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Last month, I was lucky enough to be invited to the #5thViewBloggers event in London held by Ablertine from Dippy Writes and Jess from LookWhatIGot & FBL. The event was hosted in the 5th View Bar above Waterstones in Picadilly, which was such a lovely venue and not too far away from me. I really enjoyed myself on the day, and got to meet some other bloggers, as well as talking to some brand representatives, including Miisa from Mink & Stone.

Mink & Stone Personalised Jewellery Review Giveaway emilyloula beauty blog

I sat down with the lovely Miisa for quite some time, as she explained to me all about Mink & Stone, their ethos, how the company was created, and showed me around their rather intuitive online platform. At the end of our rather long chat, Miisa very kindly gifted me a voucher for Mink & Stone to use at home, but I wasn’t under any obligation to write a post about it here on emilyloula. However, I was so impressed with what I had seen, and with my creation that I knew I had to share it with you guys, as I’m pretty sure you’ll love the concept as much as I do. When I told Miisa I was going to write a post about Mink & Stone, she very kindly provided me with another gift voucher, for one of my lovely readers to win. This giveaway is now closed, but keep your eyes out in future as there’s a new giveaway coming shortly on emilyloula! 

Mink & Stone are a London based company that was founded in 2014 by Miisa and her husband Mark. They have built an online site that allows their customers to create their own bespoke jewellery without having to leave the comfort of their own home. Unlike other sites where you can pick a few different charms to customise your jewellery, Mink & Stone let’s you choose every single bead, and exactly where you want it to be placed on your bracelet or necklace. You can also choose whether you’d like a gold or silver chain, and you can pick the exact length of it to ensure it’s a perfect fit. 

Mink & Stone Personalised Jewellery Review Giveaway emilyloula beauty blog

Mink & Stone Personalised Jewellery Review Giveaway emilyloula beauty blog

After getting home from the #5thViewBloggers event, I couldn’t wait to start designing my creation, and went onto Mink & Stone’s website immediately. I already knew I wanted to create a bracelet, so I measured my wrist and began looking through the large array of different beads that could be used. As you can probably tell by the design of emilyloula, pink is my favourite colour, so I opted to use pink beads including four Swarovski crystals and then added gold and white accents, and I’m absolutely smitten with how it turned out.

With over 500 beads to choose from, ranging from big wooden beads, to tiny delicate more expensive beads there really is something for everyone. The website allows you to filter the beads in lots of different ways – by colour, material, use, size and style, which definitely helps to narrow down your selection. You can then add the beads that take your fancy to a ‘tray’ which appears at the bottom of your screen, allowing you to individually add these to your bracelet or necklace. You can choose how many beads of each design to use and exactly how you’d like to place them on your jewellery, which is what really sets Mink & Stone apart from any other personalised jewellery site I’ve come across before. What I really love about the site is that the price of your jewellery updates automatically on the page every single time you add or remove a bead from your design, so you’re not going to get to the checkout with a nasty surprise. Each bead has a different price, which you can find out by clicking the i button that appears over the bead. This will also tell you size, colour, material, finish and use of the bead, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Mink & Stone Personalised Jewellery Review Giveaway emilyloula beauty blog

Once you’re happy with the design of your jewellery you can choose to simply add it to your cart and check out, or additionally you can also publish it on Mink & Stone. This means that your design appears on their website on the inspiration page, and other people can buy it if they’d like. If someone does purchase the piece of jewellery you’ve designed, then you actually get 10% commision which I think is a great idea! If you’re not in the market for a new piece of jewellery at the moment but fancy trying out their site anyway, you can still create and publish one on Mink & Stone – you don’t actually have to buy it!

After playing around on the site for a few days, I was finally happy with my creation, so published it to Mink & Stone and checked out. At the checkout stage, you can choose to add your Twitter handle, and they’ll tweet you a picture of your design before they send it out – which I think is such a lovely touch! My bracelet arrived within about 4 days and I honestly couldn’t be happier with what I received. I personally thought the design was lovely online, but in person it’s even nicer than I thought it would be. The quality of the bracelet is really great, it’s fairly weighty and feels lovely on – not cheap by any means. If you fancy seeing the bracelet I created on Mink & Stone you can find it here, along with a breakdown of the exact beads I used.

Mink & Stone Personalised Jewellery Review Giveaway emilyloula beauty blog

Overall, I’m incredibly impressed with Mink & Stone, from how unique the concept is to the quality and finish of my bracelet. I will definitely be using them again to create more jewellery in the future, if not for me, definitely as a present. I love that you could create a piece of jewellery customised to you, that you know you’d wear often, but also that you could design a piece that matches a particular outfit perfectly – for example to a wedding. The possibilities are literally quite endless, and I think that’s what is really great about Mink & Stone.

What do you think about Mink & Stone, have you created anything yet? If you design a piece I’d love for you to show me! As always, thank you for reading and I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments!

emily x

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* The product in this post was provided for the purpose of this review although as always, all opinions and thoughts remain my own. For more information, see my Disclaimer *

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