Review: Benefit They’re Real Collection

As I’m sure the majority of you are aware, Benefit have added some new products into their They’re Real line this week. The product I was most excited about was the ‘they’re real push up liner‘ which is a lash-hugging gel liner pen with a matte black formula. The other product that was released was the ‘they’re real remover‘, which claims to completely lift away waterproof eye make-up without tugging at the skin. The final product in this range is the ‘they’re real mascara‘, which has been on the market for quite some time and has been awarded ‘UK’s number 1 best-selling mascara’.

I’ve been lucky enough to try all out three of the items from benefit’s ‘they’re real’ range and would love to share all my thoughts with you guys!

Firstly, the most exciting product of the bunch is the they’re real push up liner. To be quite honest I am quite a newbie with gel or pen liners. I’ve been using trusty kohl pencils for a number of years and have only recently ventured out to other options. I have a couple of liquid liner pen’s but none of them have wowed me. In terms of gel liners the only one I have used is Rimmel’s Scandaleyes in the little pot with benefit’s get bent brush. Slightly off original post topic but if you haven’t yet tried a bent eyeliner brush you are seriously missing out!

Anyway… back to business. My first impression of benefit’s push up eyeliner was that it was a slightly smaller pen than I was expecting from the pictures. I’m not saying it’s too small at all, I was just expecting it to be bigger! The packaging was nice and the pen itself feels really well made and sturdy. But of course the most important part of pen is the product inside and how well it delievers. And I have to say it has delievered, and I am super impressed with it. From the time it landed on my doorstep I have used it every day. Like I mentioned, being a bit of a gel eyeliner novice I was sceptical, but this is super easy to use. One quick sweep of the eyeliner across my lash line and I’m done. I have read mixed reviews for this, but I am really really happy with it. It stays on all day and is apparently waterproof although I haven’t tested this myself yet. Some people have mentioned that it flakes throughout the day but this hasn’t happened to me at all. I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about this and I am really glad that all the hype going on around this and it’s marketing campaign was actually justified.

The original and most popular item of benefit’s ‘they’re real’ range is the mascara. I have gone through about three tubes of this since it was originally released and when I started wearing it I was so so impressed. I got comments after comments about how long my eyelashes were. I am quite lucky in that fact, I naturally have fairly long eyelashes, and this mascara managed to enhance them a lot. But there was a huge downside for me. If you have ever tried this mascara, you will know how hard it is to remove. I lost many eyelashes trying to get this stuff off my eyes, and the ones that remained all got stuck together and looked like I had 4 individual lashes. This was the only reason I gave it up and moved on to another mascara. So when I heard that benefit was releasing the ‘they’re real’  remover,  I was over joyed that my favourite mascara may be coming back into play.

The remover is in a lovely matte black textured tube with a little nozzle that dispenses the creamy gel formula. You only need a tiny bit of this remover as it is really concentrated, the tube is quite expensive for the size of it (£14.50 for 50ml)  but I’m sure it will last for a long long time. I just put a tiny bit of this onto a cotton wool pad and swipe it over my eyes a couple of times and it removes every trace of eye makeup, even the stubborn they’re real mascara! Because of this I have fallen back in love with the mascara as it finally comes off with ease (& without taking any of my eyelashes with it!).

Overall, I really really love the whole ‘they’re real’ range, with the eyeliner being my personal favourite. If you’re looking for a new way to apply your eyeliner, you should definitely pick this up.

What do you think of these products? Have you tried them?

emily x

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