On Wednesday I was lucky enough to be invited to the “Glossybox and Rituals Indulgent Shopping Evening” which was held at St. Pancres International in London. It was my first beauty event of this kind so I was super excited to go! London is about an hour drive away from me, so this also gave me an excuse to go into London for the day (in specific Westfields) and have a shop around. I bought a lot of lovely beauty items which I will definitely be sharing with you soon!DSCF2086Rituals is a brand I had heard of and sampled a couple of bits from before but I had never really seen what they were “about”, as such. This event was the perfect time to do this! DSCF2064I arrived at the Rituals store in St. Pancres to be greeted with my June Glossybox (earlier than release.. eeek!) and a glass of champagne! You can read my full June Glossybox review here! DSCF2073Once I was inside the Rituals store, all the lovely smells overwhelmed me! I hadn’t heard much about Rituals, and the only product I had sampled from them before was a body wash. I had just assumed that the rituals store would be full of different lotions and potions. Don’t get me wrong, it was, but it was also full of other fabulous things! There were candles, diffusers, car air fresheners, perfumes and bed linen sprays. DSCF2066

DSCF2074Whilst at the event I was offered two mini treatments. The first was a 60-second de-stress treatment, in which a lovely lady rubbed some of their stress relief serum (which you can buy here) onto my temples and my neck. Normally this kind of thing doesn’t really appeal to me but also have never really thought about using any products like this before. This serum was very calming, it had a slight fresh tingle but a lovely claming scent. It kind of reminded me of albus oil but a much nicer relaxing smell surrounding it. DSCF2076The second part of the treatment was being spritz’d with Rituals’ calming bed and body mist (which you can buy here). It’s really hard to describe this smell I think, but it such a nice one. It is described as “Organic White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren”. I don’t know about you but I have never heard of Yi Yi Ren before but if this is what it smells like I love it! The calming mist is meant to promote restful sleep and meditation. I actually bought this spray because of this treatment and have been spraying it on my duvet and pillows before going to bed and if I happen to wake up in the night (which I ALWAYS do), I give my sheets another spritz and it sends me straight off to sleep. It is also safe to use on all skin types as it has no harsh chemicals or alcohol.

The second treatment I had was from another lovely lady who was showing me about the new Rituals Tao range. “Focusing on enriching Yin, our Tao collection blends calming White Lotus, refreshing Chinese Mint, and soothing Green Tea to help you to feel balanced in your busy life”. She showed me all 4 steps of this routine, which included the following products;
> Scrub Cream: take a moment to let go of stress by using our gentle Wai Wang body exfoliating cream
> Bath Foam: ‘go with the flow’ and create your moment of Zen with our fragrant Wu Wei foam bath
> Body Cream: ‘feel the tension flow away’ using our rich Mei Dao body cream to nourish your skin and left it feeling silky soft
> Bed and Body Mist: spray our calming bed and body mist to relax the mind and drift off like a dream


Being invited to the evening meant that if I was to spend £25 I would receive a goodbag, and I love a goody bag so this was an offer I couldn’t refuse. As I mentioned earlier I purchased the calming bed and body mist, which I absolutely adore, for £16.50 .DSCF2097 I also purchased some ‘Refreshing Facial Toner’ for £10.50, which you can buy here. This is a lovely large bottle of toner which makes my skin feel really soft and supple. It has a pump on it rather than having you to pour it all over a cotton pad which I absolutely love. It’s the little things that make a difference to me haha!

DSCF2095Because my purchases together came to over £25 I received this little gorgeous goody bag which contained a full size Tai Chi shower foam (which you can buy here), a mini Rituals mascara, some sachets of their magic touch and honey touch body creams along with a £5 gift voucher.

DSCF2088Overall I had a lovely evening at the glossybox and rituals indulgent shopping event, I found out a lot more about the brand and really enjoyed myself whilst I was there. I am also a convert to these anti-stress treatments and looking forward to seeing more new products soon! Have you tried Rituals before? If so, what’s your favourite product?

emily x

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