Little & Large: Skincare Staples

This weekend, I’m off to the beach for a little trip away ahead of my 21st Birthday, which I’m really looking forward to. Whilst I was packing my bag I started searching through my huge box of travel mini’s and realised that there were a few mini’s that matched exactly what I use in my skincare routine normally, so I wouldn’t have to decant some of my products. I absolutely love travel sized products, minis or samples – they come in so handy and aren’t they the cutest?!

Little Large Skincare Staples Minis Travel Size emilyloula

Little Large Skincare Staples Minis Travel Size emilyloula

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + > £15.50

I’ve spoken about La Roche Posay quite a few times on my blog recently, but that’s because they are one of my favourite skincare brands at the moment. I’m sure a lot of you will be aware of their Effaclar Duo + but if not it’s honestly a magic formula that is clinically proven to correct the appearance of blemishes, control shine, refine the skin’s texture and unclog blocked pores. I had been using this for a while when I saw on Facebook LRP were offering out free samples to everyone, you just had to enter your details. I wasn’t expecting a massive sample to arrive, but I thought it would be perfect to keep for travelling, and I was right. I got two of the little 3ml tubes you can see in the picture and I think they’d do two uses a tube. I absolutely love a good freebie – especially when the product is as good as Effaclar Duo.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Hydration Cream > £18.00

I first tried out this lovely cream when I received it in a Latest in Beauty box before Christmas. I probably used the sample about 3 or 4 times, and by then I already knew I had to pick up the full sized version as I absolutely loved it. Since then I’ve been using a full sized pot, and this little sample has been moved to my travel mini bag. I have the light version which is perfect for my oily skin, it’s not greasy at all and sinks in quickly leaving my skin feeling super soft. At 15ml the it’s a great size sample to have and to take away with me for a trip away like this weekend.

Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream > £25.50

Another product that I first tried in a beauty box in fell in love with is Benefit’s It’s Potent Eye Cream. I received this little glass gar in my September Birchbox last year, and I haven’t actually used another eye cream since. I luckily got the full sized version for Christmas, just as the sample ran out and now this one is on it’s last legs too so a repurchase is needed. It’s has a fairly thick consistency but it isn’t greasy in the slightest and actually sinks in fairly quickly. This eye cream has definitely helped immensely with my dark circles and the general appearance of my under eye area. The only thing I would say about this, is not to get it in your eye, as it seriously stings! Since running out of the sample, I’ve repotted some from the full sized version into the adorable little pot, as I always take it with me when I travel, it’s just perfect.

Little Large Skincare Staples Minis Travel Size emilyloula

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water > £4.99

Micellar water is a definite essential for me usually, but even more so when I’m travelling. It’s not only perfect for removing your makeup, a first cleanse and correcting any eyeliner mishaps, but just to freshen your face up it’s great. Garnier’s micellar water is said to be a great dupe for Bioderma, but I’ve never actually tried that so I can’t compare. The sample of this little and large pair is the biggest from this post at 125ml and this size is available to purchase for £1.99. I actually got my hands on this one from another subscription box, in the My Little Road Trip Box and have been kept it for travelling since as it’s the perfect size!

PIXI Glow Tonic Exfoliating Toner > £18.00

I think PIXI’s Glow Tonic get’s mentioned here on emilyloula every time the topic is skincare, I just really can’t get enough of this stuff. I got this tiny 15ml sample in the Latest in Beauty Glamour Summer Box and it may actually have been the main reason I bought the box (oops). I’ve done a whole review on PIXI’s Glow Tonic here if you fancy a read, but just know it’s serious holy grail status for me as it’s done such amazing things for my skin. I read that PIXI are actually releasing a bigger travel sized bottle of Glow Tonic, so I’ll most likely get one of those when this little sample has ran out. Previously when travelling I had been decanting some of this toner into little bottles, so this mini sample will save me the hassle weekend and will definitely be coming along with me.

So that’s it for my roundup of the little mini’s I have that match up to the full sized products I use everyday in my skincare routine. Aren’t they cute?! If you fancy reading more about my skincare, you can catch an in depth post about my full  evening skincare routine here.

What do you think about travel mini’s? Do you think they’re as handy and as adorable as I do? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments and thanks for reading!

emily x

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  • Rachael Broomfield

    I really want to try something from La Roche Posay. My skin is definitely looking better but I have only heard good things about LRP as a brand.

    Rachael at

    • La Roche Posay are definitely a great brand – they’ve done some really great things for my skin! xx

  • I love little travel size products, they’re so cute! Definitely checking out the review of Glow Tonic, I want to try it so bad!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

    • They are adorable aren’t they! Hope you liked the review, Glow Tonic is definitely a cult product for me now, and one I actually can’t be without! xx

  • Ahhhhhh I need the Pixi Glow Tonic, it sounds so good!!!!! These minis are super cuteeeee

    Jasmine |

    • Yes you definitely do Jasmine it’s amazing!! I know so adorable aren’t they!! xx

  • Bethan

    I am a sucker for anything in a mini size! I adore my Effaclar Duo and the Garnier micellar water 🙂

    • I’m exactly the same haha, I love a mini sized product – so cute!! x

  • Love these little minis – I think part of the joy of going away is the ‘awww!’ feeling you get looking at miniature things when you do your skincare routine haha! Loved this post – I had no idea Garnier offer this smaller size. Also going to look into the Vichy Aqualia cream as I’m in need of a night-time moisturiser but don’t want anything too heavy seeing as I have oily skin too!
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

  • I think i need to pick up the mini of the PIXI Glow Tonic! x

    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    • I’ll definitely be picking up the smaller size when they release it – so cute!! x

  • I love this post – such a cute idea! I really want to try the Vichy moisturisers and definitely need to get my hands on the mini Pixi Glow Tonic and Effaclar Duo as they’re two things I can’t be without when I’m travelling xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  • Minis are so amazing! They look absolutely adorable but they’re also really handy for travelling! I wish I could get them more easily where I live! Great post! Xx

  • I absolutely swear by the Garner Micellar water- I love it! Would love to try that benefit eye cream it sounds really good 🙂

  • I do love Benefit skincare, its so underrated. And you cant beat a bit of Vichy either!

    Annabel ?
    Mascara & Maltesers

  • Awe I love minis they’re so cute and handy when it comes to traveling. I usually decant my full size products in travel containers or use my sachets/samples. I am also a big fan of Vichy, LRP and Pixi! Xx

    Alexandra | Glam O’Clock

  • Abi

    I love minis, like you I think they’re so cute and super handy for travelling! I’ve really wanted to get my hands on the Pixi Glow Tonic for ages! Abi | RamblingsofaBlonde

  • Pam Scalfi

    I love samples, they look so cute lined up on my bathroom shelf :p

    I really must try the pixi toner since you love it so much.

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi?

  • I love minis! Next week we’re going on holidays and I was so happy to see a small bottle of the Garnier Micellar Water as I use it every day to remove my makeup but the regular bottle is so big 🙂 x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  • I love the Garnier Micellar Water, it’s one of my favourites! Also I love travel minis 🙂

    Rebecca Coco

  • Eloise Balazs

    lovely post, the pictures are cute its like little babies haha!
    El xox •

    • Thank you El! They’re so cute aren’t they, little baby products!! xx

  • I love the Micellar water. It’s so nice, and refreshing.

    I want to try the Glow tonic but wonder if I will break out 🙁

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  • Klaudia.

    Amazing post! You convinced me to try LRP Effaclar Duo! I love Garnier micellar water too, it’s like pure h2o! xo

    Klaudia //

  • Nia

    Lovely post hun. I’m planning on getting the LRP Effaclar Duo next time I’m at the store. Cannot wait to see if I like it x

  • I was so tempted to buy that box too but I didn’t because the pixi glow tonic was the only thing I really wanted too haha! I haven’t tried it yet though I really am tempted to pick up but atm I have enough toner to take a bath in!!

    Happy birthday too xxx

  • Have fun at the beach and wishing you a marvellous 21st birthday celebration! I love the minis, it’s honestly perfect for travelling. I have been hoarding lots of deluxe samples as well in preparation of our trip back to Malaysia next year.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • I like the idea of travel size items but I hardly get around buying it coz I end up most of the time pouring it into travel size container hee. I have used Benefit it’s potent eye cream before & thoroughly enjoyed using it. Have a wonderful 21st birthday, Emily 🙂 xx

    Hana | Bold-Expression

  • Samileen

    OMG I want that pixi glow tonic, but its a bit expensive 🙁 But a big size travel bottle sounds great thanks for that information I shall check that out..

    Sam || Beautydetour