Review: Pharma Nord Q10 Revitalizing Day and Night Creams

Over the last month or so, I’ve been trying out Pharma Nord’s Q10’s Revitalising Day and Night Creams*, both of which are completely natural and paraben free as well as being suitable for all skin types and vegetarians.

When I was contacted, asking if I would like to try out these Q10 creams, I jumped at the chance. Both of these creams contain a cocktail of amazing natural ingredients which in turn can do some great things for your skin. Although, these creams are mainly targeted at mature skin with fine lines and wrinkles, they’re suitable for all skin types and as a 20 year old with no wrinkles (yet) I’ve really enjoyed using them.
Q10 Revitalising Day And Night Cream Review emilyloula

I have very oily skin, so I’m always cautious on which moisturisers and night creams I use, as often, they can make this problem worse. However, this is really not the case with these creams, neither of them leaving any greasy or oily residue after application. They both have a really nice consistency, that sinks into my skin almost immediately after application, leaving it feeling soft and supple.

The Q10 Night Cream is of a thicker consistency than the day cream, but this is to be expected, and still isn’t too heavy for my skin at all. Both of these creams have a really refreshing ‘cream’ smell, with the day cream having a slightly fresher scent, whereas the night cream a bit more musky.

My favourite thing about these Q10 creams, is the amazing line up of ingredients and nutrients that can be found in both. I have a long list of skin concerns, with the main one being quite severe acne scarring, so I’m always on the lookout for products claim to help with this.

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The 5 important nutrients contained in the Q10 Revitalizing Day and Night Creams are;

CO-ENZYME Q10 | a vitamin like substance that occurs naturally in the body and helps protect the skin from free radical damage and promote effective skin cell repair.
PYCNOGENOL | supports the body’s production of collagen as well as promoting the production of new healthy cells, whilst boosting the natural defence mechanisms that help protect your existing skin cells
JOJOBA OIL | containing moisturising properties that help to restore elasticity and smoothness. Leaving a rich, velvety non-oily feel on the skin, whilst delaying water loss & enhancing the skin’s flexibility and suppleness
APRICOT KERNAL OIL | soothes and softens the skin, whilst adding elasticity and being rich in vitamins E, A and fatty acids. Particularly beneficial for dehydrated, delicate and sensitive skin.
SQUALANE | derived from olive oil, it helps prevent moisture loss and restores the skins suppleness, excellent for damaged or sensitive skin.

A lot of these ingredients really appeal to me as they are all about renewing and replenishing the skin, which is something I am definitely in need of  due to the ongoing damage by acne is causing. Co-Enzyme Q10 helps to promote effective skin cell repair, which can help to clear scarring as well as wrinkles, so this is right up my street. As well as including this, the cream also consists of fatty acids and natural collagen, both of which are said to help with healing scarred tissue.

Birchbox May 2015 UK Review emilyloula Caudal Palor

I’m not sure that I’ve seen any affect on my scarring since using these creams but I honestly don’t think that I’ve given them enough time to work their magic just yet, as they state 6-8 weeks before you see a real difference. I only need to use a tiny amount to cover my face and neck, so I know that these pots will last me for a long time, which I’m definitely happy about, and I will definitely continue to use them.

I’ve found that using the combination of both of these creams has really helped my skin in a few ways recently, that I’m very happy with. For example, I had my eyebrows waxed last week and I developed my first patch of dry skin ever on my forehead, but these creams made short work of it and it had disappeared very quickly.  When wearing makeup, I have also found that the day cream gives a great base for a smooth application without clogging up my pores. If I don’t wear any makeup, but still moisturise in the morning, my forehead normally gets greasy by the late afternoon, but I’ve found that this trait has been made a thing of the past with these Q10 creams.

Overall, I have enjoyed using both the Q10 Revitalizing Day and Night Creams, and I will definitely continue to use them, hoping that they help me with my skin concerns. If  you fancy trying out both the day and night cream you can pick them up from here for £25.90

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* The products in this post were provided for the purpose of this review although as always, all opinions and thoughts remain my own. For more information, see my Disclaimer *

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