My Makeup Storage & Dressing Table Set Up

One of my favourite blog posts to read, and videos to watch on YouTube are people’s makeup storage, their makeup collection or how they organise their dressing table. I’m definitely a nosey person, so I love nothing more than having a peak into other people’s set up, how they do things and how their storage works, as everyone is different and you can often get some great ideas from others. So today, I thought I would do my own post, on my makeup storage and my dressing table set up as I realised I’ve never talked about it here on emilyloula, but it’s definitely my favourite place at home.

Makeup Storage Dressing Table emilyloula

Makeup Storage Dressing Table emilyloula

Makeup Storage Dressing Table emilyloula

I spend a lot of time sat here, as I use it both as a desk for blogging and for a dressing table, as well as storing a lot of my makeup and beauty products here too. The desk itself is unlike the classic blogger cliché of a big white IKEA dressing table, but instead is made from a rustic solid hard wood, which ties in with the rest of my bedroom furniture (you can see my room tour here). My dad attached a mirror to the wall behind, and stained the frame the same shade as the wood, and also added a floating shelf above, with a strip light hidden away underneath.

On the left of my dressing table, we have my magnifying mirror which I bought from Matalan for about £6 a while back. I took it apart, spray painted some of the sections gold, and put it back together – it definitely looks a lot better now than it did before! The bottom of the mirror can be used to keep some little bits on, currently my mini Beauty Blenders live here, along with a few of my blog business cards (snazzy huh?). Next to my mirror, I have a little gold spotted toothbrush holder that I picked up from ASDA for about £2, this holds my smaller makeup brushes, some nail files and a few lip liners that I use often.

Makeup Storage Dressing Table Lipsticks emilyloula

Every beauty addict like myself has their weakness, for a lot of people it’s eyeshadows but for me, it’s definitely lipsticks. I actually find it hard to help myself when I walk into a shop and see rows of pretty lipsticks all lined up, I just want to swatch them all, and I usually do. Leaving the shop with brightly coloured swatches in various directions up and down my hand, and a lipstick (or two…) in tow, I’m feeling considerably happier than when I walked in.

I like to keep my lipsticks on top of my dressing table, so not only is it easy for me to pick one when I’m getting ready, but also because I love to keep my collection on show. I have three separate acrylic lipstick holders here, the two at the further end each hold 24 lipsticks and were only £2.06 each from Amazon here. Absolute bargain, but they did take a really long time to arrive, and two out of the three I ordered actually came slightly cracked, as you can see in the photo above. The third holder, which is of much better quality, I bought from eBay for £5.98 here, and can be used to hold various other things as well as lipsticks. I originally stored tissues in one of the sections, along with cotton buds but I replaced those with some of my Revlon ColorBurst Balms (review & swatches) & Rimmel’s Apocalips and I think it works much better. At the front we have my favourite ever lipsticks – KIKO’s Velvet Satin Mat’s (review & swatches) as they’re too big to fit in my other lipstick holders – aren’t they beautiful?! Some other noteable lipsticks I have here are a few from Chanel and Illamasqua, as well as Benefit’s Tinted Balms (review & swatches) and Makeup Revolution’s Lip Hugs (review & swatches). The lipsticks in these holders are my favourite, and most used lipsticks but I also have more lip products in my drawer, as well as inside the ‘Lips’ box I keep on my shelf. 

Makeup Storage Dressing Table Pefumes emilyloula

In the corner of my dressing table, I have this cake stand which I repurposed into some more beauty storage. I originally bought a plain, two tiered china cake stand from Matalan for £3.00 in their sale, but decided I wanted to jazz it up a bit. I bought some gold porcelain paint and painted a (not so neat) rim around the plates, as well as spray painting the handle and centre fitting gold to match. This cake stand is now home to some of my favourite perfumes, including Jimmy Choo’s Blossom, Diesel’s Loverdose & Prada’s Candy Florale. On the top tier we have a little espresso mug that I got from My Little Box with an uplifting quote – ‘How is your day gonna be?’. This holds my Tweezerman tweezers, a pair of nail scissors, a little Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, some perfume samples as well as some nail and eyelash glue. Next to this, I have a cute little heart egg cup that I purchased for a couple of pounds in the sale after Valentines Day in Sainsbury’s (can you tell I love a bargain?!). I use this to store my Beauty Blender, as I like to use it when damp, but don’t want to store it away in a drawer or somewhere in case it get’s mouldy, so this allows it to air dry. At the back of the cake stand are also some miniature hand creams and hand sanitizers, as well as a few hair clips, which are always handy to have close by.

To the left we have the ultimate blogger cliché in the form of an IKEA plant pot being used to store my makeup brushes. I picked one of these up as it’s the perfect size to hold the majority of my brushes and was only £2 (you can find it here). Underneath the pot, I have a little floral dish which belonged to my late nan, so I like to keep that on my dressing table too. It holds lots of little odds and sods such as some plasters, random spare change, and the notoriously elusive iPhone sim removal tool.

Makeup Storage Dressing Table emilyloula

On the shelf above my dressing table, I have some more acrylic storage, as well as four boxes that I use to store the overflow of makeup and skincare that doesn’t fit anywhere else. These boxes were another purchase from IKEA, they’re made from cardboard and are flat packed so you have to put them together, but they’re an absolute bargain and are around £1.50 per box. I originally bought these a few months ago but with makeup fingers they got mucky pretty quickly – being flat white and all. So when my sister went to IKEA, she very kindly picked me up some more, but this time before I put them together, I painted them in a clear protective gloss. This means that they don’t get even nearly as messy, and when they do they wipe clean really easily – a much better solution!

Makeup Storage Dressing Table emilyloula

I have four separate boxes – Lips, Eyes, Face & Skin, all of which are filled up with over flow products from their respective category that I love to rummage through time to time. I took down my ‘Eyes’ and ‘Face’ boxes just to give you a glimpse of what’s inside them. As I’m sure you’re aware by now, I do like to blabber on, so I’m not going to talk about all the different items in these boxes as we could be here all week, but if there’s anything you’d like me to go through in a separate post, I’d be more than happy to! As you can see, both boxes are fairly full and contain a serious range of items that I’ve just tossed into them at some point. The ‘Eyes’ box contains everything from single eyeshadows, to little palettes, various mascaras, brow products, fake eyelashes, primers – the lot.

Makeup Storage Dressing Table emilyloula

Next to these boxes on my shelf I have this rather large acrylic makeup storage organiser which I picked up from Home Bargains for about £5. I haven’t seen it in there since, and their website isn’t great for products found in store, but I did find it on Amazon here for £12.98, which I still think is a great price for this. At the back I’ve stood up some of my most used eyeshadow palettes, including Cargo’s Vintage Escape, Makeup Revolution’s Naked Chocolate & an old Estee Lauder palette. I’ve also got a few more offerings from Makeup Revolution here including their Ultra Blush Palette (review & swatches), their gorgeous highlighter palette and their new Ultra Contour palette stacked. Stashed away in here, I’ve got some baked products from E.L.F (associated haul here), as well as KIKO’s Top Pairs Blush (review & swatches) and Bourjois’ Delice De Poudre Bronzer Duo. In front of these I’ve got two bareMinerals foundations – the Original SPF 15 version alongside the matte version, which I don’t reach for nearly as often. Next to this pair I have Vita Liberia’s Self Tanning Bronzer, which I love to use to give myself a subtle sun kissed look which actually stays put. Right at the front, I’ve got various samples sat in the little sections, including a perfume from Clinique, some eyelash enhancers, three mini samples of Benefit’s High Beam, along with a deluxe sample of BeneTint and LolliTint and luminizing gel from Jelly Pong Pong.

On the other side at the back I keep various foundations and base products such as CC or BB creams. A few to mention here are Benefit’s Hello Flawless Foundation, Wild About Beauty’s Golden Skin Glow, Caudalie’s Vinoperfect Tinted Moisturiser and Vichy’s Dermablend Foundation. At the front, we have various different productions that don’t necessarily fit into a category. I’ve got a few pressed powders stacked in the corner, such as Maybelline’s Matte Maker and Soap & Glory’s Solar Powder Bronzer, both of which I reach for quite often. At the front you can see a three little glass pots, each with a beautiful rose gold lid. These were from Illamasqua’s Embellish Eye Trio, featuring a Precision Gel Liner, a Vintage Metallix cream eyeshadow and a Precision Brow Gel, all three of which I love. Dotted in this section I also have Benefit’s Fake Up Concealer, and PoreFessional primer along with two Bobbi Brown gel liners and a My Little Beauty Complexion Enhancer.

Makeup Storage Dressing Table emilyloula

Inside my actual desk, I have a shelf at the bottom, along with a single drawer and a small cupboard. I use the cupboard to store my hair products, body lotions, toiletries such as deodorants and sprays, as well as various face masks and some bigger skincare items. I didn’t want to get into that today as this post is already super long, but if you’d like to see a separate post about that, let me know and I’d be more than happy to get one up! When sitting at my dressing table, this drawer is exactly to my right, so it’s perfect for storing things that I use quite often. At the very back of the drawer, we have an old GlossyBox box, which is filled with my most used necklaces. On top of here sits one of my all time favourite makeup items – Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O’ Blushes which is a tin filled with six of Benefit’s powdered blushes and a cream highlighter. I get a lot of use out of this palette as it contains some of my favourite products including Hoola, Rockateur & Bella Bamba. Next to this we have a couple of various packets of face wipes, which I don’t use that often, but they’re always good to have to hand for any makeup mishaps.

The dividers in my drawer are from IKEA but are actually marketed as a hanging storage solution, however they fit perfectly in here and really help to organise the space. What’s inside the longer storage section on the side, changes quite regularly, but at the moment it’s housing Vichy’s Dermablend Setting Powder, Makeup Revolutions Oil Fixing Control Spray, Benefit’s They’re Real Remover & some other little bits I reach for regularly such as bareMinerals Concealer and Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Lip Balm. In the next section across I keep some of my smaller lip products that I also reach for fairly often. These include Maybelline’s Colour Drama Lipsticks, a few Clinique Chubby Sticks, some NYX butter glosses and other random glossy or balm type products. In the last little IKEA storage section, I keep my favourite cream eyeshadows – Maybelline’s Colour Tattoo’s (review & swatches) as well as a few of Max Factor’s Creme Puff Blushes, which I absolutely adore. Down the side of these compartments are a few little bits including a mini Garnier Micellar Water, a hair perfume and heat protector from Hairy Jane and a gorgeous bronzer from the new brand Bagsy.

Last, but by all means not least, the final item in my dressing table drawer is my makeup bag, which contains all sorts of fabulous products that will take me from looking like a zombie that has just risen the dead, to actually being remotely presentable. My makeup bag itself is from Benefit, and as you can see it fits perfectly within my drawer, and it actually holds a lot of products inside. I keep the items that I use most often to do my makeup in this bag, as it’s easy to grab and go if I need to. You can take a quick peek into my makeup bag in my post here, or if you’d like to read a little more in depth about it, I wrote a guest post for Charlee over on her gorgeous blog here.

So that’s about it for my makeup storage and my dressing table set up – sorry for the super long post but there was quite a lot to get through! I do have some more beauty and skincare storage downstairs in the Office in a cupboard which my parents dedicated to my forever growing stash, but the more interesting items are definitely up here. I also have a big laundry basket which I have christened my blogging box, this holds any PR samples I may have, or any makeup I need to test out, and take photos of. My current makeup storage is working great for me at the moment, but I’m always open to new ideas, so if you’ve written a post like this, I’d love for you to link me to it in the comments!

What do you think of my makeup storage and dressing table? Have you got any ideas for me? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, and thank you so much for reading!

emily x

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