My Little Frenchie Box Review

Another late review of My Little Box today (sorry!), this time it’s My Little Frenchie Box from February in the UK. The situation is the same as the My Little Energy Box post (which is here), I stashed this one away, ready to blog about it but completely forgot. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to order this exact box now, so sorry about that, but hopefully this review will give you a taste of some of the previous boxes, that my Little Box have delivered.

My Little Frenchie Box ReviewIf you’re not familiar with My Little Box (you should be – it’s fab). It’s a subscription box that was born in France, which each month delivers you a box with a whole new theme. They each contain lifestyle, beauty and tech goodies along with some bits from their personal artist, and their own beauty line for £11 per month (plus P&P).

I’ve been subscribed to My Little Box since September, which was the first time it launched in the UK, and I have to say I have absolutely no plans to cancel my subscription, it’s by far my favourite subscription box and it delivers quality and amazing items every single month. The themed boxes I’ve had are ParisienneDVF, Cosy, Fleur De Force, Energy and now Frenchie.

My Little Frenchie Box contained;

  • A Little Pot of Messages
  • My Little Box Print
  • My Little Smartphone Case
  • Complexion Enhancer by My Little Beauty
  • Super Liner Brow Artist Plumper by L’Oreal
  • DHC Blotting Paper
  • Terrybly Khol Pencil By Terry

My Little Frenchie Box Review ContentsThe first thing I noticed in the box was a little glass jar labelled ‘Les Petits Mots D’ines’ which I think roughly translates to ‘The Small Words’ although don’t quote me on that… Inside are 28 tiny rolled up messages meant to brighten your day. The one I picked out this morning was, “Elegance is a reflection of your personality. It has nothing to do with the way you dress”. I do think this is a really nice addition to the box that could potentially brighten your day. Will I get any use out of it? Not really… but it’s cute!

My Little Frenchie Box QuotesNext up is the A5 print which was designed by Little Box’s illustrator, Kanako. Each month you’ll receive a different print, which so far have all been gorgeous. This one has the quote “Life is never what it seems – and that’s the great thing about it” by Ines de La Fressange. You can also turn the print over to read more about the elegant French Icon.

Each month subscribers also get a little magazine ‘My Little World’ which comes with various makeup, hair and nail tips, along with some special features, this month about Paris.

My Little Frenchie Box Review PrintMy Little Smartphone Case | RRP £16

The most exciting part of this box (for me definitely) was the smartphone case. It’s the perfect size for my iPhone and the front compartment is great for some change, cards or a pair of headphones. It feels really well made, and it’s something I will get a lot of use out of, plus its super cute.

My Little Frenchie Box Review Phone CaseEach month you also get a little fabric drawstring bag which normally contains 3 beauty items, but this month I was excited to see 4.

DHC Blotting Paper | £4.00 for 100 sheets

I was very happy to see some blotting paper in the bag, as an oily forehead come 5 o’clock is a daily battle for me. These are packaged in such an adorable way, and it dispenses one at a time for you, meaning it stays neat and they don’t all get crinkled in the bottom of your bag. With 100% hemp fibres, they are meant to be more effective than synthetic alternatives and will help to mattify your complexion, keeping a shiny face under control. These are going into my handbag right now.

my little frenchie box uk review beauty contentsComplexion Enhancer by My Little Beauty | RRP £9.50

The last thing in the little bag is from My Little Box’s own beauty range which so far I’ve really been impressed with. This enhancer contains anti-oxidant rich edelweiss extracts to protect your skin, as well as Apricot Kernel oil which will bring your skin ‘back to life’. It’s a gorgeous pinky coral shade, with a really lightweight texture that sinks into my skin nicely, leaving me looking glowing and definitely more awake. I’m looking forward to using this in the summer much more.

my little frenchie box uk review dhc blotting enhancer beautySuper Liner Brow Artist Plumper by L’Oreal Paris | Full Size RRP £5.99

This year I, like many others, have become a lot more ‘involved’ with my brows so another product to add to my collection is always welcome. This claims to have tiny plumping fibres but I have to say I haven’t noticed these. It comes in three different shades, and I received the transparent one so it’s more for setting your brows rather than colouring. The formula isn’t sticky at all, and it doesn’t dry hard or make your brows crusty looking. I love the small precision tip brush, it reminds me of Benefit’s Gimme Brow but slightly larger. I’ve been looking for a new gel to set my brows so this will definitely come in handy.

my little frenchie box uk review by terry kohl terrybly eyeliner loreal brow plumperTerrybly Khol Pencil, By Terry Full Size | RRP £23

As a big eyeliner fan, and always on the lookout for ‘the one’ I was especially pleased to see this in the box. It’s meant to be waterproof and smudgeproof – which are impressive claims. But I’ve done some testing with this and to say I’m impressed is an understatement, it literally doesn’t budge. It’s super soft and doesn’t tug at all when applying. The colour is the most gorgeous thing, but so hard to describe. It’s a black liner with a bronzey undertone and tiny specks of golden glitter. The picture doesn’t do it justice at all, it’s not something I would usually pick up but I’m actually in love. A full size item is great to see in a box, especially when it’s worth more than the box alone. I’m definitely going to be getting a lot of use out of this.

my little frenchie box uk review swatches complexion enhancer by terry kohl terryblyThis month’s box was worth over £60, which is amazing value and I will use everything except for the jar of notes, although I may repurpose the jar, any ideas into what?

As always I’ve been really impressed with My Little Box, every month they pull out all the stops to provide a really great box. Let me know your thoughts on February’s box!

emily x

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