Review & Swatches: Benefit Tinted Lip Balms

Benefit are one of my favourite beauty brands ever, I love their products, their gorgeous packaging, their amazing advertising campaigns, as well as all the good things they do for various charities. I’ve been a big fan of every product I’ve tried from them, with one of my all time favourite products being the Benefit balms. There are 4 balms altogether – chachabalm, posiebalm, lollibalm and benebalm that Benefit created to compliment and work with their ‘tint sisters.

Benefit Balms Review & Swatches emilyloula Chachabalm Posiebalm Lollibalm Benebalm

Benefit released these balms after customers feedback said the original tints (chachatint, posietint, lollitint and benetint) were too drying to be worn alone on the lips for a long period of time. These hydrating balms can be used alone for a beautiful sheer colour, or on top of the tints for some extra moisture and another dimension of colour.

On the first release of these balms, I knew I had to get my hands on them, I just didn’t think it would be all four! I got benebalm and lollibalm, along with their tinted sisters in Benefit’s Christmas Sweet Tintations set which I reviewed here. After falling in love with the formula of the balms, I then chose chachabalm as my free gift with my Benefit haul (which is here). Since I then had 3 out of the 4, I knew I had to complete my set, so finally ordered posiebalm with my Birchbox points (you can see that haul here)

Benefit Balms Review & Swatches emilyloula Chachabalm Posiebalm Lollibalm Benebalm

I’m absolutely in love with the packaging of these – I mean just look how beautiful they are! I love that the colour of the tube matches the balm itself, and each one has a different design, making them super easy to distinguish from each other. They feel really weighty and of good quality – the caps close with that satisfying click so they won’t be coming undone at the bottom of your bag.

Now, if you’re looking for a tinted balm that can cure your chapped lips, unfortunately you’ll need to keep searching. These don’t have that intense repairing formula, but instead, the right amount of moisture to keep your lips feeling healthy and hydrated throughout the day. The balms have a fairly thin consistency, meaning they’re really comfortable to wear, and aren’t heavy or sticky on the lips at all.

Benefit Balms Review & Swatches emilyloula Chachabalm Posiebalm Lollibalm Benebalm

I’ve read some reviews about these balms that say that the colour payoff is really poor and they barely show up on some people’s lips. They’re definitely not the most pigmented lip product I own, but this was expected due to the ‘tinted’ part of the name. The colour isn’t intense, so again if that’s something you’re looking for you’ll need to keep searching. The swatches you can see below are after about 3 swipes of the bullet as I really wanted to build up the colour to show you that you can get a good pay off with them eventually. For me, I love the amount of pigmentation they give to my lips, it’s just enough to give a pretty tinted sheen.

I’ve always been a bit scared of that classic bold red lip, so benebalm is my perfect alternative. It gives me a lovely healthy looking red tint without being too in your face. I would say that benebalm is the most pigmented on my lips out of the four, and is my personal favourite. Chachabalm is the one I get the least use out of, as I don’t think it’s particularly ‘my colour’, and the pigmentation isn’t as good as the other three. I don’t have the chachatint but I would imagine that paired with that, chachabalm would be gorgeous in the summer.

Benefit Balms Review & Swatches emilyloula Chachabalm Posiebalm Lollibalm Benebalm

Overall, I absolutely love these balms and I pretty much always have one stashed away in my handbag. At £14.50 I do think they’re a bit pricey, and think they would sit better at maybe the £10/12 mark instead. Saying that, I know that as soon as mine start to run out, I will be sure to pick up some replacements. If you’re after a super pigmented or highly nourishing lip product, these won’t be for you. However, if a gorgeous tint of colour with some added moisture is on your wishlist, these are absolutely perfect and I would thoroughly urge you to pick up at least one to try. If you fancy it, you can find them at Boots here

Have you tried these tinted balms from Benefit? What’s your favourite tinted balm – any recommendations for me? As always, thank you for reading and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!

emily x

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  • I love Benefit too! They can do no wrong in my eyes, love all the products I have tried from them and their packaging. Haven’t tried any of the tinted lip balms but would really like to try the benebalm and posiebalm x

    Georgina | Rent or Chanel?

    • I completely agree with you Georgina – I don’t think they can do badly in my eyes either! Benebalm and posiebalm are my favourite of the 4 definitely xx

  • posie tint looks like my favourite x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

    • It’s such a lovely shade! xxx

  • I haven’t seen these before, they look really pretty! Lolli balm looks beaut.

    Katy x x x

    • They are really pretty aren’t they! Lollibalm is really beautiful on the lips! xxx

  • Emily Knott

    I would definitely consider trying these. I recently got one of their lip glosses and they are lovely!

    • I haven’t actually tried any of their lip glosses – glad to hear they’re lovely too! These are fab xxx

  • I expected Lollibalm to be much brighter! I was a little intimidated by it, but it’s actually a lot more subtle than I thought. I’ll have to swing by Boots and have a closer look!


    • I expected it to be brighter as well, I was actually shocked on how subtle it is. It’s really lovely on the lips, just enough colour to be noticed! Would love to hear your thoughts if you do go by Boots! xxx

  • Ellen Smith

    I absolutely love Benefit but I haven’t managed to pick these up. :3
    I love the look of Posiebalm and Lolliebalm.
    I say they are great. 🙂
    I will have to try some samples of these. 🙂


    • Benefit are definitely such a great brand. Posiebalm and LolliBalm are both gorgeous! xx

  • Danielle Beautyblog

    I got Benebalm and Lollibalm in the Sweet Tintations set too and love them! They give such a nice colour to my lips and I love the packaging! Not sure if I would repurchase them separately as they are a bit expensive but would definitely be happy if they were included in another set!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

    • The sweet tintations set was such a good’un wasn’t it! I definitely agree that they’re a bit expensive, but I love mine so much now that I would definitely repurchase xx

  • Fab post, I have been in two minds when it comes to the Benefit tinted lip balms but they do look so cute. I have to agree I do feel they are a little pricey for what they are, but am tempted to pick one up maybe Benebalm.

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    • Thanks Charlee! The packaging is so lovely aren’t they! Benebalm is my favourite out of the 4 and the one I definitely get most wear from xx

  • I’ve never tried the benefit lip balms– the only benefit products I own are their mascara and primer. They are definitely a great quality brand and these lip balms look packaged so well! It’s such a pain when the lid comes off in your bag and gets all over everything!!

    Thanks for the review 🙂

    • I agree – Benefit are a great quality brand – I really love them! The packaging on these are so gorgeous aren’t they! Thanks for reading Elyse xx

  • Lollibalm is one of my favourite lip products. I love how lightweight it is. I just wish they were a little less expensive – I’m dreading repurchasing! x

    • Yes they’re so lightweight and easy to wear aren’t they! Lollibalm is such a beautiful shade! I know exactly what you mean – they are pricey but I absolutely love mine! xx

  • I haven’t tried these yet but I love the packaging, super pretty and the shade selection because somedays when my makeup is kept to a bare minimum it’s nice to have a sheer lip colour on. LolliBalm looks gorgeous x

    Beauty with charm

    • The packaging is so adorable isn’t it! They’re definitely great for minimum makeup days, as they’re so lightweight and give you such a pretty subtle sheen of colour xx

  • I love the packaging! Lollibalm looks gorgeous! x

    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    • Such beautiful packaging isn’t it! Lollibalm is so beautiful on! xx

  • I’m beginning to explore and love Benefit just that little bit more lately! These do sound lovely but the colour doesn’t look as bright as I’d like it to be. Might just have to go in store and swatch them though! 🙂 xx

    Hannah x hannatalks

    • I absolutely love Benefit, they’re definitely one of my favourite brands! They are really lovely, but the colour definitely isn’t bright, they’re just enough to give you a subtle colour xx

  • Ashley Lennon

    I absolutely adore Benefit products and have been looking into these for a while, but I think after reading this review I will be purchasing one on my next trip to Debenhams or Boots! Awesome post 🙂

    Ashley |

    • I adore Benefit products too – they’re so great aren’t they! Hope you love it if you did pick one up! xx

      • Ashley Lennon

        They are, and such great quality for the price! I love he colour of chacha balm, I think I might pick it up because I’ve been looking for a coral lip colour, can’t find any 🙁 but this is pretty nice!

  • Pam Scalfi

    these sound great, I like how they aren’t too bright! I might need to go and check them out 🙂

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi?

    • They are lovely Pam, you should definitely check them out! They’re great for wearing everyday if you just want that subtle colour xx

  • I’ve never tried any Benefit lip products, but these look very pretty. I do like a bit more colour but I think I could be tempted by Benebalm!

    Hannah | Rated In Beauty

    • These are the only Benefit lip products I’ve tried but I really love them! Benebalm is my favourite, gives such a beautiful subtle red sheen! xx

  • S Jones

    I really love the look of Posietint, it looks like a lovely everyday kind of lipstick x


    • It’s such a lovely everyday shade, and one I get a lot of wear out of! xx

  • I have the ChaCha Balm, and while it was hydrating for me, I wasn’t too impressed. It could have been better, but the price I found just wan’t worth it.

    Angie x | Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    • ChaCha balm is my least favourite out of the 4 and to be honest, I haven’t had that much wear out of it. I do agree with you that the price is a bit steep, but when I run out of Benebalm and Lollibalm, I know I’ll definitely repurchase xx

  • I like the colours of Cha Cha and Lolli Balm 🙂 they are a bit pricey but there’s always discount codes floating about! xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    • They’re such lovely colours aren’t they! Yes definitely, there is always codes floating around somewhere!! xx

  • I have all of these too and they are just stunning! Super moisturising with a lovely tint of colour, I’d definitely recommend them to anyone. Posie Balm is my personal favourite. Lovely review!

    Toni x

    • I’m glad you agree with me Toni – they are stunning aren’t they! Thank you lovely xx

  • I love the Benefit balms! They are pricey, but I just think thy’re so cute! Definitely pretty all lined up like that! x

    Martha Jane |

    • I agree with you, they are a little on the pricey side but I absolutely love them! The packaging is gorgeous isn’t it?! xx

  • Ooooo these look gorgeous! All four of them are super pretty. I love the colours of all of the tints so I’ll have to get my hands on these tints. How did you get your background like that by the way? Looks fab! xxx

    • They’re so gorgeous aren’t they – I’m so impressed with them! I use wallpaper for my background, then just blu tack some of it up against a wall so I have a back drop too! Thank you Gweni xx

  • I have Loli balm and Bene balm but I’d love to try Cha Cha balm because I’m a sucker for an orange lipstick 🙂

    Alice x

    • I wish I was a sucker for an orange lipstick, I have about 4 and I really can’t get on with them that well! I think I need to get my hands on Chacha tint, as I think it’ll make the balm really pop! Thanks for reading xx

  • Jennifer

    posiebalm looks completely gorge, will have to pick it up i think.. great review lovely


    • They’re so gorgeous aren’t they! Thank you Jennifer xx

  • Great review. I’ve been wanting this lippies for a while! The benebalm and chachabalm looks like a winner!

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs

    • Thanks Paula! Benebalm is definitely my favourite, such a beautiful red tint! xx

  • I love tinted balms and have been fancying buying one of these for a while now. Posie balm is my favourite. Must add it to my wishlist. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

    • Posiebalm is such a beautiful wearable shade – definitely add it to your wishlist! Thanks for reading Renata xx

  • I really like the look of Lollibalm and I think that the packaging is just gorgeous <3

    • It’s such a lovely shade isn’t it! The packaging is definitely gorgeous – I love it! x

  • Ooh I’m a red lip phobe too but love a lip stain, the Benebalm sounds right up my street! I love the Cha Cha tint but can see how it wouldn’t work lip wise. Definitely adding these to my wish list!

  • Faridah Brooker

    These look beautiful – very natural looking colours.

  • Eshee Desu

    OMG the posie balm is absolutely gorgeous!

  • Evie Clarkson

    These look lush! xxx

  • These sound great, love the Posie Balm shade 🙂
    Charlotte xx

  • sophie

    Lollibalm looks like my kind of shade, haven’t tried them yet.


  • disqus_EveUGfsDy3

    I received the lollibalm as a sample and have to say I didn’t expect to fall in love! They feel amazing on the lips. The only downside to them would probably that you can’t layer them up or else they will ball up.
    Posie and Benebalm are next on my to try list 🙂

  • Kathryn

    I have the LolliBalm and I love it, but I definitely think I will have to add more to my collection now after seeing this post xx