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I had been wanting to redecorate my bedroom for some time, so when I went away on a 5 day trip to Holland in February, there was no better time than to let my Dad loose with a paint brush and wallpaper paste.

From the beginning of this year, I had been on the lookout for bits for my room, with a list as long as my arm, including wallpaper, paint, bedsheets, storage boxes etc etc. I gave myself a lot of time and began rounding up everything I needed so I could tell my Dad exactly what needed to go where, what to paint, what to paste and what to leave.

Before I went away, I also spent a lot of time doing some DIY projects from my bedroom, this including fabric painting light shades, ceramic painting a cake stand and using two whole cans of gold spray paint. If you want to hear more about my DIY Bedroom projects, leave a comment – I would love to share a post about those too!

My main aim for my bedroom was to brighten it up, previous to this it had a hot pink, beige and brown colour scheme, which was lovely but it made the room look slightly like a cave due to how small it is and the lack of natural lighting. If you want to see some before and after pictures, let me know!

My bedroom is very small, and quite awkwardly shaped with a chimney breast that sticks out on one of the walls, but I think I have made the most out of the space that I have. As I’m sure you can see from the photos my colour scheme was brilliant white, with pink, purple and gold touches.

I had a very specific wallpaper in my head that I wanted to find and as soon as I saw this gorgeous hummingbird pattern I knew this was the ‘one’. I umm’d and ahh’d over this for a while because it was a lot pricier than the majority of the others I had seen whilst spending hours online and I couldn’t find or get any discounts at all on it. (If you know me, you’ll know how heartbreaking that was – I’m a bargain hunter and discount queen, I never pay full price for anything!) It was the wallpaper I had imagined so I took the plunge and bought a few rolls after NEXT teasing me with delivery times and out of stock notifications.

My dad did an excellent job (as always) decorating this for me before I came home, it was exactly what I had dreamed, I’m super grateful for all his hard work. When I got home, I spent a day or so moving all my stuff back in and adding the finishing touches like my storage boxes and my dressing table items, which I think really tie everything in nicely.

If you fancy seeing a post regarding my dressing table and my makeup storage, you can find that here

Apologies for such a photo heavy post, if you want to know where any bits are from or any info on anything in these pictures, drop me a comment! Let me know your thoughts xxx

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emilyloula room tour stag head decorative home decor hummingbird wallpaper

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