Birchbox is a beauty subscription service that I’ve been signed up to now for over a year. It’s £12.95 a month including shipping, and you collect reward points for every box and additional items you buy from them. Recently I have preferred Glossybox or Latest In Beauty instead of Birchbox as I’ve found it’s been pretty hit and miss over the past year and now occasionally they will send me a product which I have already had from them quite a while ago. Recently, I haven’t been that impressed with them and I was considering cancelling. I’m so glad I didn’t because May’s box is possibly my favourite subscription box I have ever received.


My box contained;
> Benefit Cosmetics (Sample: 3.0g) They’re Real! Mascara RRP £19.50
Soigné (Full Size) Nail Lacquer RRP £11
Aromatherapy Associates (Sample: 3ml) Revvie Morning Bath & Shower Oil RRP £39
Beauty Protector (Sample: ) Protect and Shampoo RRP £14
Beauty Protector (Sample: ) Protect and Condition RRP £14
Liz Earle Beauty Co. (Sample: 30ml) Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser RRP £13.25

I absolutely loved the birchbox design this month, such lovely colours and patterns, I’m definitely going to keep this hoarded away, I’m sure I will find a use for it eventually. This month’s box was a “Great Outdoors” theme, although I’m not entirely sure, if I was creating a box with this theme it would include bits like dry hair shampoo, make-up wipes or a couple of easy use makeup items like an eyeshadow stick. The box was completely different to this, don’t get me wrong I loved it all the same, but I just didn’t think the theme fitted.

Photo 11-05-2014 07 35 46 pm

 Benefit Cosmetics (Sample: 3.0g) They’re Real! Mascara RRP £19.50

This mascara has a lot of hype surrounding it as it has such high promises;
“94% saw dramatic length & volume, 90% saw base-to-tip curl, 94% saw visible lidt, 100% saw long-lasting results”
I have bought this mascara a couple of times, so I was happy to see it inside my box. It will make a perfect addition to add into the slot in my bareMinerals ready to go palette . This sample of mascara sells for £9.50 in Boots, so I think it really is a great addition to this box. I do like this mascara, but it’s not my first choice.  I admit, it definitely does do “what it says on the tin”, I am naturally blessed with long eyelashes (the only thing I’m blessed with, I swear!), so this made them look even better, I did get a lot of comments when I was wearing this so that’s a definite plus! However it’s such a pain to get off, even with waterproof eye make up remover, I would still wake up in the morning with clumps of this mascara underneath my eyes. I would also end up pulling my eyelashes out when trying to get it off, and that is the main reason I stopped using it. I would still use it occasionally because it does look lovely, so many if I was going out to dinner but as an everyday mascara it’s a no go from me.

Soigné (Full Size) Nail Lacquer RRP £11

I received the “Soigné Creme Au Beurre Nail Lacquer”, but as I have mentioned in previous blog posts, I am not the biggest fan of nail varnishes, they just aren’t my thing. But again, my little sister was very happy to see this as it adds another to her growing collection. I was impressed to see this in my BirchBox though, the packaging was absolutely lovely and made it look so expensive, it kind of reminded me of the Chanel perfume packaging, just because of the simplicity and colours. I do really like the colour of this nail varnish, and my current colour is very chipped so I might have a go with it. The instructions say “NEVER shake as this can cause airbubbles”, I have always seen people shaking nail varnishes and never thought anything of it so I will have to bare this in mind (If I ever paint my nails that is??)

Photo 11-05-2014 07 37 53 pm

Photo 11-05-2014 07 38 38 pm

 Aromatherapy Associates (Sample: 3ml) Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil RRP £39

“Wake yourself up with this reviving blend of pink grapefruit, rosemary and juniper berry essential oils, perfect to shrug off sluggishness before showering” – Daily Express
I’m really interested about this little sample, you are meant to ‘smoother’ it on your body before you get in the shower or pour a bit in your bath whilst you are running it. I’ve never heard of anything that you are meant to use pre-shower so I’m looking forward to trying this! I’ve read some reviews that it is really great to refresh you when you are hungover, I suffer really badly with hangovers so I am going to save this tiny sample for one of those days, as I think you would only be able to use this once! It smells really fresh, and it is rather expensive so I am looking forward to testing this out!

Photo 11-05-2014 07 37 03 pm

Photo 11-05-2014 07 37 16 pm

Beauty Protector (2 x Sample: ) Protect and Shampoo & Protect and Condition RRP £14 each

These are really nice little sized bottles, perfect if you are just going away for a night or two. Previously from BirchBox I have had a sample size of their ‘Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle’, so I was already aware of this brand, I think you can only buy them directly from BirchBox, as they are an ‘BirchBox exclusive’. I don’t think I would buy these full sized bottles, especially at £14 each, but who knows! I haven’t actually tried either of the shampoo or conditioner, as these are other samples that I will be keeping for when I am travelling. I may try them and completely fall in love, because they do smell amazing, but we will have to see.. Until then, they will be in my ‘mini toiletries’ bag along with a looot of other samples.

Photo 11-05-2014 07 43 12 pm

 Liz Earle Beauty Co. (Sample: 30ml) Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser RRP £13.25

This was the most exciting item in any of my boxes I have received this month, and it was all down to good timing. I was at work the same day that I received my BirchBox, and in my break I was browsing the internet for some other new fun purchases I could make, and I stumbled across this cleanser. I have to admit I have never tried this before but I have read so many wonderful reviews for it, and the ‘cult like’ following that this Liz Earle product line seems to have. I was so close to buying the full size version of this, but for some reason I didn’t, I got home, my BirchBox was waiting for me, with this inside. I thought the tissue paper was a lovely way to hold the muslin cloth, the cleanser itself and the tiny instruction book. I wasn’t expecting to receive both the cleanser and the cloth, I thought that would be a way they could hook you in, by giving you one without the other but I was wrong. Since trying this little set I have definitely decided that I am going to go out and buy the full sized version, and then I can keep this teeny bottle and muslin cloth for when I am travelling. It makes my skin feel refreshed and “thoroughly” cleaned. This definitely gets a thumbs up from me as a lovely product, I can see why the following for this is so high.

Photo 11-05-2014 07 39 34 pm

Photo 11-05-2014 07 40 03 pm

Photo 11-05-2014 07 40 30 pm

Overall this month I am very very impressed with my BirchBox, I recently haven’t been too happy with them, and I would say they were on the verge of losing me as a customer, if it wasn’t for this lovely lovely box. So thumbs up for BirchBox this month from me! I think eventually I am going to have to un-subscribe to at least one of my boxes, but I’ve been saying this for years and it has never happened, what do you think about BirchBox?? If you’re not already subscribed, you can subscribe here.

emily x

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