A Few Of My Favourite Things #1

Monthly Favourite posts are never something that I’ve really stuck to on my blog as often my favourites carry over across the months or I have nothing new I’ve been specifically loving to share with you guys. So I thought that from now on instead of those, I’m going to start up a new feature here on emilyloula – a few of my favourite things. This will be less frequent than monthly favourites, and will also include a range of things that I’ve been loving, from makeup, to TV shows, to lifestyle purchases, lovely people and more.

Favourite things beauty lifestyle reviews emilyloula blog

Favourite Beauty Crowd Colour Palette Review emilyloula blog

Favourite Beauty Crowd Colour Palette Review Makeup Geek Shadows emilyloula blog

Crowd Colour Large Personalised Palette > £16.00 | Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pans > £4.95£7.95

I had been wanting to pick myself up a Z palette for quite some time, but for some reason I never got round to it, and I was so glad I hadn’t when I heard about Crowd Colour. They’re a new start-up company that allow you to completely personalise your very own magnetic palette with pictures, graphics or texts, along with some pre made designs and backgrounds. They do three different sized palettes, but to start me off I opted for the large palette, which fits approximately 28 standard sized pans. The online customisation was really easy, I just simply uploaded my blog’s header and moved it around slightly until I was happy that it was completely centered. I was so impressed when this arrived, there’s no awkward pixelisation from the image, or different shades of white from the logo, it looks absolutely perfect, and feels like really great quality. The palette wipes clean, so I don’t have to worry about it getting ruined with makeup covered fingerprints, and the magnetisation is nice and strong – both on the pan itself and the closing, so I know it’s not going to open randomly, and that my pans are going to stay firmly in place. I’m super happy with my palette, it was everything I was hoping for and more – I’m definitely going to order a smaller one from Crowd Colour for travelling too, I love it that much!

My palette is filled mainly with Makeup Geek shadows, but at the bottom I’ve got a few Diego Dalla Palma shadows that I depotted from their Snow White and the Huntsmen palette I received in my Cohorted Box. However, I am planning to completely fill this palette solely with Makeup Geek shadows, so once I get my hands on some more, these other ones will be moved into another palette. Since making my first order of Makeup Geek shadows a few months ago (you can see my haul here), I completely fell in love with the formula of them, and have barely used any others since. I’ve placed a couple of orders with Beauty Bay and I’ve got another huge one planned shortly so I’m sure my palette will be filled up in no time – it’s become a slight addiction! Makeup Geek shadows are incredibly pigmented, long wearing, easy to blend and there’s such a huge range of shades, there really is something for everyone. My favourites at the moment are Grandstand, Frappe, Cocoa Bear and Shimma Shimma but I can’t wait to add more to my collection…

UPDATE: Since writing this post I have actually completed my personalised palette with Makeup Geek shadows, and I couldn’t be happier! If you fancy seeing my entire Makeup Geek collection, including individual swatches and reviews head over to this post.

Favourite Beauty NYX Green Concealer Vichy Aqualia Thermal Review emilyloula blog

NYX HD Concealer in ‘Green’ > £5.50 | Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light > £18.00

Although my skin has significantly cleared up within the last year, the redness, residual marks and scarring from years of acne still remain, so I’m always on the hunt for something to help me cover it. Casually browsing ASOS’ makeup section one day, I came across NYX’s HD Concealer, which comes in many different shades and colours – including green, so I popped one into my basket, and took advantage of my unlimited next day delivery (so worth it btw if you’re wondering…) It is known that green based products are good for concealing redness, as they are opposites on the colour wheel, and help cancel each others tones out, and with NYX being one of my favourite brands – I had high hopes for this. I have tried other green based concealers before, but this one has to be my all time favourite. NYX’s HD Concealer has a lightweight consistency, that is easily blended out, yet is very pigmented, so a little really does go a long way. I apply this before my foundation and concealer, and it definitely helps to hide any redness I may have that day – big thumbs up from me!

In the last year or so, I’ve really ‘upped my skincare game’, and have tried out many different brands and products, but my favourite skincare brand of all and one that I’ll always come back to, has to be Vichy. I’ve loved every single product I’ve tried from them, and I’m always wanting to get my hands on their new releases, but a real favourite of mine has to be their Aqualia Thermal Light. I have quite oily skin, and I often find that some moisturisers are too heavy for me or leave me with a greasy cast type layer on top of my skin. In the past few months I’ve been trying out quite a few moisturisers, but it’s only since I’ve come back to this, I realise that it really is ‘holy grail’ status for me. This is the third time I’ve repurchased this, which is really saying something for me, but I literally don’t have a bad word to say about it at all, it’s that good! It smells so fresh, sinks into my skin super quickly, hydrates my skin to the perfect level and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy at all – amazing!
Favourite beauty things colourpop lumiere 2 hourglass palette review emilyloula blog

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit > £65.00 | ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in ‘Lumiere 2’ > $6.00

I’ve spoken about my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette on my blog quite a few times recently, so I apologise for mentioning it yet again, but since I’m talking about my favourite things, I couldn’t write this post without including this utter beauty. When I first purchased this last year, I wasn’t actually sure I would get much use out of this palette, but boy was I wrong – I use this all of the time now! Yes, the pans are pretty small compared to the individual Hourglass pans you can buy separately, but personally that’s what I would expect for a palette like this – especially when the individual full sized pans are £28 each, and you get 6 here for £65! It’s perfect if you’re wanting out Hourglass for the first time and don’t know where to start, or just want to try out more shades from the brand. In my opinion, these powders definitely live up to their highly sought after status in the beauty world – they’re so finely milled and sit beautifully on my skin. My favourite shades are the top left, top right, and bottom left – a perfect highlight, under eye setting powder and highlight as well as a mauve blush – I’m just in love! I used this gorgeous palette when I attended my cousins wedding earlier this year, and I absolutely loved the finished look – you can read all about that here. This palette was limited edition last Christmas, but it appears that Net-A-Porter still have some stock left, so I would utterly urge you to treat yourself if you can, and snap one of these up before they’re gone – you won’t regret it!

After months of lusting over ColourPop I finally made my first order last month (you can see that haul here) and I was absolutely smitten with my purchases. The stand out item from my order though has to be their Ultra Matte Lipstick in ‘Lumiere 2’ which was created in collaboration with YouTuber Kathleen Lights. I love the formula of this – it’s so long wearing, and when worn over a lip balm, it’s not drying on my lips at all. The shade is so beautiful and unlike any other liquid lipstick I own – I can’t stop wearing it! I swatched it in my haul post here, but I would describe it as dusty mauve pink, with a slight purple undertone – a uniquely gorgeous shade! I love the shade of this so much that I’ve just ordered the original Lumiere which comes in ColourPop’s Lippe Stix format, and since I love the formula of these Ultra Matte Lipsticks, I’ve ordered quite a few more in different shades – look out for a big haul post coming your way soon!

Favourite lifestyle things Buckley London Carnaby bracelet review style emilyloula blog

Favourite lifestyle things Buckley London Carnaby bracelet review style emilyloula blog

Buckley London Carnaby Bracelets* > £20.00 Each or 3 for 2
‘Gold Tone & Turquoise’, ‘Rose Gold Tone & Rose Quartz’ & ‘Rhodium Tone & Black Agate’

Other than a few statement gold necklaces, you often won’t see me wearing any jewellery – especially not bracelets, and there are a few reasons for this. Firstly, I have pretty chunky wrists, so usually ‘one size fits all’ bangles or bracelets, never seem to fit me. Also, I’m extremely clumsy and I always end up breaking jewellery so I never want to buy anything that’s too expensive, and to top it off I’m incredibly fussy and hard to please. However, as soon as I saw these gorgeous Buckley London Carnaby Bracelets, I knew they would definitely be something that I would wear as they’re so ‘up my street’ and I have barely taken them off since! Luckily for me inside the woven mesh style band of these bracelets, is elastic – meaning that they actually fit around my large wrists with ease – hallelujah! The photo above however, is actually of my little sister (have you ever tried to take a good photo of your own wrist?! it’s SO hard!), and she has much teenier wrists, but they fitted her too, which is great news for you ladies with more petite wrists.

What I love about these bracelets, is that you can wear one by itself, or you can layer them up for a more unique look. I personally love wearing them both ways, as I think all three of the bracelets look gorgeous and delicate when worn alone, and I love mixing the different metals and stones when worn together. The Carnaby Bracelets are available in gold, rose gold or silver tones, and they each contain a semi-precious gem and a little cute tassle. At £20 a piece, they’re pricier than the standard highstreet bracelet, but below that ‘expensive’ price point I wouldn’t go above due to my clumsiness I mentioned earlier, so they sit well within my ‘ideal’ price range.  Also, the bracelets are included in Buckley London’s 3 for 2 offer, so you’d actually be able to pick up three bracelets like mine for £40 – which I don’t think is bad at all – espicially as the quality of these is so good! My favourite, and most worn from the three has to be the Rose Gold Tone & Rose Quartz bracelet – I love the rose gold band (blogger cliche yep..), so I think I might actually have to order the Rose Gold Tone and Grey Agate bracelet to go along with it. I’ve been complimented countless times since I’ve been wearing these and quite a few people have asked me where they’re from, which is exactly what I would have also done if I had seen someone else wearing them! Aren’t they lovely…?

Favourite lifestyle things flamingo candles melt crowd review emilyloula blog

Flamingo Candles Melt Crowd Subscription Service > £10 Per Month

I’m a sucker when it comes to a good candle – if I’m in a store that has a home fragrance section, you can bet that that’s where you’ll find me, sniffing the whole selection and debating if I really need any more. Since buying an electric tart burner however, I rarely buy a physical candle any longer, as I find that wax tarts are better value for money, and it also means that I can try out various different fragrances without being committed to a single candle. If you’re a regular reader here at emilyloula, you’ll be aware that I absolutely love a subscription service, so when I heard that there was a subscription box for wax tarts, it sounded like it was made for me, so I naturally had to sign up. For £10 a month (inc P&P) you receive 8 different wax tarts delivered to your door, including limited edition and exclusive scents. For your first month, Melt Crowd are even kind enough to provide you with your own burner – so all you need is some basic tea lights and you’re ready to go. I’m a big fan of this service, and I love getting a different selection of surprise wax melts each month, I’d definitely recommend it if you’re a candle lover like myself! Some of my favourite scents this month have to be Raspberry & Salted Caramel, Sparkling Diamonds and Strawberry Cream Tea – I’m debating on buying full size candles of these scents – I love them that much!

Favourite lifestyle things Nissan Juke Ministry of sound review style emilyloula blog

Nissan Juke Ministry of Sound Edition

If you follow me on Twitter or on Snapchat (emilykate21) you might have seen that last month I was unfortunately involved in a car accident. Thankfully myself and the other driver were absolutely fine, but unfortunately my car was written off due to the damage. Named Sylvester the Fiesta, he was my first ever car, I was absolutely in love with him, and he served me so well on the countless road trips and throughout the 4 years since I passed my driving test. So I was completely devastated when the insurance company informed me of their decision to class him as a total write off. However, out of the bad, comes the good, and I bought myself a beautiful new car, which I’m absolutely smitten with – isn’t he gorgeous?! After a lot of deliberation, I decided on a Nissan Juke, then when I discovered the limited ‘Ministry of Sound’ edition, I knew it was the one. This special edition comes with white alloys, mirrors, door handles, and stitched leather seats, as well as an upgraded and incredible sound system. Other than makeup, obviously, gadgets are my passion in life, so when I saw how kitted out with tech this Juke was inside, as well as how well it drove on my test drive, my decision was made, and I left the garage the very same day, being the proud new owner of this gorgeous car. I’ve had him for almost a month now, and I’m still as in love with him as the day I bought him home, I’m so, so happy with my decision and I genuinely still can’t stop staring at him. R.I.P Slyvie… say hello to my new baby and my ‘most favourite thing’ in this post – Dexter the Juke..!

What did you think of this new post series? Would you like me to carry on with these? Is there anything in this post you’d like to try out now after reading? And what do you think of my new car?! As always, I’d love to have a read of your thoughts in the comments and thank you so much for reading! x

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