Birchbox August 2015 UK Review

On Sunday, in the Great Adventures Bager Box review, I told you guys about my subscription box addiction, so today I thought I would live up to that claim, and bring you guys another review of a great box. Birchbox is my favourite beauty based subscription box that is readily available here in the UK. I’ve tried out many different subscription boxes over the years, but Birchbox is the only one I’ve stuck with over the time. I find the products they include vary more than other subscriptions that I’ve previously tried and are often better quality or are from higher end/well known brands.

Birchbox UK August 2015 emilyloula beauty blog BeautyJunkie

Birchbox UK August 2015 emilyloula beauty blog BeautyJunkie

My August ‘Beauty Junkie’ Birchbox included;

  • Rituals | Ayurevda Scrub
  • Lord & Berry | Blush in ‘Lotus’
  • Huygens | Exfoliating Cream
  • Kebelo | Clarifying Shampoo
  • The Balm Cosmetics | Balm Desert Bronzer
  • Formula 10.0.6 | Overnight Sucess Spot Minimising Patches
  • Birchbox | Emoji Stickers

Birchbox UK August 2015 emilyloula beauty blog BeautyJunkie

Kebelo | Clarifying Shampoo

RRP £13.95 for 250ml | Received 50ml Sample
Truth be told, I’m not really a fan of shampoo samples that come within subscription boxes, especially when there’s no conditioner to compliment it, but this tube is a little different. Unlike a normal bottle of shampoo, this clarifying shampoo from Kebelo is only to be used once or twice a month for a deep cleanse. Product build up and styling stress can leave your hair looking dull and in need of some love, and that’s where this comes along. It’s an ultra, deep cleansing shampoo, made with a gentle blend of ingredients to detox your hair and your scalp – said to be a fresh start in a bottle. My hair isn’t in the best condition at all at the moment, so I’ll definitely be giving this a try – I’m looking forward to it!

Rituals | Ayurevda Scrub

RRP £10 for 150ml | Received 70ml Sample
I’ve been a fan of Rituals for quite some time now, but currently I don’t have anything from them (except a mascara sample) in my stash, so I was more than happy to see this within this month’s Birchbox. This body scrub is enriched with Indian Rose and Multani Clay, meaning it not only smells great but does some really good things for your skin too. It cleanses deep down, whilst exfoliating micro beads revitalise the skins surface. It can be used as a regular body scrub or you can use it as a deep cleansing body mask by massaging into dry skin and leaving it on for about 5 minutes before rinsing away. I’ve just ran out of my favourite Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub, so before rushing out to pick up a replacement, I’m going to give this a good shot! A bit pricier at £10 for 150ml whereas my S&G one is £8 for 300ml, but that’s the beauty of subscription boxes, that you get to try things you wouldn’t normally pick up or are out of your price range. I’ve got high hopes for this, and definitely am looking forward to giving it a go, I’ve never done a ‘body mask’ before!

Birchbox UK August 2015 emilyloula beauty blog BeautyJunkieFormula 10.0.6 | Overnight Sucess Spot Minimising Patches

RRP £2.95 | Received Full Sized Item – 21 Single Use Patches
If you’re a regular reader here on emilyloula, you’ll probably be sick of hearing me mention my acne, or spot treatments as it’s a topic often talked about on my blog. However, these overnight spot minimising patches from Formula 10.0.6 are completley new to me, and unlike anything else I’ve tried before, so we’re going to talk about them anyway! This is the full size product, retailing for £2.95 and including 21 single use patches, which I think is good value as I’ve seen similar products a lot more expensive for less patches. These patches contain Tea Tree and Grape Seed extracts, which work overnight to soothe blemishes and repair irritated skin. I haven’t actually tried this out yet as for once I don’t have any big spots that need individual attention (I’m trying not to jinx it…), but I’m definitely looking forward to giving them a go!

Huygens | Exfoliating Cream

RRP £17.90 for 50ml | Received 10ml Sample
This exfoliating cream was the item I was most intrigued about inside this month’s Birchbox as I’ve never actually heard of a product like this. When I picked up the little pot, it was so light I thought there would just be a tiny amount of product in it, but to my surprise it was completely full. It’s such a lightweight almost mousey cream that contains some great skin friendly ingredients such as antioxidant-boosting green tea, and nourishing sesame oil, as well as rice powder particles to smooth and purify without any irritation. It is said that this cream is so gentle that it can be used everyday, which is a rarity when it comes to exfoliating products. I used this for the first time last night, and I’m already really impressed. It has the most refreshing lemon grass scent, and left my skin feeling thoroughly clean, smooth and soft. You only need a tiny amount of product, so this little tub should last me for a while, but I’m already thinking of buying the full sized version with some of my Birchbox points for when this runs out. Really impressed with this!

Birchbox UK August 2015 emilyloula beauty blog BeautyJunkie

Lord & Berry | Blush in ‘Lotus’

RRP £18 for 24g | Received .02g Sample
I’m always very happy to receive makeup items in a subscription box (obviously), especially when it’s from a quality and well known brand such as Lord & Berry. The sample of this is absolutely tiny (0.2g), but I suppose this makes it good for travelling or popping into your handbag for on the go touch ups. I’ve tried a blush from Lord & Berry before and loved it, so I’ve got high hopes for this too! I received the shade ‘Lotus’ which is a gorgeous every day deep mauvey pink shade, that I know I’ll definitely get some wear out of. This little pan would also be perfect as an eyeshadow in my opinion as it has such a silky smooth texture to it, and the shade is so lovely.

The Balm Cosmetics | Balm Desert Bronzer

RRP £15.00 for 6.39g  | Received 0.8g Sample
I haven’t tried much from The Balm Cosmetics, so this was another brand that I was really excited to see in August’s Birchbox. Again, we have another tiny sample (of only 0.8g) but as I mentioned this makes them great for travelling, especially this bronzer as the little booklet type packaging shuts close. The Balm are known for their great quality and quirky products so I’m definitely looking forward to giving this bronzer a go. It is said to have a fade-resistant formula which gives a fresh, sun-kissed look that really lasts. Fade resistant is quite a bold claim in my books, so I can’t wait to test this out very soon and see if it lives up to that!


Overall, I’m really impressed with August’s Birchbox, I actually think it’s one of my favourite boxes to date, even beating last months box (review here), which I was really happy with. August’s box features something for everyone, containing items for your hair, skin, body as well as two makeup products and some cute emoji stickers, so it’s a great mix this month. I feel like Birchbox are really upping their game at the moment! For once, I know I’ll actually get use out of every item in the box, which is such a rarity for me – I’m really impressed with August’s Birchbox and I honestly don’t have a bad word to say about it!

If you fancy signing up to Birchbox yourself, you can use my link – here, which gives us both £5 to spend in the Birchbox shop. Every time you purchase a box, refer a friend or review an item you got in your Birchbox on their site, you get points, and these start to mount up really quickly. Recently, I had been saving up my points, then spent £60 worth in the Birchbox shop, you can see that haul here. You can also read any of my previous Birchbox reviews here if you fancy seeing what their other boxes have been like before you make your decision!

What did you think of August’s Birchbox? Are you as impressed as I am? What do you think of subscription boxes in general? As always, I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments, and thanks for reading!

emily x

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  • Albertine

    The spot minimising patches sound like a really great idea! I also love Rituals so it’s always great to see them featured in subscription boxes 🙂

    • They do don’t they, I’m looking forward to using them, but hoping I won’t need to any time soon haha! Yeah Rituals are a great brand, I was happy to see them too! xx

  • Pam Scalfi

    the blush and the bronzer are tiny but perfect for on the go. The Balm bronzers are always amazing! I want this box! 🙂

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi?

    • They’re so diddy aren’t they, but exactly perfect for on the go! I’m looking forward to giving the bronzer a try, it’s a great box! x

  • These look awesome

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    • Yes, such a great box! x

  • This months’ box looks really great. Birchbox really are leading the way these days.

    Gillian? xx? EyelinerFlicks

    • It’s a great box isn’t it! I definitely think they are, they’ve been really great recently! x

  • Chloe Barnes

    Looks so good this month!! <3 great photos!

    Chloe xx

    • I was really impressed with this month’s box, it was really good! Aww thanks Chloe! xx

  • The blush & bronzer both look gorgeous! x

    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    • Don’t they!! I’m looking forward to giving both of them a try x

  • I swear Birchbox UK and US are the best, Birchbox Canada is horrid. Low value and terrible samples which made me avoid them until today. I love subscription boxes too and so far I am on yearly subs with ipsy and Luxebox (Canada only).

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • That’s such a shame that Birchbox Canada is awful, I really love the UK version! I wish we had Ipsy here though, they always seem so good! xx

  • Cristina

    Birchbox seems amazing for its price! I’ve always wanted to subscribe but never wanted to waste my money.

    Cristina, xo // My Cup of Tea

    • I think it’s really great value for the price! It’s difficult subscribing to a box if you don’t want to waste money because you could get something you really don’t like. If you’re after a box where you can chose the items, You Beauty is really good and is only £6.95 a month x

  • Rachael Broomfield

    I really love the sound of that shampoo! I hate that beauty boxes always come with blushes – I don’t wear blush!

    Rachael at

    • So do I, I’m looking forward to using it tonight actually haha! Oh that’s a shame you don’t like blushes! Birchbox lets you fill in a questionnaire about the kind of things you like, so you may be able to avoid them!xx

  • Abi Street

    I have never signed up to a monthly subscription box (except graze), but I always see amazing reviews! I think when i go back to uni this is definitely something I need to invest in! The emoji stickers are so cute x

    Abi | abistreetx

    • You’re the total opposite to me, I think I’ve subscribed to pretty much all of the boxes here in the UK at some point or another haha! Have definitely wasted a lot of money though! Birchbox is definitely a box to invest in though! The stickers are cute aren’t they! xx

  • I love the Birchbox but just lately hasn’t been living up to my expectations. I hate how tiny the Lord & Berry and theBalm testers were, so hard to get a feel of what the product will be like! Especially theBalm one! They are good for trying things out though. I did get a facewash I’m intrigued by x

    • Ohh no really! I think Birchbox has really been upping their game at the moment! The blush and bronzer samples were definitely tiny but I’m hoping I’ll still be able to get a feel for the product. Ooo I wish I had got a facewash, always love a bit of skincare! x

  • Girl this was so good! Super detailed and informative about each product, I really want to start getting a beauty box I just have no idea which!

    Jasmine |

    • Aww thank you lovely! Birchbox is definitely my favourite beauty subscription box that I’ve tried, the brands they include are so much better than some of the competitor boxes I think x

  • I was so happy with this months, it was one their best!

    Annabel ?
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • I definitely agree! I think it might be my favourite box actually! x

  • Lovely post! Made me want to suscribe to birchbox, damn bank account..

    • Thanks Beckie! Haha I know, I used to be subscribed to sooo many boxes, was costing me a fortune! Birchbox is definitely my favourite beauty box though, I’ve stuck with it throughout the years! x

  • It was such a good box wasn’t it! I think it’s actually been my favourite ever! xx

  • That scrub looks so good! Love your blog Emily!

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic – Personal Style, Beauty and Lifestyle

    • I used the scrub this weekend and it was actually great, I really loved it! Aww thank you Georgia! x

  • Looks like a great box this month, might have to give Birchbox another look 🙂

    Pams Stuff and Things

    • I definitely think they’re the best UK Beauty box around at the mo, I think they’re upping their game too!! x

  • Great post. This seems like such a great box this month 😀

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    • Thanks Angie! I was really impressed with the box this month! xx

  • Eloise Balazs

    How fab was this months box? My review will be up this week we got totaly different samples! I am so happy that mine contained over 50% natural based products.

    El xox |