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If you’re a regular reader here at emilyloula or follow me on social media, I would imagine you’ve heard me talk about KIKO at least once, and probably more -I’m a massive fan! KIKO Milano are an Italian professional cosmetics brand that I only became familiar with last year, but became obsessed with very quickly. It’s now physically hard for me to walk past their store without entering when I go into my town centre, and I’m forever on the look out for their new collections and releases. Every single product I’ve tried from KIKO I’ve loved, their prices are completely reasonable, the packaging is incredible and their limited edition products are always top notch. They even do sales throughout the year, often including previous collections, for bargain prices – I mean an £8 lipstick for around £3… I can hardly say no! So when I was generously given a gift card for Christmas from my lovely friend Emma, I headed straight for KIKO in the town centre, spent a long time swatching until my heart was content and left with a little bundle of goodies.

KIKO Haul emilyloula blog, lipsticks lip liners lip base primer

As a self confessed lipstick hoarder and with KIKO’s lipsticks being favourites amongst my ever growing collection, I physically couldn’t help myself when I saw that they had released two new lines of lipsticks, with the most gorgeous packaging I’ve ever seen. The Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipsticks & Glossy Dream Sheer Lipsticks were set up in the store with the most beautiful display (I tweeted this photo), with all the shades out and ready to be swatched – heaven! I was fairly restrained and only left with two of the lipsticks from the The Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick range, their two corresponding liners, and a lip primer – but I’m totally smitten with my purchases.

My KIKO Haul included;

  • KIKO Lip Base Primer
  • KIKO Creamy Comfort Lip Liner in 315 – Intense Mauve
  • KIKO Creamy Comfort Lip Liner in 304 – Wine
  • KIKO Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in 109 – Amaranth
  • KIKO Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in 105 – Pinkish Brown

I decided to opt for the new creamy lipsticks, instead of the sheer ones as I’m a lover of a big bold lip, so I can’t comment what the sheer versions are like but I’m absolutely in love with the ones I picked up myself. After a lot of umm’ing and ahh’ing over various shades I had swatched on my hands, I ended up going with 109 – Amaranth & 105 – Pinkish Brown. Isn’t the packaging the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?! To remove the lipstick from the tube, you simply press down on the golden KIKO embossed lid, and the lipstick pops out from the bottom – it’s very snazzy and definitely a conversation starter! They behave unlike any other lipsticks that I own, and look absolutely beautiful amongst my collection within my lipstick holders on my dressing table.

KIKO Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in 109 105 review swatches emilyloula blog

To sum these lipsticks up quickly – they’re without a doubt the creamiest, most comfortable lipsticks I’ve actually ever tried and I can’t quite believe it. I swatched them on my hand in store, and was impressed them then, but after these photos were taken (blogger priorities right…?) and I tried them on my lips, that’s when the love affair started. I actually said ‘wow’ out loud when I used them for the first time, they’re literally that creamy and comfortable. They’re definitely the type of lipsticks that you completely forget you’re wearing until you glance in a mirror, which is what I really love. The pigmentation is great, as they’re opaque in one swipe, and the scent is a lovely vanilla – reminding me slightly of MAC lipsticks. As they’re so creamy, they’re not going to last as long as a matte lip for example, but the wear time on them is still pretty impressive at around 5-6 hours without eating, and even longer when paired with a liner.

KIKO Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in 109 105 review swatches emilyloula blog

These lipsticks currently retail at £10.90 in the UK, which is more expensive than any other lipstick I’ve personally seen from KIKO  – they usually sit around the £5-8 price point. However the beautiful packaging, incredible formula and large colour range (there are 30 different shades!) really makes me think that these are worth their price tag. Yet again with KIKO I haven’t got a bad word to say about these lipsticks, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be back to pick up some further shades!

KIKO Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in 109 105 review swatches emilyloula blog

In the KIKO store they had a little chart which matched the shade of the lipstick, to the shade of the lip liners as they had completely different shade names and numbers. I think I picked up the corresponding lip liners to the lipsticks I bought, but I’m not 100% sure as I kept changing my mind and swatching other things, so I got a little confused. However I do think the shades of the lip liners match the lipsticks very well, and I like the shades individually so I don’t really mind whether they’re right or not.

I don’t actually own any high end lip liners, so I can’t compare these creamy liners to those, but out of all of the budget and drug store liners I’ve tried, these ones from KIKO beat them all hands down. Firstly the packaging is really pretty – reminding me somewhat of Charlotte Tilbury’s – I especially love that the lids and the base of the lip liners correspond with the shade. Inside, the formula is pretty incredible – definitely the creamiest, most comfortable lip liner I’ve ever worn in my life! They’re incredibly pigmented, don’t tug upon application and are really easy to blend and apply, making them absolutely perfect for everyday wear. The shades are pigmented, don’t smudge easily (trust me those swatches were not budging) and last a really long time on the lips – amazing. I’m super impressed with these liners – especially at £5.90, they literally put my other liners to shame – I’ll definitely be picking up some more shades next time I’m in store!

KIKO haul on emilyloula blog

I’ve briefly heard of lip primers being mentioned here and there, but it’s not something I’ve really thought about buying or researching, until I saw this little tube sitting alongside KIKO’s new collection in the store. In that moment I decided that it was definitely something that I needed to try out, and since then I’ve been using it every time I’ve worn a lipstick. The tube has a tiny nozzle which only allows a little bit of product out, meaning it’s great for reducing waste and also allows a precise application.

KIKO Haul on emilyloula blog. Lip base primer

As you can see from the swatch below, the primer comes out of the tube looking like a concealer, and it has a similar texture to it also. The lip base primer is said to give an ‘adjustable coverage’ that neutralises the colour of your lips. This can be used to to reshape the outline of your lips, emphasise the lipsticks colour or create a complete nude look. Although I haven’t tried to reshape my lips (?) I have found that by using this it definitely does enhance the colour of my lipstick which I really like. No where on KIKO’S website or on the product’s packaging does it say that this primer prolongs the wear time of lipstick. However I do believe that it does make my lipsticks last longer than without it, which obviously is a big plus point and has been the reason I’ve been wearing it a lot lately. I’ll definitely continue to use this primer, and so far I would 100% re-purchase this, especially at £5.90, but since you only need to use a tiny amount of product, I think that this will last me quite a while.

KIKO Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in 109 105 Liners in 415 304 Lip Primer review swatches emilyloula blog

Overall, if you hadn’t already guessed – I’m super happy with everything that I’ve picked up from KIKO, with both the lipsticks and liners the most creamiest lip products I’ve ever used! I’ll definitely be heading back into KIKO soon, not only to see what new products they’ve got out, but to pick some more shades up of these ones too! As always, KIKO have really impressed me with their new launches, and I’ll definitely continue to blether on about my love for them for time to come.

What did you think of the products I picked up from KIKO? Have you tried any yourself or would you like to now? If you’ve tried KIKO before – what’s your favourite product?! As always, I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments, and thank you so much for reading!

emily x

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