A Trip To Bristol Ft. Rooftop Rockets

I really love a good trip away, even if it’s just for a few days, it’s always nice to have a bit of break, quickly get away and a have change of scenery. I had been wanting to plan a couple of days away for a while, but I wasn’t sure where to start, as England is rather cold currently so a beach trip wasn’t exactly on the cards. A quick city break was what I had decided on, so when an email from Will on behalf of Travel SuperMarket popped into my inbox asking if I fancied a stay in a quirky hotel, it couldn’t have come at a better time, so I excitedly agreed. I got a lot of nice responses from the post I wrote in the Summer about my Weekend in Weymouth, so I thought I would write it in the same sort of style, and let you guys know what we got up to when we headed to Bristol for a night…

Rooftop Retro Rockets Brooks Guesthouse Review emilyloula blog

On a very rainy Tuesday, myself and my friend packed our overnight bags, and hopped into the car to start out mini road trip to Bristol. The weather was absolutely dire, and the visibility on the motorway was awful due to the spray from other cars, so luckily it was only an hour and a half drive to our destination, or it would’ve been a nightmare!

Once we arrived, we parked in a multi-story car park, and headed up to where we would be staying for the night. Admittedly we may have got slightly lost, and wandered around for a while before we actually found the hotel, but once we knew where we were, it was only a 2 minute walk from the hotel. We were checked in and greeted by a lovely lady – I think she was probably the most upbeat, friendliest and helpful member of hotel staff I’ve ever met! She told us everything we needed to know for our stay, and gave us directions to our rocket on the roof…

Rooftop Retro Rockets Brooks Guesthouse Review emilyloula blog

Rooftop Retro Rockets Brooks Guesthouse Review emilyloula blog

Before visiting Brooks Guesthouse, I had done a bit of research online about the hotel and rockets themselves, but there weren’t that many photos online of the Rockets, so I was excited to see them first hand. After getting the lift up to the top floor, and walking up a mini flight of stairs, we were on the roof of the Guesthouse, surrounded by the retro rockets and a lovely view. There are 3 different sizes of Retro Rockets to choose from when booking at Brooks Guesthouse – 16ft, 18ft or 20ft, and we stayed in the 18ft size. I was slightly sceptical about how small these were going to be, and whilst yes I wouldn’t describe them as spacious, there was definitely enough room for us to comfortably stay there for a night, and get ready in the morning without any issues.

Rooftop Retro Rockets Brooks Guesthouse Review emilyloula blog

Rooftop Retro Rockets Brooks Guesthouse Review emilyloula blog

Rooftop Retro Rockets Brooks Guesthouse Review emilyloula blog

Everything you’d expect from a normal hotel room was included in the Rocket, it was just styled in a more compact and different way. There was a TV & DVD player on an arm bracket which allowed us to swing it around for perfect viewing in bed, the usual tea, coffee and kettle you’d imagine and a radio, a heater, a fan and a hairdryer. The bed was amazingly comfy, so much so that I’d definitely rate it one of the best that I’ve stayed in before! Above the bed was also a string of LED lights that could be programmed with a remote – I definitely had too much fun playing with the different colours, patterns and speeds, and really enjoyed this little added extra to the Rockets.

Rooftop Retro Rockets Brooks Guesthouse Review emilyloula blog

Rooftop Retro Rockets Brooks Guesthouse Review emilyloula blog

Unfortunately it was raining throughout the whole of our stay, so my photos are a bit poor, as I didn’t want to drench my new camera outside, but I’m sure you can get the gist of how pretty it was up there. The views of the rooftops around Bristol were a lovely sight, especially at night with all the lights. It was also surprisingly quiet and peaceful up there, although we did stay on a Tuesday, it may be louder in the weekends due to it being right by the City centre. The location of Brooks Guest House would be perfect if you had something to do in the City, and I’d definitely stay there again if that was the case.

Rooftop Retro Rockets Brooks Guesthouse Review emilyloula blog

We were planning on going for a wander and having a look at what was around Bristol in the evening, but we were both absolutely knackered, it was freezing and raining, so instead we just decided to order in a Domino’s and watch some rubbish TV. We also popped downstairs to borrow some DVDs from the reception, which was a nice touch – I don’t think I’ve known another hotel to offer this before? (Or have I always just missed out..?)

In the morning, checkout time wasn’t until 12, which was perfect as I was feeling super lazy in the morning, and could barely muster the energy to get out of the cosy bed into the cold. Unfortunately, due to waking up late, we actually missed breakfast, so I can’t comment on how that was, which was a shame because it sounded lovely – but my sleep definitely takes precedence! We quickly and easily checked out, and were given a discounted voucher for the multi story car park that we were in.

Rooftop Retro Rockets Brooks Guesthouse Review emilyloula blog

I really enjoyed my stay in the Retro Rooftop Rocket at Brooks Guest House – it definitely was unlike any other hotel experience I’ve had before! Whilst I wouldn’t say that it would be somewhere you should stay for any longer than 2 or 3 nights, purely because of it’s size – for a night or weekend away I think it’s absolutely perfect. It’s a really nice quirky place to stay, something completely different, which I loved and everyone I mentioned it too were intrigued and wanted to hear all about it! The Retro Rockets were actually featured in a list of 12 of the UKs Most Unusual & Unique Places To Stay – which I would definitely agree with, and now I’m actually looking to visit some of the others!

Bristol Love Lock Bridge emilyloula blog

Bristol Trip Review emilyloula blog

Bristol Clifton Suspension Bridge emilyloula blogAfter the easy check out, we headed to the docks in Bristol and had a little wander around – we even spotted Bristol’s very own love lock bridge – which was really sweet! I’ve visited Bristol before but only when I was much younger, so I barely remembered anything except for the Suspension Bridge! I’d actually be keen to visit Bristol again because it seems like such a lovely place, and there’s a lot more that I would like to see, and a lot of shopping I’d like to do!

Rooftop Retro Rockets Brooks Guesthouse Review emilyloula blog

Bristol Aquarium Review emilyloula blog

Bristol Aquarium Review emilyloula blog

We ended up visiting Bristol’s Aquarium as this was right by where we had parked the car, and I’m always keen to visit any Aquarium or Zoo that I come across! The Aquarium was set out really nicely, with over 40 naturally themed displays that house thousands of aquatic creatures as well as featuring a botanical house which showcases hundreds of exotic plants. There was everything from tropical sharks, to puffer fish, piranhas, seahorses, living corals, jellyfish (my favourite!) and lots more.

Bristol Aquarium Review emilyloula blog

Bristol Aquarium Review emilyloula blog

Bristol Aquarium Review emilyloula blog

The Bristol Aquarium also features an underwater walk through tunnel, which I was happy to see, as these are always my favourite part (I’m a big child honestly!).  Whilst it’s not the biggest Aquarium I’ve ever visited, there was still plenty to see and I definitely enjoyed my visit, and again would recommend this!

Bristol Aquarium Review emilyloula blog

Bristol Aquarium Review emilyloula blog

Bristol Aquarium Review emilyloula blog

If you’re looking for somewhere quirky or different to stay or are around the Bristol area, I would definitely urge you to at least check out Brooks Guest House and their Rooftop Rockets. Yes, my stay was complimentary but I had such a lovely time up there on the roof, that I’d definitely come back and stay for another night!

Would you stay in a Rooftop Rocket? Have you got any recommendations for other things to do in Bristol? As always, I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments and thank you so much for reading! 

emily x

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*This hotel stay was complimentary and provided for the purpose of this review although as always, all opinions and thoughts remain my own. For more information, see my Disclaimer

  • Pam Scalfi

    how unique and quirky! sounds fun 😀
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi?

  • Oh that looks so neat! I’ve seen these funky hotels mostly in Japan, it’s cool that this is offered in the UK as well! I really want to visit some other themed hotel rooms as well 🙂


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  • This looks so cool! I love quirky hotels and things that make for a different experience so if I’m ever in Bristol, I’ll definitely check the rockets out! I hope you had a lovely time chick x


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  • I love how cosy the Rockets look – I’m a real fan of that sort of thing so I think I’d really enjoy staying there. Looks like Bristol itself is a really interesting place too! 🙂
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings
    P.S. I love the underwater tunnels in aquariums best too – also a kid at heart!

  • Such an interesting venue to visit. I love the look of the Rocket room.

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    I didn’t even know rooftop rockets were a thing but I am completely sold! I also love aquariums, but I haven’t been to one in ages x

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  • This looks like such a cool place to stay, very cosy too! I love Bristol 🙂 xx


  • Adaleta Avdic

    Your photos are stunning, this looks amazing. I’d love to visit someday! xx adaatude.com

  • Nicola

    I’ve never seen anything like these before – but now I’m so intrigued and definitely going to have a look for my next weekend break! They look so cool and quirky ?
    Nicky x

  • Wow, what a different place to stay! I would never have imagined them being on a rooftop 🙂 It’s a shame about the weather, but at least your accommodation was cool.

  • Millie

    Thank you so much for sharing, me and my partner love Bristol and enjoyed our last stay around this time last year, we’re looking to go again next month and I think you’ve pointed us in the direction of where to stay! The Rooftop Rockets looks so interesting!

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  • This looks awesome! I would totally stay in one. They look so cozy!

  • Nital Shah

    Really enjoyed reading this post!Def worth a visit!