Reading other beauty blogger’s posts and deciding to buy things they mention has become a very very bad habit for me. When I hear about amazing products or fab bargains I literally can’t help myself. So after reading many posts referring  to e.l.f (eyeslipsface) I had to go online and make a purchase.

e.l.f haul

I had read on a couple of beauty blogs that if you want to make an order from e.l.f you should wait until they have one of their sales on, which is exactly what I did. To anyone who is reading this and is planning to make an online order, make sure you sign up to their newsletter, wait for a while and the next time they have a sale you will hear about it. I probably waited about a week and was rewarded with a 50% off and free delivery code, so happy days! Since then I’ve had 3 separate emails about sales so it is definitely worth the wait because they are coming…

My e.l.f haul includes the following:
> All Over Cover Stick
> Daily Brush Cleaner
> Eyelid Primer
> Studio Makeup Mist & Set
> Zit Zapper
> Eye Primer & Liner Sealer
> Eye Refresh
> Eyeliner Brush
> Blushing, Bronzing and Blending Brush
> Fan Brush
> Lip Primer & Plumper
> Lip Exfoliator
> Mineral Eyeshadow (Enchanting)
> Studio Makeup Lock & Seal

None of these products even cost me more than £2 with my discount which I think is so great. Considering this I don’t think I can give many of these products ‘bad reviews’, since I am a firm believer of the ‘you get what you pay for’ analogy.

However, there are a couple of products I was slightly disappointed with.

e.l.f primer and lipThe first product which didn’t I wasn’t overly impressed with was the Lip Exfoliator. When I had read about this online I was excited as I have never tried a lip exfoliator in the style of a lipstick before. The packaging is actually really nice considering it was less than £4 (full price), it feels heavy and not cheap. The issue with me was the product itself, the first one or two uses were really good, the smell is of vanilla and it did feel really nice on my lips. However after a couple of uses the stick of exfoliator got dry and then it began to feel like I was just scratching my lips with some sugar and nothing more. Also the stick was really flimsy and mine snapped from the tube in my first couple of uses, so it had to go in the bin boooo 🙁

The second product which didn’t ‘float my boat’ was the Eyelid Primer. I have only ever used bareMinerals Prime Time Brightening Eyelid Primer which I have been absolutely in love with for a good couple of years. I’ve never had any issues with it and it keeps my eyemakeup on like a dream, but I thought since I had literally never tried any other primers I would give this little tube a go. Possibly if I hadn’t used bareMinerals before this I would have been impressed but Prime Time is a lot to live up to for a £2 product (full price), and it just didn’t do it for me. The primer itself has a very thin consistency, and is quite ‘liquidy’ (if that’s even a word!?). It just felt as if it was sitting on top of my eyelid and not absorbing in or doing it’s job. It took a while to dry, most likely because of it’s consistency and it didn’t keep my eye make-up on for as long as bareMinerals Prime Time does. If you are a make-up newbie this little primer would be a great start up product to have but for me it didn’t quite cut it.

e.l.f cover stick and eye

One of my favourite products from my e.l.f haul is one I did not expect to actually like/work. The All Over Cover Stick is a dreaaaam! I chose the ‘Light Beige’ shade which matches my skin colour perfectly. I mainly use this as an under eye concealer, drag the stick underneath my eye then use my real techniques pointed foundation brush to blend it in. Its such a creamy forumla so it’s super easy to blend in. This is great to have in the bottom of your handbags just to do touch up in the days as you simply draw on your face with the stick onto problem areas, then blend in. Since this is only £1.95 (full price), the next time I make another e.l.f online order I will definitely be adding a couple more of these to my basket.

The other item in the picture above is e.l.f’s Eye Refresh, which is a lovely rollerball pen, e.l.f state “the cooling sensation brightens and refreshes the eye area to help alleviate under eye puffiness and dark circles”.  This product is great for me when I start work at 7 as it gives my tired eyes a nice boost. Luckily I don’t suffe from redness or puffy eyes so I can’t say whether this product will work for them, but for a nice boost and ‘treat’ for your eyes, you can’t go wrong with this little stick.

e.l.f brush and face spray

Two items which I love but aren’t strictly make up that I bought on my haul are the Studio Makeup Mist & Set and the Daily Brush Cleaner. I actually love both of these little bottles but they, of course, do completely seperate things. The studio makeup mist & set is a setting spray that is meant to keep your makeup in place all day, much like the Urban Decay All Nighter. E.l.f says The invigorating mist moisturises and soothes the skin with key ingredients Aloe, Green Tea, Cucumber and Vitamins A, C & E.”. This does make my makeup stay on for longer, but having not tried any other setting sprays I can’t really compare. If I’m feeling tired or worn out this is also a lovely thing to spray on my face and makes my skin feel much fresher and awakened. 

The second bottle is e.l.f’s Daily Brush Cleaner. It contains an anti-bacterial formula that quickly cleans brushes. If you need a deep cleaning session for your makeup brushes, this is not the thing for you, for that you’re going to need baby shampoo and an oven glove. (Keep an eye out for my post on properly washing makeup brushes, coming soon!). I mainly use this to quickly clean my makeup brushes before and after using, I just give a little spritz onto the brush, wait for it to dry then use as normal. This spray is particularly handy for cleaning brushes when you are about to use a different colour, e.g. eyeshadow, and it great for removing pesky gel eyeliner from eyeliner brushes before it dries.

e.l.f brushesIncluded in my e.l.f haul were also some other bits which unfortunately I haven’t got round to trying out yet as I have been at work doing 12 hour days this week! I picked up some a couple of makeup brushes to try out, I have so many brushes already, yet these three are types I currently don’t own. (A flat eyeliner brush, a fan brush and an angled cheek brush).

e.l.f eye and lip duosI also managed to also add an e.l.f  Lip Primer & Plumper and an Eye Primer & Liner Sealer into my online shopping basket. Both of these duo’s looking super exciting to me so I am really looking forward to trying them. The lip primer and plumper is a duo of two lip products, funny enough, one to plump your lips and the other to prime. The plumper section of this product smelt just like these type of fire bomb sweets I used to have when I was younger, its a very specific smell and one I can’t really describe! The eye duo contains a primer stick and a liner that says it can transform any eyeshadow into a waterproof, smudge proof liquid liner. If these claims are correct, this has the potential of being a really great product.

e.l.f lock and seal

The last couple of items I picked up included a Mineral Eyeshadow (in Enchanting), a Zit Zapper (which is great!) and the Studio Makeup Lock & Seal set.

The e.l.f Studio Makeup Lock & Seal kit comes with a dropper bottle, mini blending brush and a tiny pot. You are meant to coat your makeup with this to ‘lock’ it in, it apparently works with eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick, brows, blush and more! Again, this is another product that the description is giving me high expectations for it. I had seen other reviews where people had mixed their eyeshadow with this formula and it made the colours much brighter and kept them on for longer. Once I have had a go playing around with this I will do a post with some swatches etc, if anyone is interested in this.

What e.l.f products are your favourites? Let me know in the comments below!

emily x

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