genuinely impressed. These are the first brushes I have tried from both brands, but I’ll be sure to order some other ones now as I really do like them that much.

zoeva 221 luxe soft crease 225 luxe eye blender morphe M502 Round Blender Brush review beauty bay haul emilyloula blog

Overall, I’m super happy with everything that I ordered from Beauty Bay, especially my gorgeous Makeup Geek shadows. I’ve heard that some people have had problems when ordering with Beauty Bay, but luckily for me, my order arrived in perfect condition and very quickly, so I personally have no complaints.  I’m absolutely smitten with my Makeup Geek shadows, I know that I’ll be making another order very soon – they’re so gorgeous and I do need to fill up my palette after all! At £4.95 for the regular pans, or £7.95 for the foiled ones, I think Makeup Geeks shadows are amazing quality for their price – I genuinely think they are one of the best formulas I’ve ever tried!

UPDATE: Since this post where I originally I fell in love with Makeup Geek shadows, I have actually filled up a whole palette of them! My new Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Collection post features a review and swatch of each individual pan so it hopefully should be helpful if you’re looking to place an order yourself!

What did you think of my Beauty Bay haul? Do you like the Makeup Geek shadows I picked up? Have you got any recommendations for my next order? As always, I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments and thank you so much for reading!

emily x

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