Life: Beauty Blogger Awards, A New Job & More

Recently I’ve been up to some quite exciting things that I wanted to share with you guys here on emilyloula, so I thought I would round them all up into one post, and start a new series. I don’t really feature that much personal stuff on my blog, so I’ve decided to change that and I’m hoping to feature this kind of post around once a month, to let you know what I’ve been up to, or any exciting news I’d like to share.



Olympia Beauty & The Beauty Blogger Awards

A few weekends ago, myself and my best friend jumped onto the train (and a few tubes) and made our way into London, for a day filled with everything beauty. Our first stop was to the Beauty Blogger Awards which were being held just a few doors down from Olympia Beauty in Olympia London, which is a huge exhibition centre in West Kensington. The Beauty Blogger Awards were hosted later on in the day, so I didn’t actually get to see that ceremony take place, but what I did get to do was meet some incredible brands and other bloggers. As a huge fan of my Magnitone Lucid (review here) I was happy to see them there and spent a good few minutes having a chat with their representative, he explained that the new Magnitone actually has three ‘heads’ and many different modes. There is a brush head for your face, another for your body and finally a pumice stone for your feet, I honestly think this is an incredible idea, and that’s going straight on my Christmas wishlist! We also stopped by Lava Shell, who gave me the most incredible massage with a hot shell – sounds bizarre but was honestly amazing, definitely look them up! After chatting with a few more brands, we headed over to the NYX stand where we watched the makeup artists working their magic, generously got given a goody bag and had fun in the photo booth. We were expecting some kind of count down timer to when the photos were going to be taken in the booth, but nope it was all guess work so that’s why we both look rather confused in the first photo! Two more goes in the photo booth and a workshop about blogging inspiration later, we headed over to Beauty Olympia.

There were over 500 brands showcasing at Beauty Olympia, and although it is mainly a trade show there was still more than enough for us to see. We stayed until about 5pm and there was still so much more that we could’ve done on the day – we just ran out of time! Both myself and Hannah ended up getting our eyebrows done, as well as Hannah getting her teeth whitened, which was a really cool but weird experience! We visited lots and lots of different stands, including Benefit, NYX (see my haul here), Skinade, and a great stall that stocked US makeup such as Milani & LA Girl. Overall, we had a lovely day and I definitely hope to go back next year!

New Job

Around June time this year, I realised I needed a change in environment, and began hunting for a new job. Don’t get me wrong, I liked my old job as a Web Hosting Technical Advisor for a hosting company, but after nearly 2 years, I felt like I had ‘peaked’ in my position. I didn’t feel like I was being challenged there any longer, and as it was such a small company there wasn’t any real room for progression. After a very long interview process, and an extremely tedious and time consuming background check, I ended up getting the first, and only job I applied for and I couldn’t of been more excited. I now work as a Network Operation Centre Engineer for a voice recognition company 20 minutes away from home, which is great, and I’m loving every minute of it. In terms of career progression, this is absolutely perfect for me, it’s a senior role in the company, the pay is a lot better, the atmosphere is much nicer and I feel that I fit in a lot better here than I did before. I’m still working a shift pattern of 4 days on, 4 days off as I did in my previous job, but now I work 2 days, and 2 nights instead of the 4 ‘normal’ days. I surprisingly really like this shift pattern, and now I don’t think I could go back to working 9-5 any more – I love my 4 days off a week too much!

The company I work for is the market leader in voice recognition technology – think Siri, Xbox, Smart TV’s, Bluetooth Car systems, and much more – basically pretty much any piece of technology you speak to that can understand you, comes from us. If you’re wondering what a Network Operation Centre Engineer does, as most people do when I tell them what I do for a living, just imagine a nerd sat at a desk, surrounded by loads of monitoring screens, frantically typing commands whilst trying to survive a 12 hour night shift and keeping all the technology I just mentioned, working as it should be.

As some of you may noticed, I haven’t been posting as often here on emilyloula recently, and that is down to my new job as there has been a really steep learning curve for me since starting here, but I’m absolutely loving it. I’m definitely not going anywhere in terms of blogging, I’ve just got to learn to juggle my time a bit better. From now on, I’m going to try and schedule more posts so fingers crossed I’ll get back to normal soon. I hope you guys will bare with me through this little transition period as I’ve got some really exciting posts to share with you shortly!!

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#AnAfternoonAtAscot with Ladbrokes

A few weeks ago, and invitation popped into my inbox inviting me to attend Ascot Races alongside Ladbrokes, and it’s safe to say I jumped at the chance. So early on Saturday morning after being out late the night before (genius, I know) I got all dressed up and headed to Ascot. I’ve only now realised that I actually took just one photo of myself on the day (bad blogger & all), and that was on snapchat so apologies for the rubbish quality of it, the little title and filter that makes me look slightly ginger. When I arrived at Ascot I was greeted with a little present from Ladbrokes & Branded3 which was an adorable, personalised cup and saucer set, which I’m actually going to make a candle with – so stay tuned for that DIY post!

The afternoon mainly consisted of eating a lot of food, socialising with other bloggers, watching and making bets on the horses (me losing) and maybe taking a slight advantage of the free bar. The food was incredible – as you can probably tell from the pictures above, with a king prawn & crayfish pate to start, followed my pan fried chicken and a tiramisu with various delicious additions as dessert. After all of that we were then treated with a cheese board, and a full round of afternoon tea – I definitely felt very spoilt and full afterwards!

As I was going to the 02 in the evening (keep reading…) I had to leave rather early so I was able to get into London in time, meaning unfortunately I missed the after party where Paloma Faith was playing, which was a shame. However, despite that I had really, really lovely day at Ascot, and I’m very thankful to Labdrokes who bought us all along! Victoria & Will from Branded3 did such a great job of organising the day, and were the best company you could’ve asked for, along with all the other lovely bloggers I met! If you fancy seeing more about what myself and the other bloggers got up to on the day you can find some further and photos info here!


A$AP Rocky & Wiz Khalifa at the 02

My music taste is very, very varied. I like a bit of soft rock, some indie, old school blues, some chart pop, a bit of house but what I do have a real soft spot for at the moment is rap, grime, hip hop & R&B. I’m a big fan of seeing live music, and I’ve attended many, many concerts and festivals over my time – it’s something that I just really love doing. So when I saw online that two of my favourite ever rappers – A$AP Rocky & Wiz Khalifa were touring the UK, I couldn’t resist picking up a pair of tickets. Even though I’ve already seen them both individually before at festivals, I wanted to see them at an arena, as the experience is a very different one. So on Saturday evening, after being at Ascot for the afternoon, me and my friend headed back down to London, to the 02 Arena. Although I ended up losing £20, getting my TicTac’s confiscated, and spending £9 on a Burger King to put straight in the bin, I had a really, really great night. Both artists were amazing, the atmosphere was incredible and after a few vodka’s and the free bar from Ascot earlier in the day, I was in a pretty jolly mood.


Three Free Cinema Trips

On my 4 days off this week I managed to go to the cinema 3 days in a row, and all 3 pairs of tickets were completely free – great huh?! One of my younger sisters works at Costa Coffee (my favourite mmmm) inside of a cinema, and as she’s technically employed by the cinema itself, she gets free tickets on a weekly basis. Lucky enough for me,  I often get a chance to go to the cinema with these free tickets, and this week I ended up going twice! The first time I went to see Pan with my sister, as a throwback to our childhood – she used to be obsessed with Peter Pan and Hook when we were kids, so we had to go and see the new film in the ‘series’. I had heard that Pan was a prequel to the classic Peter Pan story that we all know and love, and that I would find out what happened to Hook, and why the feud between them started. Whilst you did see how Peter ended up in Neverland in the first place, Hook is actually a ‘goodie’ throughout the whole of the film, so it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting as it’s mainly based around the character of Blackbeard. Other than this, I thought the film itself was good, the on screen effects were amazing, and it was incredible to watch in 3D, so I’m glad we made the trip. It ended with Peter Pan asking Hook if they would always be friends, so I feel like (and hope) this could lead on to a second film, explaining more about Peter’s and Hook’s past!

The second film I watched this week was Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, with the free tickets I gained from the Sun + Perks. You pay a monthly fee to access The Sun newspaper and content online, but you also get access to a whole load of competitions and freebies – I’ve had many pairs of preview free tickets before, as well as free tickets to Chessington, Thorpe Park, Alton Towers and more. I love a good Zombie films or program (The Walking Dead’s biggest fan here…) so I was looking forward to seeing this. Classed as a comedy horror, I do think that it lived up to it’s genre, being rather funny in places, and quite jumpy in others. I did laugh out loud a few times which is a rarity for me, but in all honesty it’s not a film that I would watch again. Good whilst it lasted, but I would recommend waiting for it to come out on Netflix or something, I don’t think it would be worth the price of a cinema ticket.

The final film of the week I watched was Regression with Emma Watson, which I again used my sisters free tickets for. This was the film out of the three that I was least impressed with, the story line was strange and in all honesty the ending was a let down – I was expecting a big twist! It’s about a detective and a psychologist who are investigating a girls (Emma) claim of being raped by members of a satanic cult. I love a good thriller, and I have a big interest in crime and psychology, so I thought that this would be right up my street, but apparently not. Sorry Hermione, I wasn’t a fan of this one! emilyloula 1K Bloglovin'-2

1,000 Followers on Bloglovin’ & Giveaway

Back in May 2014 I started my blog as a project at my previous job, I had to learn about WordPress so I could advise customers at the hosting company, on how it worked and how to get the best from it. Once I had learnt the basics of WordPress (what I use to blog instead of Blogger), I planned to shut down my blog (which at the time was emily’s beauty blog) but that never happened. I then realised how much I loved writing, taking photos, editing and being a part of this evergrowing amazing community that bloggers have, and I didn’t want to give it up. Being a blogger was never something I imagined I would be doing, so when I say I didn’t expected anyone to even read my blog when I first started out, I honestly mean it. I never thought even one person would read what I had to say, let alone follow me, so it absolutely blew my mind when this week I reached 1,000 followers on Bloglovin’. I’m so incredibly grateful to everyone that has ever read emilyloula along with all the lovely comments, tweets and support that I get from you guys, so I thought I would host a special giveaway as a thank you to all my readers. I’ve put together a whole load of different products, with a range of makeup, skincare, body care as well as throwing in some stationery, candles and a Bomb Cosmetics gift set. The giveaway is worth over £150, is open world wide, and features some great brands and products, so don’t miss out on this – you can enter HERE if you fancy!

Sorry for the super long post guys, there was quite a lot to fit in recently! I hope you enjoyed this new style of post and I’d love to read your thoughts about it and what I got up to in the comments! As always, thank you so much for reading!! 

emily x

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