There is no doubt about it, that, washing makeup brushes is an absolute chore, but it really is a necessary evil. If you look around various beauty related blogs you will see many different ways and techniques that bloggers use to wash their beloved brushes. I have tried and tested so many ways with loads of different products but I have finally nailed my makeup brush washing routine and found 2 (slightly bizarre) products that work really well for me.

brushesThe two main products I use in my routine are a bottle of Johnsons baby shampoo, which you can pretty much buy in any super market, pharmacy etc for a couple of pounds, and a silicone oven glove, which I bought off eBay for £3 including delivery. If you are going to buy a silicone oven glove I would recommend getting one with lots of lumps and bumps on it as these really help when cleaning the brushes.

oven glove and soapThe first step in my routine is to slightly dampen all of my makeup brushes, but only the bristles. You don’t want to get any water in the handle of the brush or base of the bristles, as this can cause the bristles to loosen and sometimes fall out (and nobody wants a hairy face do they??)

brushes and soapThe second step is to put the oven glove on, and squirt a little bit of baby shampoo onto it. I then get one of my damp makeup brushes and swirl it around on the glove. Immediately the baby shampoo will lather up and will turn the colour of the product I had been using on the brush. After a lot of swirling around and when I’ve got out as much of the dirt and old makeup as I can, I run the bristles under warm water, then rub the brush onto a clean area of the oven glove and swirl around. I repeat this step as many times as necessary, with little brushes like blending brushes there isn’t much to come out so I normally only have to do this step once, whereas a big powder brush may take a bit more swirling and some more shampoo.

After I’ve made sure the brushes have no baby shampoo left in them at all, I lay some kitchen paper down and let the brushes dry naturally off the end of a table. This way it lets the bristles dry without being in contact with a surface so they will retain their shape.

drying brushes

I hope all my rambling makes sense, it really is a simple way to deep clean your makeup brushes for super cheap and you can get the supplies you need for under £5. The baby shampoo is really gentle on the bristles and will leave the brushes super soft. The oven glove is perfect for getting all the dirt and old makeup from the brushes leaving them super clean. What a perfect duo.

If you do try this method let me know how you get on!

emily x

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