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Makeup Geek have been on my radar for a little while now, but before 2016 it was rather difficult (and costly) to get your hands on their shadows in the UK. That was until Beauty Bay began to stock them on their site this year, making them more readily available to us British based beauty junkies. I first tried out Makeup Geek when I made a Beauty Bay Haul a few months back, where I ordered 6 individual pans, and pretty much fell in love immediately. The range of different shades available blew my mind, and at £4.95 for the standard pans, or £7.95 for the foiled pans, they seemed rather purse friendly too. From using them for the first time, I was hooked on the incredible formula and since then I’ve headed back to Beauty Bay’s Makeup Geek section plenty of times, and have managed to fill up my palette completely.

Makeup Geek Collection Review Swatches emilyloula blog

I know that, personally, when I was choosing which shades to buy next, blogs were my go to place to see swatches and read about the individual performance of the shadows. So as soon as I filled my palette up, I thought I would write a post, showing you guys which shades I’ve got in my Makeup Geek collection, which are my favourites, and which don’t float my boat quite as much, in the hope that it will help you guys. So, be prepared for a long post, I’ve swatched all of my Makeup Geek eyeshadows for you, and taken a picture of the pans individually with their names so you can get an idea of which would suit you best – I really hope it is helpful!

Makeup Geek Collection Review Swatches emilyloula blog

The palette I use to store my Makeup Geek shadows in, is the Large Create Your Own Palette from CrowdColour, which holds 27 standard sized pans. If you don’t fancy buying a Z Palette, like I didn’t, I really think these are the way to go! You can personalise your palette with absolutely anything you want, which makes them so unique and personal, I absolutely adore mine, and always get loads of compliments on it! I obviously chose to have mine designed with my blog logo, but the possibilities are pretty endless! The large palette retails for £16, which I think is pretty reasonable, and although it is made from hard cardboard, the quality of it is really great and sturdy – I’d definitely recommend!

Makeup Geek Collection Review Swatches emilyloula blog Shimma Shimma Starry Eyed Cinderella Sorbet Confection Petal Pusher Cupcake

Makeup Geek Collection Review Swatches emilyloula blog Shimma Shimma Starry Eyed Cinderella Sorbet Confection Petal Pusher Cupcake Swatch

Shimma Shimma
This was one of my first Makeup Geek shadows, and is one that I regular use in the inner corner of my eyes, or as a brow bone highlight. It’s a gorgeous, shimmery metallic champagne shade, with a really pigmented formula that I just adore.

Starry Eyed – Foiled
I absolutely love Makeup Geeks foiled shadows, which are slightly more expensive than the regular pans, at £7.95 instead of £4.95. I think they’re so worth the extra money, and Starry Eyed is no exception. This is a beautiful, dewy champagne, shimmery shade, that is similar to Shimma Shimma but slightly more pink toned. It’s another shade that I’m a big fan of and that I use all the time, especially as an inner corner highlight, just like Shimma Shimma.

Yet another gorgeous shimmery shade from Makeup Geek is Cinderella. This is one of my newer shades so I haven’t use this one as much yet, but so far I’m loving it. Again, this is incredibly pigmented, and the formula is so smooth, making it easy to blend. It’s a lovely, pale shimmery pink shade that is perfect for the centre of a pretty light pink eye look.

The first matte shade in this line up is Sorbet – a pastel melon pink, which is perfect as an all over lid shade for the base of a simple eye looks. The pigmentation is good, and for a matte shadow, it blends really well.

Another great matte shade that can be used all over the lid as a base, is Confection. This is a light, blush pink that is said to have ‘subtle grey undertones’. This one doesn’t look as pigmented in the swatch above, but it’s actually quite similar to my skin colour so it doesn’t come out as well as I would expect in a photo. Again, this is a nice, pigmented matte shade that I get a lot of use out of.

Petal Pusher
Petal Pusher is another one of my favourite shades, and one I get a lot of use out. This is a beautiful medium rose, with a slight purple undertone, with a matte finish. I love using this as an all over lid shade, and just darkening up the corner slightly. It’s a nice and pigmented matte shade with minimal fall out – one you definitely need in your collection!

As you can see from the swatch above, Cupcake, is a classic medium pink matte shade. It has a really nice, pigmented formula and isn’t chalky at all. I don’t get that much use out of this shade, but only because I haven’t found the perfect way to wear it yet. The formula is definitely great though, as is the shade, I just need to be a bit more experimental!

Makeup Geek Collection Review Swatches emilyloula blog In The Spotlight Beaches and Cream Gold Digger Desert Sands Glamorous Pretentious Taupe Notch

Makeup Geek Collection Review Swatches emilyloula blog In The Spotlight Beaches and Cream Gold Digger Desert Sands Glamorous Pretentious Taupe Notch Swatch

In The Spotlight – Foiled
Another one of Makeup Geeks foiled shadows in my collection, is In The Spotlight. I absolutely love the foiled formula, it is so incredibly smooth, pigmented and literally applies like a dream. It is a soft pink shade, with coral undertones that looks lovely in the inner corner of my eye. If you’re a fan of a coral’y highlight, this could definitely double up as that too!

Beaches and Cream
Beaches and Cream is a fairly new shadow in my collection, but one I have been getting plenty use out of. It’s described as a creamy matte neutral beige with just a hint of peach shade, and makes a perfect transition shade.

Gold Digger
Gold Digger is a true metallic gold shade, which swatches and wears absolutely beautifully. It’s incredibly pigmented, and literally is just gold when you apply it. Gorgeous shade, with a fab formula, great for something a little different.

Desert Sands
Desert Sands is one of the most pigmented matte shades that I’ve tried from Makeup Geek, but unfortunately for me I haven’t gotten much use out of this one just yet. This is again down to me not experimenting, but it is definitely a lovely shade! It’s described as a medium camel brown with warm yellow undertones, which I would say is very true.

Glamorous reminds me quite a lot of Gold Digger, as the formula and shimmer to them is very similar, but Glamorous is much more of a bronze gold, than a true gold. I think I prefer this one to Gold Digger, as for me it’s more wearable, but I am a fan of both! This is said to be a really good dupe for MAC’s Amber Lights, but as I haven’t personally tried it, I wouldn’t be able to comment.

Pretentious is a very unique shade in my collection, and one that I can’t compare to anything else. It’s a deep, yellowy bronze shade that almost looks like precious metals that have been dug up thousands of years later – it’s a kind of dirty metallic shade. Really smooth formula and the colour pay off with this one is amazing.

Taupe Notch
As the name suggests, Taupe Notch, is a classic taupe shade, with a slight cool plum undertone, and a satin finish. For me, it’s the perfect crease shade, and a shadow from my Makeup Geek collection that I use quite often.

Makeup Geek Collection Review Swatches emilyloula blog Frappe Latte Cosmopolitan Goddess Cocoa Bear Roulette Grandstand

Makeup Geek Collection Review Swatches emilyloula blog Frappe Latte Cosmopolitan Goddess Cocoa Bear Roulette Grandstand Swatch

Frappe is probably one of my most used brown shades in my palette, I find it perfect for deepening up the outer corner of my eye, or lightly dusting in the crease. Described as a medium, warm toned caramel matte brown, is nice and pigmented, and blends out well, love this one.

Latte is often compared to Frappe, as they are quite similar shades, but I think that Latte is cooler, and has much more of a neutral tone than Frappe. I personally prefer Frappe, as I think it blends out just a teeny bit better than Latte. However, I love them both, and get plenty of use out of both of the shades, so I would recommend both, but if you’re after just the one, I would say to go with Frappe.

Cosmopolitan is described by Makeup Geek as a rose gold with gold flecks and a shimmery finish. I absolutely love this shade, it really is beautiful, especially when worn all over the lid as the shimmer makes it looks rather multidimensional. The quality of this shadow is amazing, it almost reminds me of MUG’s more expensive, foiled line, as it’s so smooth, pigmented and the pay off is fantastic, I would definitely recommend this one!

Goddess is another regular Makeup Geek shadow that reminds me of their foiled line, as the formula really is that great. It’s a slight metallic pale copper shade, that again looks insanely beautiful once applied, it’s one of my absolute favourites, and another that I would highly recommend purchasing

Cocoa Bear
A highly raved about shade that many people love, is the gorgeous Cocoa Bear, and for good reason. This is a warn, reddy toned brown that is beautiful as part of a brown smokey eye. Like many of the Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans in this post, this shade is nice and pigmented and blends well – do you see a theme here..?

Another favourite of mine would have to be Roulette, which is described by MUG as a rosy, burnt sienna with a silky, shimmery finish. The formula of this is amazing, yet again, and is super buttery and smooth and applies like a dream.

Grandstand – Foiled
If I had to choose one favourite from all of my Makeup Geek shadows, it would have to be Grandstand. The formula of this is incredible – it’s so pigmented, swatches and applies beautifully. I’ve found the best way to really get the shade to translate to your eye is to apply with your finger, and then blend out with a brush. It’s a beautiful rose gold shade, with slight taupe undertones, and it’s one that I use on such a regular basis, by applying it in the centre of my eye and blending out for an absolutely gorgeous eye look. Definite favourite and 100% would recommend this one to everyone!

Makeup Geek Collection Review Swatches emilyloula blog Brownie Points Homecoming Sensuous Mesmerized Steampunk Cherry Cola Prom Night Ritzy

Makeup Geek Collection Review Swatches emilyloula blog Brownie Points Homecoming Sensuous Mesmerized Steampunk Cherry Cola Prom Night Ritzy Swatch

Brownie Points
Brownie Points is one of Makeup Geek’s newer shades and is described by them as a cool milk chocolate with a matte finish – a statement I definitely agree with. It’s the perfect typical cool brown that you need in a palette, and it’s one that I use quite a lot of the time.

Just look at the swatch for this one – isn’t is gorgeous?! Another medium brown shade in my collection, but this time with an absolutely beautiful gold shimmer running through it. This is another shade that almost feels as if it should be from the foiled line, as the quality of the shadow is incredible. It has been said that this is a dupe for MAC’s Patina, but again, as I haven’t tried any of MAC’s shadows I wouldn’t be able to personally compare. However, this is one of my favourite Makeup Geek shadows, and is another I would add to my recommend list.

Sensuous is another shade that is unique in my collection, it’s just so pretty! I would describe it as a lovely, shimmery purple that has tiny flecks of gold and silver running through it. It’s not the most pigmented out of all the shades I have, but none the less, it still looks amazing once applied, so I wouldn’t let that put you off!

Mesmerized – Foiled
As this is another of Makeup Geek’s foiled shadows, the formula on this one is second to none. As usual, it’s incredibly pigmented, smooth, silky and applies beautifully. Out of all the foiled shadows I own, this is probably the one I get the least use out of, purely because of the shade. I haven’t quite worked out the best way to wear this yet, as purple’s aren’t very ‘me’, but I’m going to keep trying as I know I will love it!

Steampunk – Duochrome
Steampunk is the darkest shade in my collection, and one that I didn’t think I would get much use out of, but boy was I wrong. This is my go to shade for a night out to darken up the corners of my eyes for a smokey look. Steampunk is one of Makeup Geek’s duochrome shades, so its multidimensional, and looks different in different lights, which I love. It’s described as a blue-black base with rich copper reflects, which I would absolutely agree with. It’s unlike any other shade I own, and I just love it for something that’s a bit different and snazzy for a night out.

Cherry Cola
Cherry Cola is one of my favourite shades in my Makeup Geek collection, as it’s quite different than a lot of the shades I own in palettes elsewhere. However, the formula of this isn’t my favourite by a long way. As you can see from the swatch above, the swatch is lacking pigmentation in some areas, is a bit drier and patchy, and for me it just doesn’t blend out as well as some of the others, which is a shame as I love the colour so much. Maybe I just got an off one..? I kind of hope so, because the shade is so beautiful, it’s just the formula that lets it down for me!

Prom Night
Prom Night is a really lovely shade, and one that isn’t comparable to any other shade I have in my collection. It’s a silvery-taupe shade, with lilac undertones. Such a beautiful shade, and the formula and quality of this one is second to none.

Ritzy- Duochrome
Ritzy is another one of Makeup Geeks Duochrome shadows, but I haven’t managed to get much use out of this one as I think it’s a little bit of a strange shade. Dsecribed as a warm red brown base, with green and gold flecks, it’s a shade that is unlike anything else I own. Since it’s another duochrome shade, it changes slightly in different lights, but it’s the green hint to it that puts me off using it more often. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an absolutely beautiful shade that I would love to use more often, but it’s slightly outside my comfort zone.


Phewwwww, so there we have it! Those are all of my Makeup Geek shadows, swatches of them, and my thoughts on them individually! I really hope that this post was helpful, as it took me absolutely ages to put together! Overall, if you hadn’t guessed I’m a massive fan of Makeup Geek eyeshadows, they’re definitely my favourites in my entire collection, and I know I will only continue to buy more!

Have you tried Makeup Geek shadows before? If so, which are your favourites? Are any of the shades from this post catching your eye? As always, I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments, and thank you so much for reading – I really appreciate it! 

 emily x

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