Review & Swatches: Makeup Revolution Lip Hugs

Last month I made a rather large Makeup Revolution order, (you can read my haul post here) which included loads of goodies that had been on my wishlist for a while. At the top of this said wishlist, was their #LipHugs, which I had been so excited to try for sometime. I managed to get my hands on five of these Lip Hugs, which I’ll review and swatch for you today.
makeup revolution lip hug review swatches

makeup revolution lip hug review swatches

I ordered 4 shades – Insatiable, To Get Lucky, Save Me From Yourself & Love Can Set You Free. Makeup Revolution also had an offer on at the time, of a huge free gift, which also included another Lip Hug, in the shade I Think You’re Amazing.

Firstly, how gorgeously packaged are these lipsticks? I absolutely love the way Makeup Revolution have done it, they look so sleek and pricey, you’d never guess they only retail for £2.50! I love that the quirky names of the shades are on the bottom, so if you own multiples you can tell which one is which without having to open them all.

makeup revolution lip hug review swatches

I’m super impressed with the creamy formula of these liphugs – even more so for the price. They apply really nicely, without tugging at the lips at all and are super easy to wear. They’re incredibly hydrating and leave a gorgeous sheen finish on the lips, and with 20 different shades, there is one (or more) for everyone.

As these are a more moisturising, sheen formula the staying power isn’t exactly the best, but it’s what I would expect from this type of lip product. I would say I got about 3 hours of wear from these, which doesn’t bother me at all as I actually enjoy re-applying lip products.

makeup revolution lip hug review swatches

As you can see from my swatches, I Think You’re Amazing & Save Me From Yourself are very similar shades – I wouldn’t say you needed to pick up both.I Think You’re Amazing was my free shade, so I can’t complain that they’re very alike, just means I can have them both in different handbags! My favourite shade from the ones I picked up is Love Can Set You Free, which is a gorgeous nude pinky mauve colour, perfect for everyday wear.

makeup revolution lip hug swatches love can set you free insatiable to get lucky i think you're amazing save me from yourself

I haven’t stopped using these Lip Hugs since I got them, I honestly think they’re amazing – I really need to pick up some other shades! What do you think of these? Have you tried any lip products from Makeup Revolution?

emily x

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  • These look amazing. I love all the shades.

    Jenn |

    • They’re really great – such gorgeous shades! x

  • Oh I bought some of these and completely forgot about them until now! I ought to dig them out and give them a try x

    • You should definitely dig them out and give them a try! Which shades did you get? x

      • I got ‘I wasnt mixed up’ which is a purple shade and ‘want to leave?’ Which is a bright fuschia. I got the purple one for winter lol – bit late now haha!! x

  • I bought a few of these and they are sooo creamy I just love them. I was super surprised that they came in a box too.. How can they product these amazing items for a teeny £2.50!! Love it.


    • I completely agree! I would say at even £5 from Makeup Revolution it would be a good deal for these! I absolutely love them x

  • I have couple of these #LipHugs and they are really comfortable on the lips, not the greatest staying power but for such a low price I don’t expect miracles 🙂 Love the shade ‘love can set you free’ 🙂 x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    • Totally agree with you about the staying power, but exactly – £2.50 is a total bargain!! x

  • Mademoiselle Lala

    These look as easy and wearable shades, very nice!

    • They’re really lovely shades that are very wearable! Thanks for stopping by x

  • These products sound amazing, especially for the price! I love the shade ‘to get lucky’!


    • They are so amazing, it’s hard to believe that they’re only £2.50! Me too – it’s so gorgeous! x

  • Love can set you free is my favourite lipstick at the moment! x
    Emma |

    • That’s my favourite shade too – it’s so wearable! x

  • I’ve never tried this brand but looks great! Love the nudes.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

    • I would definitely recommend giving them a go if you can, they’re such a bargain and the products are of such high quality! x

  • I’ve heard so much about Makeup Revolution, but never tried them! This post might be the push I need to try them. The swatches are gorgeous and such a bargain!

    • Makeup Revolution are fab, and definitely becoming one of my favourite brands! Would definitely urge you to pick something up if you can! xx

  • Love Can Set You Free is my favourite shade from this lineup too. I might pick up some of these Lip Hug lipsticks, as I don’t have enough moistursing lipsticks in my collection at all and these are brilliant for the price!
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

    • It’s such a gorgeous shade isn’t it? So wearable! If you’re looking for moisturising lipsticks I would definitely give these a try, they’re fab! x

  • dannifred

    i’ve been hearing a lot about makeup revolution but i’m not sure if we have it here, all the colors look lovely!

    • If you do have Makeup Revolution around you I would definitely recommend picking something up from them, everything I’ve tried I have loved! x

  • These look fa more expensive than they are, the packaging is lovely. Gorgeous shades as well!

    Annabel ?
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • They definitely do look more expensive – they don’t feel cheap at all either. Thanks for reading! x

  • I love that the shades are so wearable! These look so so amazing. Great review! I really want to pick up more from Makeup Revolution.
    Ivory Avenue

    • The shades are all really wearable and feel so lovely on! Would definitely recommend picking some up if you can! Thank you love xx

  • gorgeous shades! must try a few of these x

    cat // je suis cat

    • You should definitely try some if you can – they’re amazing! x

  • I love Makeup Revolution! This lipsticks look amazing too, must pick them up!

    Nicole |

    • Me too – they’re such a fab brand aren’t they! Definitely would recommend these!! x

  • The lip hugs look amazing, and I love the packaging I have to agree looks so sleek 🙂 Insatiable looks like such a gorgeous shade! 🙂 I definitely need to try these out – fab review 🙂

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    • They are amazing – I’m so impressed with them. Would definitely recommend picking some up if you can! Thanks Charlee xx

  • OOh these look really good 🙂 Insatiable looks like a gorgeous shade – definitely one I would go for. I’m the worst at re-applying lipsticks so i generally go for a longer wearing one but the price of these is so affordable 🙂 x

    Brenda BusyBee | Makeup Revolution Highlighting Palettes Giveaway

    • They are so gorgeous aren’t they! I love re-applying my lipstick – no idea why haha!! Yeah exactly for £2.50 they’re very affordable! x

  • Despite hearing a lot about these, I’m still yet to give them a whirl. All 5 look so pretty (great that you got one for free:) ), but I’d have to agree with you that ‘Love Can Set You Free’ is the favourite – love the shade names too! 🙂


    • I would definitely recommend giving them a try if you can – especially for £2/50 they’re a steal! The names are so adorable aren’t they! x

  • Make up rev seem to being really killing it lately! I LOOOOVE the cute names!


    • They really have been! I’m such a big fan! The names are adorable aren’t they! x

  • I’m a huge fan of Makeup Revolution, but I’ve never tried anything from their Lip Hugs collection. The colours look gorgeous though and they have really catchy names. 🙂

    Olivia x
    Beauty from the Fjord

    • Me too – Makeup Rev are fantastic aren’t they! I’d definitely recommend giving one a try next time you get anything from them! x

  • Oh these look really lovely! I’ve never tried these lip hugs before but now I really want to xx

    Gemma ? | Miss Makeup Magpie

    • You should definitely give them a try Gemma – they’re fab! xx

  • All of the colours look amazing! I have got to purchase them!!

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    • You should definitely give them a try – they’re amazing! x

  • I am loving these also, I have one (the shade I can’t remember) but I love the formula of these so much, I have to pick up some more soon 🙂 xx

    Pams Stuff and Things

    • They’re great aren’t they Pam! I definitely need to pick up some more shades too – so wearable! x

  • All colours look gorgeous! Insasiable has to be my favourite. It actually looks like one of my current favourite by Max Factor. xx


  • You bought really gorgeous shades! I love To Get Lucky the most, that shade is really pretty!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Such gorgeous shades aren’t they! To Get Lucky looks amazing on! x

  • rae

    I have never tried makeup revolution but these colors are so beautiful and your product description sounds like these are great lippies!

    Rae | love from berlin

    • I love Makeup Revolution – would definitely recommend giving them a go if you can! xx

  • Gorgeous lipticks! The shades are amazing and the price is also a steal! To get lucky and Love can set you free are both my favourite shades!

    • They are gorgeous aren’t they! Such a bargain for £2.50! x

  • Packaging packaging packaging! So on point and great for the price! Need to my hands on these! X

    Chilled summer evening look over at-

    • I agree – they’re gorgeous aren’t they, even more so for £2.50! Would definitely recommend xx

  • These are stunning!!! I so badly want to get my hands on MR!! Need to ship them all the way to South Africa though

    • They’re lovely aren’t they! Oh that’s not good! Hopefully they’ll become more readily available around you! xx

  • Priyanka

    These colors are gorgeous! I just bought a set of lippies from them as well but haven’t gotten around to playing with them. I think I’m gonna buy this set next time I place an order!

  • I have the “love can set you free” and mine looks a lot warmer than yours, maybe mine is off? I also have “I wasn’t mixed up” wich is a bright purple. I love how these feel on the lips but I’m not a fan of the scent or taste of these. But I can look past it, because they are really comfortable to Wear.

    • Oh that’s weird that your shade is much warmer than mine, maybe it’s mine that’s off – who knows haha! I haven’t actually noticed the scent of these I have to say, so I’m going to have to give them a sniff later on haha! They’re so comfortable to wear aren’t they – and so affordable! x

      • No I think it’s mine that’s off. Because I’ve seen it swatched many times now, and none of the Pictures looks like mine hehe. Maybe it also has something to do with how fair and cool toned I am, not sure. They definately are a bargain. Have you tried the new-ish Iconic pro lippies? I really like them 🙂 I think most people will enjoy the scent, but it just reminds me of something I don’t like, I have no clue what exactly that is though hehe. The Iconic pro lipsticks have the same scent, but milder.

        • I’ve heard so much about the Iconic Pro lipsticks, and want to try them so badly! They’ll definitely be within my next haul I think! Any favourite shades you think I should get? xx

          • You are welcome to have a look at my blog, I reviewed 2 of them a few days ago, I only have 2, as I wanted to test them out, before getting a bunch of them. The 2 I have are “you’re a star” and “absolutely flawless” They are quite similar really. But one is more of a pinky nude and the other more beigey Brown nude. I definately need to try some reds 🙂

  • i really loved the shades they all look gorgeous I actually am so happy i came across your site because i am the makeup revo. site right now putting in my order and had to google swatches. xoxo-C

  • Rose S

    The “to get lucky” shade looks gorgeous! I’m always looking for new lipsticks and I’m definetly getting that one! 🙂

  • so my colors! gorgeous 🙂

  • Amazing quality for the price x Just added few to my cart 😛 Naughty me !

    • They’re really lovely, especially for the price yes! Ooo did you? Which ones did you pick up, good on you haha!! xx

  • I LOVE these shades! There so nice for winter now it’s here!! Xx