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When I’m inside a makeup store, or in reality any store that sells beauty products, I always seem to be automatically drawn to the lipstick section. Lipsticks are ‘my thing’ and I own a lot more of them, than anything else within my makeup collection. However recently I’ve been finding that I’ve been shying away from the lipstick isles, and it’s been the palettes that have caught my eye. I realised that in the last few weeks I’ve added 4 new, beautiful makeup palettes to my collection so today I thought I’d go through these with you and let you guys know my thoughts on them.




Hourglass | Ambient Lighting Edit > RRP £65

Towards the end of 2015 I got a fantastic new job (you can read about that here) in a beautiful old little town within Buckinghamshire. Luckily for me (yet unluckily for my bank balance) I now work a 2 minute walk away from a lovely highstreet which is filled with a great range of higher class stores, including a Space NK. One day on my lunch break, I was feeling in the classic ‘treat yourself’ mood, so I headed into the glorious Space NK and immediately became drawn to the Christmas 2015 release from Hourglass – the Ambient Lighting Edit. I swatched, I gazed with wide eyes, marvelled at it’s beauty and pretty much fell in love straight away. Previous to this, I didn’t own anything from Hourglass, yet I’ve been wanting to give the brand a try for a good while, so that was how I justified it to myself, and I’m still absolutely smitten with my purchase.

It’s a gorgeous collection of Hourglass’ best selling powders as well as some limited edition palette exclusive shades, and features everything you need to finish your makeup look – from setting to highlighting, bronzing and blush – it’s perfect! My favourite shades are Diffused Light (top right) which is a lovely pale yellow that I’ve been using to set my under eye concealer and correcting redness, Mood Exposure (bottom left) which is a beautiful mauve blush that goes with a multitude of makeup looks, and Dim Light (top left) which is perfect for setting my makeup all over, and gives a unique, lit from within glow. The powders are finally milled, super easy to blend, and look gorgeous when applied, not mentioning how amazing the palette itself looks amongst my makeup collection. If you fancy getting your hands on one of these incredible palettes, I’d get your finger out as Net-A-Porter are actually still stocking them here, despite them being limited edition!


Urban Decay | Naked Smoky Palette > RRP £38

As a Christmas present, my amazing friend Hannah very generously surprised me with Urban Decay’s latest release in the Naked line – The Naked Smoky Palette. I’ve been lusting over a Naked palette for so long, but I’ve got so many eyeshadows in my collection already, and with their rather high price tag, they’re just not something that I would casually buy for myself. However, that’s exactly what makes it such a perfect present, and one I was absolutely overjoyed to open! The Naked Smokey palette has such a great range of shades, that you can definitely use to create a full on, going out, smoky eye, but also a simple, every day nude look, which I love. My favourite shades from the palette are High, Dirtysweet, Radar, Whiskey & Password but I’ve only used it a few times so far, so I’m really looking forward to having a good play around with it.

Not only are the eyeshadows themselves beautiful, but the packaging is definitely ‘swoon worthy’. It feels really weighty, has the most gorgeous design, as well as a full sized mirror, a satisfying magnetic closure and features a double ended smudger/tapered crease brush which is actually really lovely to use. As you would expect from Urban Decay, the quality of the shadows is amazing, with a buttery consistency, great pigmentation and lasting power, they really live up to their highly accredited status in the Beauty kingdom.


Makeup Revolution | Ultra Contour Palette > RRP £8

Contouring became all the rage in 2015, and I for one, totally jumped on this bandwagon and purchased many makeup items that could help me fake some cheekbones. I’ve collected various different contour/highlight duo’s, along with single contour powders and a cream contour sticks, but one thing that I was missing was a contouring palette. As a big fan of Makeup Revolution, I couldn’t pass up on picking up this delightful palette when I saw it in Superdrug for only £8.

Whilst the lighting in this photo makes the bottom three shades look slightly orange toned (apologies), they are considerably much ‘browner’ in real life, and I’ve found that I can use all three to contour, but the bottom left shade is definitely my favourite. The pale yellow shade (top, second from left) is great for setting my under eye concealer, and highlighting the area, just like Diffused Light from the Hourglass palette above. Whilst I’m not a fan of the marbled highlight shade (top right) as I find it to be too stark white and glittery, the rest of the shades in the palette are great. It’s 100% worth the £8 I paid for it, and I would say if you’re looking for a budget contour palette this should definitely be on your radar.


The Balm | TheManizer Sisters Luminizing Palette > RRP £24

The final palette in this round up is another limited edition that was again released for the 2015 Christmas period, but is still currently available to buy. Before Christmas I was browsing ASOS’ makeup section, when I came across this in their sale for only £12. I’d been eyeing up the Mary-Lou Manizer for some time, so when I saw it in a trio palette for an absolute bargain price, I knew it had to be mine. As the Christmas period was quickly approaching and all my family had been asking me for present ideas, and I had no idea what to tell them, I popped this into my family WhatsApp chat with some angelic emojis. I had completely forgotten about it until Christmas day, when I received it from my sister. I was over the moon to receive it, and began swatching straight away (I can’t help it!!)

Without a doubt, the Mary-Lou Manizer is my favourite shade from the trio, and it’s actually become my favourite highlight of all time (see my 2015 makeup favourites). It’s extremely pigmented, even from swatching it alone you can tell how amazing this is going to look when worn as a highlight. There’s no unflattering chunks of glitter, it’s just a beautiful shimmery golden highlight that I’ve recently become obsessed with. I’ll definitely be buying the full sized version when this runs out, but as it’s so pigmented, you only need a little a time, so I’m sure this will last me a long while. The Cindy-Lou Manizer is a more pink toned highlight that doubles up as a blush, which is how I’ve been wearing it since receiving this gorgeous palette. The only shade in this palette that I won’t use for its main intended use is the Betty-Lou Manizer. This is a lovely warm honey bronze/caramel shade, which when swatched looks absolutely incredible. However, I’m not really a fan of a shimmery bronzer, so I’ll be mainly using this as an eyeshadow, which it works insanely well as. The formula of all three shades in this palette are amazing, they’re so finely milled, contain no talc, oil and are paraben free as well as being extremely pigmented and long wearing. If you haven’t seen these shades in person, I’d definitely urge you to find them, and swatch them – I’m sure you’ll fall in love – especially with the Mary-Lou Manizer, it’s honestly the most beautiful highlight I’ve ever seen! If you’ve wanted to try out any of these shades from theBalm, I would say that this palette is definitely worth picking up, as it’s a bargain and a great way to test out the powders before committing to their full size counterparts.

What did you think of the 4 new palettes that have been added into my makeup collection recently? Have you tried any of these or would you like to now? Have you got any new palettes recently or any recommendations that you think I’d like? As always, I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments, and thank you so much for reading!

emily x

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