My Little Provence Box Review

Since they launched in the UK last September, My Little Box have taken the subscription service world by storm, and have become my definite favourite box in their genre. Each month they send out a beautifully designed box, containing both beauty and lifestyle items that fit with the theme of the month. May has bought us the ‘My Little Provence Box’, which is based on the beautiful region in South France, and also happens to be the birth place of the well known brand L’Occitane. My Little Provence Box Review May 2015 UK emilyloula

Due to the theme being My Little Provence box, it would only make sense that L’Occitane have been featured, and this month we’ve got 4 mini products from them, as well as a beauty item from My Little Beauty and two additional lifestyle items.

This month’s My Little Provence Box included;

> Embroidery Cuff | My Little Corner
> My Little Doll Magnets | My Little Corner
> Mer & Mistral Shower Gel | L’Occitane
> Roses et Reines Hand & Nail Cream | L’Occitane
> Verbena Body Lotion | L’Occitane
> Verbena Leaf Soap | L’Occitane
> The Amazing Pencil My Little Beauty | L’Occitane

My Little Provence Box Review May 2015 UK emilyloula
My Little Provence Box Review May 2015 UK emilyloula

Embroidery Cuff | My Little Corner

RRP £15, available here
Anything gold is right up my street. so I was excited to see this cuff within this months My Little Provence Box. I have really chunky wrists so I was pleasantly surprised to find that this actually fitted me, which is normally a rarity. The aim of this cuff is that you weave the coloured thread into it to customise your band, but I personally like it plain, as it is. I may actually pick up some white thread though and try it with that, as I’m not really the biggest fan of blue. For anyone who loves jewellery and craft, this will be just perfect.

My Little Provence Box Review May 2015 UK emilyloula

My Little Doll Magnets | My Little Corner

RRP £6, available here
Along with the cuff, the My Little Provence Box also included another lifestyle item in the form of these adorable doll magnets. You can mix and match what the doll is wearing and also add some little french accessories to the look. Honestly, I’m not sure that I will get any use out of them, but they’re cute and I’m sure they’ll be to a lot of people’s tastes.

My Little Provence Box Review May 2015 UK emilyloula

The Amazing Pencil | My Little Beauty

Received Full Sized Item | RRP £9 for 1.5g available here
Recently I’ve really fallen in love with eyeshadow sticks so I was delighted to see this within the box. It’s the most gorgeous metallic brown shade and I already know I will get a lot of use out of this. It’s super creamy and blends out really nicely and is perfect for a lazy yet beautiful eye look. I’ve been impressed with everything that I’ve had from My Little Beauty before, and this ‘Amazing Pencil’ is no exception, I love it.

My Little Provence Box Review May 2015 UK emilyloulaVerbena Leaf Soap | L’Occitane

Received 25g Sample | RRP £4.50 for 75g, available here
I was really intrigued when I saw a facial soap in this month’s My Little Provence box as I’m all about trying new cleansers recently, especially those in soap form – Sebamed’s Cleansing bar being my favourite (review here). First of all, this smells absolutely incredible, and exactly like sherbet lemons, giving out a really fresh scent when it’s used. However that’s really when my praises end for this soap. It says that it acts as a scrub although I couldn’t detect any actual granules doing anything for my skin. It also states that it’s creamy and has a really soft formula but I wouldn’t describe it as creamy – I think it has more of a light milky texture. I found that it left my skin feeling rather tight and squeaky clean, which isn’t something that I like from a cleanser so I think I’ll give this one a miss next time. Sorry L’Occtaine, I’m not impressed with this one.

Roses et Reines Hand & Nail Cream | L’Occitane

Received 10ml Sample | RRP £14 for 75ml, available here
I’ve only become a fan of hand creams recently but L’Occitane are by far my favourite brand that I’ve tried. These tiny hand and nail creams are the perfect size to keep in the bottom of your handbag, on your desk on in your glove compartment in the car. I have quite a few dotted around, so I was happy to receive another one to add to my collection, especially in this gorgeous rose scent. After using this cream, my hands are left feeling really soft, but without any greasiness or odd residue,  and can also be used on your nails to help strengthen them – what’s not to love?!

My Little Provence Box Review May 2015 UK emilyloulaVerbena Body Lotion | L’Occitane

Received 30ml Sample | RRP £20 for 250ml, available here
I have to admit I’m actually starting to get bored of seeing body lotions within pretty much every subscription box I’m receiving at the moment so I wasn’t over the moon when I saw this. I’m really disappointed with the design of this too as it’s actually really hard to get it out, due to the bottle being too hard to squeeze. The lotion is described as not being sticky or greasy, which I can agree with after testing a little bit, but it’s just not something I will get any use out of unfortunately. It does smell really nice again, like the other lemon scented products in this box so I’m sure a lot of subscribers will be happy to see this.

Mer & Mistral Shower Gel | L’Occitane

Received 50ml Sample | RRP £12 for 175ml, available here
The final L’Occitane item in this month’s box is in the form of a mini shower gel. This gel has a really soothing and lovely fresh, yet clean scent that I absolutely love, I couldn’t stop sniffing it! My Little Box have provided a fairly generous sample of 50ml, which is perfect for travelling or going away for a couple of days. I’ve stashed this with the rest of my travel minis, and I’m definitely looking forward to using this (hopefully soon!)

Now, I have to admit that, unfortunately this My Little Provence Box didn’t actually wow me as much as I had expected it to. I absolutely love My Little Box in general, but I do feel slightly let down by this addition, and I’m not too sure why. I think that it’s just personal preference and I’m sure a lot of other subscribers will be thrilled to see what they got in their box, but unfortunately this month it just wasn’t for me. I’ll definitely keep my subscription running, but I just hope that next month’s My Little Box will excite me more than May’s.

If you fancy reading some more reviews of My Little Box, my personal favourites have been the My Little Dream Box, My Little Super Box, My Little DVF Box, My Little Frenchie Box & My Little Energy Box. And if you’d like to sign up to My Little Box, you can do so on their website, here.

What do you think of My Little Box? Did this month’s box not wow you either? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

emily x

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