Review: ESQIDO Unforgettable Mink False Lashes

The first time I ever wore false eyelashes was on the day of my year 10 prom, and I fell in love with them immediately. I honestly couldn’t get over what a difference they made to my overall look, and how much they opened up my eyes – I was hooked from day one. From that day, I really wanted to wear a set of lashes every single time I left my house, but I found them so awkward to apply and they began to feel uncomfortable if worn for more than a couple of hours. I settled for wearing lashes only when it was a special occasion or if I was going ‘out out’, but these were always the cheap scratchy types you can get from the ‘drugstore’. I tried many different brands, but I had never found a pair that lasted all night and didn’t irritate my eyes, that was until I was introduced to these gorgeous ESQIDO lashes.

Esqido Unforgettable Eyelashes Review emilyloula beauty blog

When the lovely Brenda, got in touch about trying out ESQIDO false eyelashes, I jumped at the chance. She suggested that I should try out the Unforgettable lashes*, as she believed they’d suit me the best, and I completely agreed with her. I’ve got a habit of buying lashes have a LOT of volume, but this in turn backfires on me and makes my eyes look completely tiny and swamped by the lashes. These ESQIDO lashes are the complete opposite, and they really open my eyes up – which is a huge bonus for me (especially with a lazy eye!) They’re described on the ESQIDO website to only be level 2 on the volume scale (it goes up to 5), but I think these are more than enough for me! They’re really natural and elegant and I love how they increase in length and thickness across the lash band towards the end, which results in a subtle yet beautiful winged out effect.

These Unforgettable ESQIDO lashes are so natural looking it’s actually quite unbelieveable – they look and feel just like real eyelashes, which is why I think I love them so much. The band is handcrafted and is made from cotton, which makes them extremely comfortable to wear. I haven’t experienced any scratchiness and they haven’t made my eyes itch at all from wearing them. I don’t even feel the need to rip these off as soon as I get through the door after a night out, as they’re so incredibly comfortable, and that’s really saying something coming from me.

Esqido Unforgettable Eyelashes Review emilyloula beauty blog

Previously all of the lashes I have tried have been synthetic and I think that is why they were uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, or became scratchy on my lash line. These ESQIDO lashes are very different from anything I’ve tried before, as they’re not synthetic at all, but actually made from Mink hairs. I was really glad, and interested to read that all of ESQIDO’s lashes are actually handcrafted from the softest and finest ethically sourced, naturally shed mink hairs. Unfortunately though, this does mean that they aren’t suitable for you Vegans out there.

I absolutely love the packaging for these lashes too – I mean rose gold and fresh white – what is there not to like!? The box also has a magnetic close, which I really like as it means I can safely store the lashes away for my next use, instead of losing them like I normally do, or trying to stuff them back into a flimsy cardboard packaging.

Esqido Unforgettable Eyelashes Review emilyloula beauty blog

The Unforgettable Lashes retail for $32, which roughly works out to about £20. Although these are obviously more pricey than the usual eyelashes that you’ll come across, I honestly think they’re worth every penny. Unlike synthetic eyelashes you can actually wear these up to 25 times, working out at less than a pound a time, which I personally think is great value. One thing I would mention however, is that these lashes don’t actually include any glue. That wasn’t an issue for me at all as I already have loads, but I thought it was worth noting.

I’ve worn these lashes about 4 times now, including last weekend when I wore them for nearly 10 hours, and they didn’t budge or irritate me throughout the whole time! You can see the picture below that I posted on Instagram of me wearing the lashes out last week. Unfortunately it’s not the best picture (Sorry I’m camera shy!), but hopefully you can see what a difference they make, and I’ll be able to get a better one for you guys next time I wear these beautiful lashes.

If you couldn’t already tell, I’m a huge fan of these lashes, and I’ve already got my eye on a couple of other pairs that I’m going to buy after pay day (hurry up!!). I think they look absolutely gorgeous on, and they’re 100% the most comfortable lashes I’ve ever worn, and have definitely become my all time favourite lashes. It’s a bold claim, but it’s definitely true! Reading this post back, I can see how this would definitely look like this post is sponsored, considering how much I’m raving about these lashes – but it’s honestly not. I was sent these lashes from ESQIDO, but as always my reviews are 100% honest, and if I didn’t like them, I would definitely let you guys know about it!

If you want to read more about ESQIDO, have a look at the beautiful lashes they offer, or even fancy picking up a pair yourself, their site is here.

What do you think about these ESQIDO Lashes? Would you pay that bit extra for this kind of quality? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, and thanks for reading!

emily x

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* The product in this post was provided for the purpose of this review although as always, all opinions and thoughts remain my own. For more information, see my Disclaimer *

  • So want to get my hands on trying false eyelashes – great post

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    • Thanks Candice! They’re really lovely lashes! xx

  • Pam Scalfi

    they look great on you! I usually buy “volumised” ones too but I think the natural looking lashes are so much more flattering!

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi?

    • Aww thank you Pam! I definitely agree, more natural looking lashes look better in my opinion too x

  • Abi Street

    These lashes look so so pretty on you. I’m really not a lash person, I can’t apply that and i don’t know if its because I have small eyes or the shape of my eyes but they just look awful on me! xx

    Abi |

    • Thanks Abi! I’m awful at applying lashes too, I find that ones with a thinner band are a lot easier to apply! If you’re looking to try out some different styles I’d recommend red cherry lashes, they’re so cheap (about £2/3) and really easy to apply xx

  • I never wear false lashes, but yours is the second really positive review I have seen of these products and I’m so intrigued by them! They make you look even more beautiful and really do open up your eyes! Think I’m going to follow that link now 🙂
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

    • Aww thanks Rebecca! They’re honestly lovely and the best lashes I’ve ever tried xx

  • Danielle Beautyblog

    These look so natural and fluttery on you! I’ve heard really good reviews on them but just don’t wear false eyelashes often enough to justify the price!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

    • Thank you Danielle! They are really lovely, but yes if you don’t wear false lashes enough, the splurge probably isn’t worth it! xx

  • I agree with you, most comfortable lashes ever and they look amazing too. You’ve created a gorgeous makeup look with them and you shouldn’t be camera shy as you’re stunning x

    Beauty with charm | Zoeva Giveaway

    • They’re so comfy aren’t they?! Aww thank you so much Alina, what a lovely thing to say! xx

  • I love a good pair of lashes and these are just so subtle yet make such a difference! You look gorgeous 🙂

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic – Personal Style, Beauty and Lifestyle

    • Aww thank you Georgia! I love what a difference these lashes make, like you’ve said they’re subtle, but just enough! xx

  • These look very nice on you! So fluttery! I also love the box they came into, the white and rose gold combo is always very luxurious Xx

    Alexandra | Glam O’Clock

    • Thank you Alexandra! The box is gorgeous isn’t it! You can never have too much white and rose gold! xx

  • Emma Kelly

    You look stunning! These are so pretty, love the packaging of them as well xx

    Glossy Boutique

    • Aww thank you Emma!! They’re so lovely aren’t they – and yes the packaging is gorgeous! Love a bit of rose gold! xx

  • I would really like to try these lashes. looks great on you!

    The Fashion Matters- Fashion & Travel Magazine

    • They’re really lovely lashes, I would definitely recommend! Thank you so much x

  • Nina

    They look great on you xx


    • Thank you Nina!! xx

  • Yousra

    I don’t wear false lashes but if I will anytime soon, I’d get this because they look natural! You look great 🙂

    Yousra |

    • Thank you so much Yousra xx

  • These lashes look amazing on you! Plus you have got so much use out of one pair of lashes, that is great!! Would love to see more of these if you buy them 🙂 I just followed you on instagram!

    Laura Likes Beauty xx

    • Thank you Laura!! Yeah exactly, I think it’s great that you can use these so many times, unlike synthetic lashes they don’t last nearly as long! If/when I pick up some more of these, I’ll definitely be sure to write about them again! Thank you, I’ve followed back too! xx

  • Color U Bold

    They look so natural and you look gorgeous with them on! I need to try these out myself I think they are defiantly worth the price! I really need to up my lash game haha!

    Jasmine 🙂

    • Aww thank you so much Jasmine! I honestly think they are really worth the price, they feel so luxurious and they’re so comfy on! Plus you can wear them a lot more than you can regular synthetic lashes, they last way longer! xx

  • I really like those lashes, they look really natural, which is what I always look for when I buy false lashes, but most of time I find particular ones!

    • Thanks Vanessa, they’re lovely aren’t they! xx

  • You just made me wanna go and get some ! Love false eyelashes . Only start wearing them few months ago and it’s amazing how much it helps with the whole look 🙂

    • Hahaha I’m glad my review persuaded you! They’re such lovely lashes honestly! Definitely, lashes really make a difference in the whole end look! xx

  • Ohh, that looks so natural on you and really opens up your eyes! I’ve seen Esqido on another two blogs and they love it too. I am horrid with falsies, doesn’t even know how to wear it myself but this makes me want to learn.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Thanks Shireen! I used to be so rubbish when applying falsh lashes but I’ve found that YouTube tutorials have really helped me! These lashes are easier than others to apply, as the lash band is so soft and malleable. If you’re still having difficulties I’d recommend getting a tool that helps to apply the lashes, like this one from Bourjois which I love using- xxx

  • Velvet Blush

    The eyelashes look great on you, I completely agree about them looking natural but adding sufficient volume! Unfortunately I haven’t mastered putting them on just yet 🙂

    Velvet Blush

    • Thank you so much! I’m really awful at applying lashes, but I find that these are much easier to apply due to the band being much softer than normal! I’ve also found YouTube tutorials are really great or a lash tool like this one might help xx

  • Mia

    Great review! These eyelashes look stunning! 🙂

    Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food, Beauty & Lifestyle

    • Thank you Mia! They’re really lovely eyelashes! xx

  • Kelly M

    You look absolutely gorgeous. It is so hard to find real good eyelashes.. These look perfect..

    I’m blogging about similar things, check it out and let me know what you think:

    XO K

    • Aww thank you so much Kelly! It definitely is hard to find good eyelashes, but I think I’ve found my favourite ever pair now! Thanks for reading, I’ll definitely check out your blog x

  • Those lashes are so beautiful! I want to try them! 🙁

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    • They’re lovely aren’t they Angie!! Thanks for reading xx