Review & Swatches: Kiko Top Pairs Blush

KIKO are a brand that have only popped up on my radar in the last year or so, but one that I have fallen in love with pretty quickly. My favourite lipstick ever (post here) is made by them, and every product I’ve tried, I’ve loved. So, when I saw that they had opened up a new store within the shopping centre where I live, I headed down there, swatching away to my hearts content, and ended up leaving with a bag full of goodies. One of my favourite items that I picked up was KIKO’s Top Pairs Duo Blushes in the shades ‘02 Raspberry Rose & Peach’

kiko top fairs blush palette review 02 raspberry rose peach swatches blogThis gorgeous blush duo is from last seasons ‘Daring Game’ collection, so unfortunately you won’t be able to order them online anymore, but if you have a store local to you, they may have some in stock (like mine did). This was actually on sale, so I picked it up for around £6, but it originally RRP’d for £14.50. I would have paid full price for this as I really do think it’s amazing.

kiko top fairs blush palette review 02 raspberry rose peach swatches blogDoesn’t it have the most gorgeous packaging? It’s a pearly white compact, decorated with a pink diamond shape and KIKO’s logo. Inside there is gold detailing, and the diamond is also patterned on the blushes, which gives a lovely touch. The compact feels really well made, fairly heavy and has a nice clasp on it so it won’t open in your bag. Each blush contains 6g of product, which is the same size as a Mac blush, so since you’re getting two, it makes it even better value for money.

kiko top fairs blush palette review 02 raspberry rose peach swatches blog

kiko top fairs blush palette review 02 raspberry rose peach swatches blogKIKO offered two different shades of this blush palette but I only picked up ‘02 Raspberry Rose & Peach’. Raspberry rose is a matte hot pink shade, and Peach is true to it’s name, being a lovely satin peachy colour. Both shades are so gorgeous and really pigmented in person. They blend so easily, making application a dream. I think both of these shades would be suited to most skintones, and they’re buildable so you could just use a light hand if you are fair skinned.

kiko top fairs blush palette review 02 raspberry rose peach swatches blog

Have you tried anything from KIKO before? If so, what’s your favourite? Would you like to see more of the items I bought?

emily x

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  • This blush looks absolutely gorgeous and I really like the packaging. I have never tried KIKO products before but after reading your post I am tempted x

    Life of Jana

    • If you can get your hands on some bits from them I would definitely recommend it! Especially their blushes and lipsticks! x

  • this blush looks gorgeous ! and the packaging too 🙂

    I am following you now!

    • It is so beautiful isn’t it! Thanks for reading & following x

  • I have this too! I think i got mine for around £6/7 but i too would have paid full price x

    • It’s great isn’t it, such a bargain for that price! x

  • I’ve never tried any products from Kiko but they look like they make really high quality cosmetics for reasonable prices, so I think I might get online and see what I can get. I love the colours in this palette by the way – would love to see it worn in a makeup look.
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

    • Everything I’ve tried from them has been really great quality, and great prices. They normally have really good sales, online and instore so I would definitely recommend checking them out! Thanks for reading x

  • I’ve only ever tried a silver Kiko gel liner that I received in my Ipsy bag. I have been wanting to branch out and try their other products though. I love the looks of this blush and the packaging is beautiful!

    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

    • Oh I wish we had Ipsy bags here in the UK, they always look so good! You should definitely try some other bits from them if you can get your hands on them! xx

  • Oh I have this and it is stunning, I love it so much and like you I picked this up on sale so such a bargin 🙂 xx

    • So beautiful isn’t it! Definitely a bargain! Hopefully they’ll keep their great sales up x

  • Corinne C

    I feel like I’ve had something by this brand in a Glossybox but I can’t remember what! Glad that you like it so much, the swatches look lovely.

    Corinne x

    • I think they’re such a great brand, would definitely recommend trying something if you can! x

  • I absolutely love the packaging and the shades of those blushes! They’re so beautiful!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

    • Me too! I fell in love when I saw it, so gorgeous! x

  • Rita Sousa

    I always swatched those blushes in the stores but never actually bought them, I regret it x) Lovely blog! **

    • Oh that’s a shame! I’m sure they’ll bring out another collection that’s equally as beautiful! Thank you! x

  • I have this shade too 🙂 the Daring Game collection was so great! I hate how they bring out all these amazing products as limited edition! xx

    Magpie Jasmine

    • I know! I wish I had picked up more from the collection, but I was too late! x

  • Pretty shades – I have the bronzer/highlighter trio from this range and I love the packaging x

    • I didn’t see the bronzer in store, I wish I had! The packaging is gorgeous isn’t it! x

  • Wow this duo blush looks stunning, kudos on getting it in the sale 🙂 I can’t wait to get my hands on some Kiko when I go to Spain in May 🙂

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    • It’s beautiful isn’t it! Yes you should definitely take a trip to KIKO if you can, their stores are really great too! Hope you get some great bits x

  • This duo is gorgeous! I keep seeing more and more kiko produdcts and yet I’m still to try them!

    G.J – Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle


    i have not tried this brand yet but it’s so pretty!

  • I love Kiko they are such a great affordable brand, with so many beauty gems. I remember eyeing up this beauty a few months back and then stopping myself as I’ve got more blushes than I can count but there’s no denying how gorgeous the shades are x

    Beauty with charm

  • I really need to place my order for Kiko, they are getting rave reviews all over the beauty world.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • You definitely should if you get the chance! They’re a great brand x

  • I really like Kiko too. I have discovered this brand last year or so and love the great quality, nice packaging and affordable price. My favourite products are the precision eyebrows pencil in 04 and their stick eyeshadows. I need to restock on blushes so I will definitely check this one out. It’s gorgeous. x

    Alexandra | Glam O’Clock

    • I haven’t tried any of their eyebrow pencils, or their eyeshadow sticks but I’ve heard such great things about them both! I will definitely need to have a look next time I’m in store. Thanks for reading! x

  • Rayne Toni Alexander

    I absolutely LOVE the look of that blush! I have only ever once been in a Kiko store when I was in Italy and as I stay in South Africa we don’t get it here at all 🙁 I was so lame and only bought a few items but if this had been around I so would have bought it. Raspberry Rose is GORGEOUS!!
    PS: I love that you have an entire ‘Hauls’ section on your blog 😀



    • It’s so gorgeous isn’t it! That’s such a shame that you don’t get KIKO where you live – hopefully they’ll branch out soon! Raspberry Rose is my favourite shade out of the two as well. Thanks for reading x

  • Those shades are so beautiful ad I just love the packaging!

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    • They are aren’t they! I’m a big fan of their packaging it’s always gorgeous! x

  • I love blushers that blend easily! These sounds lovely, my favourite thing from Kiko is their eyeshadow sticks 🙂

    Rebecca Coco

    • I haven’t actually tried any of their eyeshadow sticks! But I definitely will next time I go in store – thanks for the recommendation x

  • I picked up a few things when I was last in the UK, and I’ve loved everything so far! Really quality products. I don’t really like visiting their stores though – they’re always so busy! I love the packaging on this, and the shades are both gorgeous!
    Ivory Avenue

    • They’ve recently opened up a store near me, which isn’t actually too busy yet, but I suppose when people realise it’s there it will become a lot busier! XX