Review: Blackhead Killer Peel Off Face Mask

I’ve spoken about my love of face masks many times here on emilyloula before – they’re a great way to give your skin a pick me up, inject some much needed moisture, or help with any skin concerns you may have. As I’m sure any regular readers will be aware of, my biggest skin concerns are my cystic acne, spots, blemishes and the scarring that I have, so I’m always up for trying out a new mask that claims to help any of these problems – and that’s where the Blackhead Killer masks* come in.

Blackhead Killer Peel Off Face Mask Review emilyloula beauty blog

Recently, my youngest sister Lucy has taken quite a liking to skincare, she really enjoys doing her mini cleansing routine in the evening, and applying a face mask just like her big sister. Therefore, it’s quite a regular occurrence that we’ll both sit down with our PJ’s on, watch some “rubbish” on TV like Eastenders or Storage Hunters (so bad I know, but I love them!) and apply a face mask together. Normally we’ll use a LUSH fresh face mask (my top 5 LUSH masks post is here) but this time we opted to use the Blackhead Killer Masks* from Style Lux to help to clear up our skin.

These Blackhead Killer Masks are said to reduce scarring and redness whilst removing spots, blackheads, excess oil and dead skin cells, leaving a clearer, smoother and fresher complexion in just 10 minutes. As the mask dries, it also claims to ‘suck out’ impurities, lifting them away from your skin as well as preventing future breakouts, since they kill the bacteria that causes spots and blemishes.

Packaged in a little cardboard box, for £14.95 you receive 5 sachets of the Blackhead Killer face mask, each containing 10ml of product. Whilst I think that the sachets are a great idea, and would be perfect for anyone that travels regularly, unfortunately there wasn’t actually enough of the mask to cover my whole face. Luckily for me, my forehead is actually very well behaved, and it’s incredibly rare that I ever get any spots or blackheads here, so this wasn’t too much of a problem, and I just covered the rest of my face. It is possible that I had applied the mask slightly too thick the first time, so this could’ve been the reason I wasn’t unable to cover my whole face, as all other reviews I’ve read have said there’s plenty of product in the sachet (either that or I’ve got a massive head?)

Blackhead Killer Peel Off Face Mask Review emilyloula beauty blog

The mask itself is of a very strange consistency, and unlike any other mask I’ve previously tried. It’s very sticky and quite gloopy, feeling almost like tar, meaning that it can get rather messy, so I would definitely recommend using an old flat foundation brush to apply this and not your fingers. The package states that this should be left on for 10 minutes, before attempting to peel it off in one go, however my mask needed a lot longer than this. At 10 minutes in, there was absolutely no way I would’ve been able to peel it off my face, as it had barely dried at all, and just began to ball up. Both myself and my sister, left our masks on for around 20-25 minutes, as we found that this was when the Blackhead Killer was fully dry.

My sister removed her mask before me, and it took quite a while – with a lot of moaning! She kept telling me how sore it was peeling the mask from her face, and I kept telling her not to be so much of a baby and to get on with it. However, when it was my turn, I had to eat humble pie, and agree with her. Without a doubt, this is the most painful mask I’ve ever removed. It genuinely felt like I was waxing my face – it even made my eyes water, and I had to keep pausing to take a break, it was that uncomfortable. It probably sounds like I’m overreacting here, but trust me – it was actually quite sore! I would definitely recommend keeping this mask away from your eyebrows and hair line as I’m pretty sure it could do some damage when removing it – ouch! Although definitely painful, the peeling aspect of the mask means that it’s not messy at all, so you won’t need to worry about clogging up the sink or turning the bathroom black with face mask, which is a bonus!

Blackhead Killer Peel Off Face Mask Review emilyloula beauty blog

(please excuse this photo!!)

After taking off the mask, on the back of it you can see all of the gunk that it’s removed from your skin – just like a pore strip. I have to say, although I find this really quite gross, it’s also very satisfying at the same time, seeing a product that is actually doing what it claims. After using the blackhead killer mask, although my skin did look rather red, it felt incredibly soft and smooth and I’m sure that it did remove any dead skin cells from the surface, as it claims to do. Whilst the tiny blackheads I have on my chin unfortunately still remain even after using the mask, I know that the mask has definitely improved my skin in general and I’m happy with it. Due to how sore the mask was to remove, I think next time I use this I’m only going to apply it to specific areas of my face, that ‘need’ the mask such as my chin and around my nose.

If you’re after a new mask that will help to really draw the impurities from your skin, or if you’re one of those people who find pore strips extremely satisfying I would say that this mask is definitely for you. However if you’ve got a rather low pain threshold or have very sensitive skin, I would recommending staying clear of the Blackhead Killers. Despite the fact that it didn’t actually remove my little blackheads, I am impressed with the mask and my skin definitely feels in much better condition after using it and I would recommend it to others. If you fancy reading up more on these masks, or even purchasing a pack for yourself, you can find them here on Style Lux’s website

Do you like the sound of the Blackhead Killer Masks? Would you like to give them a go? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, and thank you so much for reading!

emily x

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* The product in this post was provided for the purpose of this review although as always, all opinions and thoughts remain my own. For more information, see my Disclaimer *


  • Oooe this sounds really interesting

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  • I’ve just received this mask in the post & I’m quite nervous to use it after hearing people say how painful it is haha.

    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

  • I’m genuinely intrigued by this, I’m a sucker for the satisfaction you get when you can see the product is doing it’s job properly!

    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  • Pam Scalfi

    the pain doesnt bother me too much, I love seeing all the stuff that comes out :p

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi?

  • I’ve heard about these masks before and how painful they are to remove! Like you said, probably best in future as a targeted treatment on particularly spotty areas (mine are round my chin too, with a similarly clear forehead, weird isn’t it?!). I think it would satisfy me to see what came off, as like you said, it always feels better when there are visible results! I’ll look out for these.
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

  • I’ve been wanting to try this mask for a while although I’m not sure about the pain, lol! Probably it’s best, as you say, to use it like pore strips only on certain areas on the face. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  • It’s the first time I’ve read about how painful this mask is & I personally chickened out of it when I was offered to try it haha. I’m such a wimp. Great to hear that it actually removes all the dead skin cells as it claims x

    Beauty with charm

  • Shame it didn’t remove any blackheads, but at least it removed the dead skin cells.

    I do want to try this out myself.

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  • Anna

    Sounds a little scary with the pain in peeling it off, but also does sound refreshing because it does seem like the bad stuff are coming off as well!

    Anna xx

  • Eloise Balazs

    Oh I so wish these were toxic free! Need to find a natural dupe great photo haha! x

  • Lou

    I would love to try this out! It is gross but I also enjoy seeing what comes out!
    Louise |

  • Oooh that sounds so painful and terrifying! I don’t think I could try these as my skin can get red and irritated sometimes. It’s so cute how you and your Sister have these pampering sessions though 🙂

    Velvet Blush

  • Erin O’Hara

    I’d love to try this! Sounds like something that would do me some real justice!

    Erin |

  • These look really interesting, I’m still on the search for the perfect clay mask! I’m surprised there wasn’t enough for the whole face, I usually get about 10 uses out of these sachet masks.

    Kirstie |

  • They sound amazing! Will definitely give these a try x

  • Hm, I am very wary if a mask leaves my skin sore, which many peel-off masks tend to do. I guess only applying it where you really need it is a good way to combat that.

    Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • Jo Hutchinson

    I don’t think you have got too big a head, lol!

  • Robert Smith

    Thank you for such a wonderful article dear. i am using healing facial mask from long and its really effective.

  • Mitch Wills

    Over priced and caused a rash over my entire face! Wast of money…..don’t buy this product. Lots of similar products out there for far less and in larger quantities. I’m

    • Angelina Lu

      Try to use a Germain product, Hydrocolloid plaster tape,
      It’s purchased online and I’ve never used anything better that I can be personally guarantee to u it won’t cause any rashes or reactions to my skin, I’ve been buying from Europe and now it’s in Canada as well, it’s New in market so not everyone knew about it in Canada yet. Price is half priced than European brand called “Dreamdots”, theirs is also purchase online, supported by many celebrities and Vogue magazine.
      Idk, me personally I believed in medical based product more than cosmetic products to my pimples, cuz I’m more like a cautious person to my face, as I do modeling. I get pimples often cuz lack of sleep, I read about this product and I’m thrilled too but again, I can’t afford any risks. I think I’d rather stick to my plaster tape, at least its medical principle and proven worldwide, I’ve researched, Hydrocolloid ingredient is been used in burnt wounds and cuts, can heal scarlessly, waterproof surface too to cover any environment harms, can be seen in Shoppers drug mart and hospitals, like a bandage but with healing ingredients.
      Again, it’s just me, I’m more cautious. Just happened to come to this new product page. And just wanna share something I use and hopefully it will help u. 🙂

  • TeriMac_I

    Ok, so … when it’s time to remove it, why not step into the shower to gain its MISTing affect, which may help it to be removed more easily / painlessly?? By re-moisturizing the mask, it should have already done what it’s to do. IF the removal of the blackheads is based upon the removal of the mask, it’s going to be painful for everyone doing this; and YES … waxing the facial hairs out as well

  • Riaz Rony

    When I use the 1st pack…. when the rest four packs should be used… I mean 1pack a week or a month? ???