Primark’s Private Collection – Jo Malone Dupes?

Back in August, I was browsing around my local Primark, when out the corner of my eye, I could of sworn I spotted Jo Malone fragrances amongst all the makeup stands. I posted the picture on Twitter, as I hadn’t seen this line before and everyone seem to go a little crazy, including the Daily Mail who posted it in their article here

Primark Private Collection Perfume Jo Malone Dupe emilyloula blog

After testing out the fragrances I realised that not only did the packaging look almost identical to Jo Malone – they smelt pretty similar too. The type of fragrances in Primark’s ‘The Private Collection’ are those that you would tend to find within a boutique Jo Malone store. They aren’t your typical girly, sweet and floral scents that fill the highstreet, but instead something a little more sophisticated, earthy, spiced and uniquely blended.

The Private Collection includes 6 individual, unisex fragrances;

  • Rose Oud
  • Pomegranate & Black Tea
  • Jasmine & Honey
  • Vanilla Absolute
  • Amber Noir
  • Mandarin & Basil.

Primark Private Collection Perfume Jo Malone Dupe emilyloula blog

When I first saw the stand, I was in a bit of a rush to get to my eyebrow appointment, so I had a quick sniff of a couple, decided on Pomegranate & Black Tea and headed on my merry way. I got home, spritzed it all over myself, and when my dad came back a few hours later, he couldn’t stop raving about it. I don’t think my dad’s ever complimented me on a perfume before, he usually makes some comment like“wow your nans not going to be happy you stole her perfume” but he kept mentioning how much he liked the Pomegranate & Black Tea scent, over and over.

My boyfriend also took such a liking to this perfume that when I left it at his house one day, he began wearing it himself, and loved it so much that I let him keep it, and bought myself another bottle. His & Hers scents – right…?

Primark Private Collection Perfume Jo Malone Dupe emilyloula blog

After falling in love with the Pomegranate & Black Tea scent, I knew I had to visit Primark again, and properly test out the other scents in the Private Collection. As well as the 20ml and 100ml perfume sizes, Primark offer the 6 fragrances in the form of hand washes, hand creams, fragrance oils, room sprays and reed diffusers, so you can really layer your favourite scent!

After spending a little while deciding what I wanted to pick up, I eventually left with a reed diffuser in the Vanilla Absolute scent, and a 20ml handbag sized Jasmine & Honey perfume.

It’s hard for me to say which of the scents I chose is my favourite, as I genuinely love all three but for different reasons. The Pomegranate & Black Tea is just so different to anything I would’ve thought you’d find in Primark. It has a really powerful, spicy, sophisticated scent, with a little bit of fruitiness blended in somewhere as well. Both this and the Jasmine & Honey scents are incredibly luxurious, surprisingly long lasting and smell far, far more expensive than their £8 price tag. Unless someone had already smelt these specific perfumes, I would make a bet that no one would guess you were wearing a Primark scent for less than a tenner.

Primark Private Collection Perfume Jo Malone Dupe emilyloula blog

Not only did I fall in love with the perfumes themselves, but this Vanilla Absolute reed diffuser impressed me beyond belief. Generally speaking, vanilla is one of my favourite scents but sometimes it can be that little bit too sweet, especially for a room fragrance. The Vanilla Absolute is the perfect blend because you still get that incredible vanilla scent, but it’s a bit darker and sexier than what you’d usually expect and is blended with delicious ambery, woody base notes. I have this diffuser in my bedroom, and everytime I walk into the room, it smells utterly amazing, and really fills the room without being too overpowering. I’ve had many diffusers over the last few years from various companies, but this genuinely is my favourite, and I’ve even bought a back up already.

Primark Private Collection Perfume Jo Malone Dupe emilyloula blog

I really think you could create a little Christmas gift set from the various Private Collection fragrances, hand creams and home scents, which would look absolutely lovely, and a lot pricier than a Primark set usually would – I think I’m going to make a few hampers myself!

If you hadn’t already guessed, I’m a huge fan of everything I’ve tried from Primark’s new Private Collection range, and I’ll definitely be back to pick up some more bits! In my opinion, Primark have really upped their game recently, from their clothes to accessories and this collection is no different. Game changer.

Bravo Primark, bravo…

Have you tried anything from Primark’s new Private Collection range? What’s your favourite fragrance? As always, I’d love to have a read of your thoughts in the comments, and thank you so much for reading!

emily x

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  • I’ve seen this range on instagram a few times, must hunt it down! x

    • You definitely need to! I was so impressed, especially since it’s Primark!! xxx

  • Pam Scalfi

    the primark I usually go to does not have this collection. Might try Lakeside as it looks so good!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi?

    • You should definitely try and hunt it down if you can Pam – it’s a fab collection !! xx

  • ?Alice

    I haven’t even seen this range instore but I really wanna go and have a hunt now as there’s a huge Primark in my city! Vanilla is one of my favourite scents too and I love spicy scents, I’m such a hoarder for any sort of fragrance bits!
    Alice Xx

    • You’ll definitely have to see if you can hunt it down! Honestly I was so impressed, especially because it’s from Primark! Thanks for stopping by xx

  • Oh wow I need to get myself down to Primark ASAP! I’ve always wanted a Jo Malone perfume, but they are super expensive so this new range is awesome 🙂 xo

    Char |

    • You should definitely check them out! I was so impressed and they really do remind me of Jo Malone scents, it’s not just the packaging!! Thanks for reading xx

  • They stock this collection in my primark i love it! I have the hand soap in my bath room! I want to get some diffusers to dot around my house too! 😀
    Megan |

    • I haven’t actually tried the hand soap but I think I’m going to pick it up next time I’m in store! It’s such a fab collection isn’t it?? xx

  • I definitely need to check out this range x

    • You really do! It’s succcch a fab range! Especially for the price!! Thanks for stopping by xx

  • I haven’t even heard of these! Maybe because we don’t have Primark in Finland… But anyways, I would love to try out the reed diffuser!

    Heidi ? | Heidi’s Planner

    • Hopefully Primark will venture over to Finland soon, you can really find some fab bargains in there! Thanks for reading xxx

      • I have seen so many Primarks hauls and I’m always in awe when I hear the prices. I wish that it would come to Finland someday! It sounds something that I would love.

  • That is the most organised looking Primark I’ve ever seen ! Amber Noir sounds like something I’d like, I’ll see if I can find these near me!

    • It’s a fairly new store, so for now it’s pretty organised, but we will see how long that lasts haha! Definitely see if you can hunt them down, it’s a fab collection! xx

  • Emma Parry

    Ah wow! They look and sound amazing. I rarely buy anything from Primark’s home section but I think I may need to make a trip there! x

    • You definitely should make a trip! I was so impressed with these fragrances, especially since they are from Primark!!! xx

  • haha how crazy that the Daily Mail went mad about it too! I haven’t seen these before, but I definitely need to get down to Primark to check it out! Thank you for sharing xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • You should definitely see if you can find the range, it’s honestly amazing!! Thanks for reading xx

  • Primark is killing it!!! This packaging seems much more expensive x

    Caterina |

    • They actually are killing it! I was so impressed!! xx

  • Ooooo I have the hand soap! I feel I need to take a trip to buy a diffuser.

    Megan |

    • I haven’t actually tried the hand soap but I think next time I’m in store I will buy one for myself! The diffuser is honestly fab, I’m so impressed! Thanks for reading xx

  • Caitlin

    Cool, I’ve never tried beauty products from Primark before!

    Beauty & Colour | Vegan Lifestyle Blog

    • I haven’t tried much from their beauty range before, but this fragrance range is really impressive!! Especially for the price!! Thanks for reading xx

  • I definitely need to get to Primark soon and try these out x

    Gemma Louise

    • You really do Gemma, they’re honestly amazing – I was so impressed, espicially since they’re from Primark!! Thanks for reading xx

  • Rachael Shortt (PaleGirlRambli

    I’ve seen these talked about so much but I’m yet to try them! You’ve totally made me want to try though and I love that they do a mini handbag sized fragrance!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

    • You definitely do need to try them out if you can! I was honestly so impressed, and every time I head into Primark I pick something else up from the range! Such a bargain! Thanks for stopping by xx

  • Wow these scents sound incredible!! I know Primark is slowly moving over to the US but I hope I can make my way to one soon 🙂 These sound incredible, particularly Jasmine & Honey! I think I’d pick up a reed diffuser once the warmer seasons come back.

    Cindy |

    • Hopefully you’ll be able to find one soon! The range is really great, especially for the price!! Thanks for stopping by xx

  • Oooh these sound absolutely incredible! I can’t believe how similar they look to the Jo Malone products and affordable they are too; I’m definitely going to smell these the next time I’m in Primark! xx

    • I couldn’t believe how similar they were either! My little sister had never heard of Jo Malone before and when we walked through a department store with one inside she said ‘wow how much does their stuff look like Primarks’ collection haha !! Thanks for stopping by xx

  • Joyce Lau

    I need to check these out! I think I spotted it in my local primark! It’s songood that you love these! X