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From Real Techniques I ordered the core collection brush set and the blush brush on Sunday 18th, and by Friday 23rd they had been delivered and were at my door ready for me to take a real look! As mentioned in the previous post, the delivery was only £1.79 and was expected to take 3-10 working days to be delivered, as they were being shipped from America. I was very impressed that they came in less than 10 days!

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I originally “stumbled” accross real techniques brushes when I was watching a YouTube tutorial regarding contouring where the YouTuber mentioned using a real techniques stippling brush. That day I was headed into the shopping centre near my house, where there is a HUGE boots which I am in love with, so naturally I had to buy the stippling brush. From then on I had also purchased the real techniques miracle complexion sponge, and the powder brush. I think real techniques brushes are absolutely lovely, they are so soft, wash so easily, the bristles don’t clog up or fall out. They are also very affordable!

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From the real techniques US site, the first thing that caught my eye was the core collection brush kit, which you can buy here. This kit includes 4 full sized brushes and a stand up case;
> detailer brush: precision cut to effortlessly conceal problem areas; or, use with lipstick for long-lasting shape and definition
pointed foundation brush: use with liquid foundation to build custom coverage
buffing brush: ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation
contour brush: delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer, soft-focus finish

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All 4 of the brushes in this kit are super soft, which is something I really look for in makeup brushes. I have to admit, they were smaller brushes than I expected, although they are full sized. I was just expecting the buffing brush to be bigger, but only because I was comparing it in my head to my real techniques powder brush which is huge!

Photo 23-05-2014 03 05 38 pmI loved the little brush stand / pouch that you get with it. It comes with a couple of extra elastic slots so you can put some extra brushes in it. It folds up to be a brush cover as well, which is really great for travelling. The elastic around the brushes is really tight, so it was a struggle trying to get fit them in, but I am assuming after doing this a couple of times it will be fine! There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the cover, it’s just me being fussy as usual.

Photo 23-05-2014 03 06 05 pm

All in all I absolutely love this little kit, the foundation brush is great for me to use with my liquid foundation to touch up under my eyes and on blemishes, I use it kind of as a concealer brush which works really well for me as I have a lot I want to “conceal”. After applying my liquid foundation, I use BareMinerals, so the buffing brush is perfect for me to buff in the mineral foundation.  The contour brush is great because contouring is something I really want to master in the near future so I’m super excited about using this, I have just ordered a sleek contouring kit so hopefully they will go hand in hand. Finally, the precision brush is really exciting for me, I love having loads of little brushes than I can use in different ways, for concealer, for lips, for eyeshadow, the possibilities are endlessssss.

The other brush I bought from real techniques when I ordered was the blush brush. I have a couple of blush brushes in my collection at the moment, but neither of them were really ‘up to scratch’ (my favourite before this was my blush professional blush brush – what a mouthful!)

Photo 23-05-2014 02 58 48 pmI think this brush is absolutely gorgeous! I’m not sure if this is just because it is pink and when I use my blusher, the tips of the bristles turn pink too, but I love it! The bristles are formed perfectly to create a lovely tip which is great for applying blusher, again as the rest of the real techniques brushes are, this one is lovely and soft.

Photo 23-05-2014 02 59 11 pm

All in all, I am very happy with my little real techniques purchase, especially as I paid £17 for 5 full sized brushes including shipping from America!  I will definitely be making another purchase from the site again in the near future. What are your favourite makeup brushes??

Photo 23-05-2014 03 07 47 pm

(from left to right: detailer brush, pointed foundation brush, contour brush, buffing brush, powder brush, blush brush and stippling brush)

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