The Malvern Spa

A few weeks back, Jordan and I headed up to Worcestershire to spend a couple of days at The Malvern Spa and Hotel to celebrate my birthday. I knew that I wanted to share it all with you guys, but wouldn’t be able to do this amazing place justice with just words, so be warned, this post is rather photo heavy…

The Malvern Hotel

After a nice drive around the beautiful countryside, we arrived at The Malvern at around 3PM. We were greeted by a lovely receptionist, who gave us a tour of the hotel, spa, gym and restaurant and provided us with all the information we needed for our stay. We booked in for dinner that evening, and headed up to our beautiful room. I had read some slightly negative reviews online before visiting, that stated the hotel was situated in a business park. This is true, however from our experience it was a quiet, low rise business park that didn’t affect us whatsoever and once you were actually inside, its so tranquil you completely forget where you are. As I said, this didn’t bother us at all, and I actually think it’s quite unique, as the reasoning behind the location is that the hotel is right next to the bore hole for original spring water in Malvern which is used in the hotel and spa.

The Malvern Spa Hotel Review emilyloula blog - Standard Double Room

The Malvern Spa Hotel Review emilyloula blog - Standard Double Room

My first impressions of the room were really good, I loved the colour scheme, and it was lovely and spacious, with a huge bed, a flat-screen TV a desk and two comfy bucket arm chairs. There was also enough cupboard space to easily fit both of our suitcases, with plenty of room left, so it wouldn’t be too small if you were staying for a few days! Our room was situated at the end corner of the hotel, so we had two large windows in the room, which again I really liked as they filled the room with natural light. Both the room, and the bathroom were absolutely spotless, and very fresh which always makes a hotel stay more pleasant in my opinion.

The Malvern Spa Hotel Review emilyloula blog - Standard Double Room

The Malvern Spa Hotel Review emilyloula blog - Standard Double Room

Like the room, the bathroom was also pretty spacious, and again, very nicely decorated and super clean. It featured a large mirror so I had no issues doing my makeup in the morning and a gorgeous waterfall shower which felt amazing – I need to get one of these when I move out!

The Malvern Spa Hotel Review emilyloula blog - Standard Double Room - Bathroom

The Malvern Spa Hotel Review emilyloula blog - Standard Double Room - Bathroom

There was also a little tray of mini toiletries including shower gel, shampoo, body lotion and even a vanity kit. I nabbed the shower cap, as I find them such handy items to have in my travel bag but it’s always something I forget to actually buy…

The Malvern Spa Hotel Review emilyloula blog - Standard Double Room - Bathroom toiletries

The Malvern Spa Hotel Review emilyloula blog - Standard Double Room - Birthday Card

As we were staying over my Birthday, the Malvern staff were kind enough to put a birthday card in our room, along with a couple of vouchers that could be exchanged for some Prosecco at the bar – what a lovely touch!

I was also treated by Jordan, who got in touch with the hotel in advance and ordered this beautiful bouquet of flowers to be delivered to our room for my birthday – isn’t he a sweetheart?! As well as that surprise, he also bought me the most gorgeous rose gold knot/promise ring from Pandora. It’s so beautiful – I’m so in love with it that I genuinely still cannot stop staring at it! If that wasn’t enough, I was also given a really cute, Harry Potter inspired key ring, with the famous line ‘Always’ emblazoned on it. Such thoughtful presents, I was honestly overwhelmed and felt very spoilt!

Rose gold pandora knot promise ring, always Harry Potter keyring, flowers, birthday gifts emilyloula

After a quick unpack in the room, we got changed into our robes and slippers and headed back down the stairs to the spa. I really liked that the bedrooms are situated above the spa – the pool was about a 30 second walk from our bedroom – perfect! Previously I have stayed in a location where the hotel and spa itself were separate buildings, which meant awkwardly walking through the car park in a robe, or having to get changed each time before heading back, which becomes a bit of a hassle. I loved the layout of the hotel, spa and restaurant, and just felt like it all worked together very well.

The Malvern Spa

The Malvern Spa Hotel Review emilyloula blog - Hydrotherapy pool outdoors

I absolutely love water, so my favourite part of any spa is always the pool, and Malvern’s did not disappoint. It’s a 35° 20m indoor to outdoor Malvern spring water hydrotherapy pool which has numerous individual features including vigorous bubble massage stations, powerful water jets and gentle hydrotherapy beds within the water – these were my fave! I genuinely nearly fell asleep whilst lying on one of the ‘beds’ in the pool, they are made up of metal bars under the water that create a bed shape, but they’re surprisingly comfortable, and we spent a lot of time here!

The Malvern Spa Hotel Review emilyloula blog - Hydrotherapy pool outdoors

I absolutely loved that the spa was open until 10PM, which meant that we could sit out in the pool until late in the evening, which was so relaxing. Unfortunately it was really cold and raining on the days we went, but this didn’t stop us enjoying the outdoor pool, in fact I actually really loved the heat of the pool (it felt like a lovely warm bath!) combined with the freshness of the cold air.

The Malvern Spa Hotel Review emilyloula blog - Hydrotherapy pool indoors

Moving inside of the spa, there is a blue lit area which features all of other facilities. My favourite room was the Crystal Steam Room, which is a large steam chamber that features a light display on the ceiling, that looks like the stars in a night sky – I absolutely loved this touch. Essential oils fill the intensely warm and humid air with relaxing aromas – it was genuinely so peaceful in there, if it wasn’t so hot I could’ve stayed all day!

The Malvern Spa Hotel Review emilyloula blog - Sauna, Steam Room, Salt Grotto

The Malvern Spa also features two saunas – a herb sauna, and a Kelo sauna. My favourite out of the two was the herb sauna, which was exactly what you’d expect from a normal sauna, but ‘seasonal herbs and natural essential oils’ have been gently steamed into the sauna too, which I really liked. The Kelo sauna is apparently only one of ten in the UK, and is a unique rustic sauna that is constructed from naturally fragrant wood only found in the Arctic circle – fancy huh?! Jordan and myself personally found the Kelo sauna to be a bit too hot for us, so we didn’t spend much time in here at all, and opted for the Herb Sauna again and again instead.

The Malvern Spa Hotel Review emilyloula blog prosecco

The Malvern Spa also has a Salt Grotto, which was basically a slightly chilly tiled room that featured a display of running water on bamboo sticks and colour changing lighting, with seating. The sound of the water running down the bamboo and into a small pool at the bottom was honestly so relaxing, I loved being in here – it was truly peaceful. “This rich, natural source of salt microns and negative ions is reputed to have a restorative effect on the respiratory system, skin and ionic balance of the body for a complete feeling of wellbeing”

The Malvern Spa Hotel Review emilyloula blog - Hydrotherapy pool indoors

Along with the individual rooms, there was also an ice fountain, which meant you could rub handfuls of crushed ice over yourself to stimulate circulation and close the pores. As much as this sounds like a great idea, I was too much of a woss at the time, and was enjoying the heat of the pool too much to freeze myself with ice! Inside this area there were a few different showers which you could use, my favourite being the one that mimicked a rain forest! There was also individual foot baths you could fill up to your ideal temperature, but we didn’t try these out.

The Malvern Spa Hotel Review emilyloula blog sun loungers outdoors

The Malvern Spa Hotel Review emilyloula blog - changing rooms

Just across from the pool area is where the treatment and relaxation rooms are situated. We didn’t book any treatments this time, but I’ve read a lot of reviews that praise how good they are at the Malvern. We also didn’t actually go into the relaxation room, as we completely forgot all about it until we were just about to leave, but from the photos I have seen, it does looks lovely! The next time we visit we’ll be sure to book a treatment and spent a little time in the relaxation room so we get the full experience!

The Malvern Spa Hotel Review emilyloula blog - treatment room relaxation

The Malvern Spa Hotel Review emilyloula blog - treatment room relaxation

The Malvern Spa Hotel Review emilyloula blog - treatment room relaxation

The Malvern Restaurant

After being in the spa for a few hours, we headed down to the restaurant which is situated just by reception, but can also be accessed via another door through the spa, so that you can have your breakfast in the morning whilst still in your robes, which I loved the idea of. We reached the restaurant just in time for our 19:15 reservation, with both of us absolutely starving, since we had only eaten some Dairylea Lunchables that day, oh so sophisticated I know… In complete contrary to our earlier ‘meal’, we were then treated to sample the latest a la carte dinner menu, which was designed to reflect this season’s fresh produce.

The Malvern Spa Hotel Restaurant Review emilyloula blog - Camembert with crackers

Jordan had never tried Camembert before, and since I’m pretty certain I actually have a genuine cheese addiction, I made the executive decision that we would share this to start off with. The baked Camembert was accompanied with red onion marmalade, garlic and a nice selection of crackers, and was absolutely delicious – probably the best one I have had in some time, so it was a perfect introduction of this gooey cheese dish for Jordan, who loved it equally.

The Malvern Spa Hotel Restaurant Review emilyloula blog - roasted corn fed chicken

For my main course I chose the ‘roasted corn fed chicken’ which included chicken potato fondant, roast carrots, pea puree, gem lettuce and chicken jus. Jordan opted for the ‘black n blue burger’ – a 8oz beef burger with smoked bacon, blue cheese, fried onions a toasted brioche bun, accompanied by homemade slaw and skin on chips. When my main course arrived I was delighted by not only how fancy it looked, but also how delicious it tasted. The chicken was tender, juicy and so flavoursome, so much so that I was actually disappointed when I cleared my plate. Whereas, Jordan on the other hand could not finish his massive 8oz burger, despite how good it apparently tasted. Since he was so full, I obviously had to try a few of his chips, and as a fan of chips with the skin on, these were pretty good!

The Malvern Spa Hotel Restaurant Review emilyloula blog - red pepper strawberry sorbet cheesecake

I knew we couldn’t leave the restaurant without trying something sweet from the menu, so I opted for the ‘baked strawberry cheesecake’ and Jordan chose the ‘tropical fruit salad’ to finish off our beautiful meal. My cheesecake was accompanied by strawberry and red pepper sorbet, which is definitely the strangest ice cream combination I’ve tried to date. I’m not a fan of red pepper to begin with, so I wasn’t particularly keen on the sorbet, but admittedly it had one of those “I don’t really like this, but I can’t stop eating it” tastes. My cheesecake, however was insanely good. The best strawberry cheesecake I can ever remember having, hands down, it was just perfect.

The Malvern Spa Hotel Restaurant Review emilyloula blog - tropical fruit salad

When Jordan chose his fruit salad, I didn’t actually see the description on the menu, so I assumed it would be a standard, classic fruit salad, but was I wrong… Just look how cool it looks plated up?! It turned out to be ‘Passion fruit jelly, marinated pineapple, mango sorbet, coconut shards, pink grapefruit & basil’, and he absolutely loved it, and from what I tried – I have to agree! Jordan and myself often find ourselves eating at the same restaurants or ordering the same takeaways, so it was really nice for us to get out and try something a bit different for once. I mean, I’ve never seen strawberry & red pepper sorbet or a fruit salad looking like that – have you?!

The Malvern Spa Hotel Restaurant Review emilyloula blog - breakfast jams

The Malvern Spa Hotel Restaurant Review emilyloula blog - breakfast blueberry pancakes

The following morning, we headed back down to the restaurant again for breakfast before popping back to the spa. There was a large selection of juices, cereals, breads and pastries that you could help yourself to, as well as a cooked menu.  I opted for scrambled eggs and sausages as I knew I couldn’t finish a full cooked breakfast at this time! My scrambled egg was pretty much cooked to perfection, and the sausages were delicious too! Jordan chose the blueberry pancakes – the pancakes were light and fluffy, and smelt absolutely lovely! After a few cups of tea between us, we headed back up to the room, to get changed into our robes so we could make the most of the rest of the time in the pool before checkout.

The Afternoon Tea (Colwall Park)

Colwal Park - The Malvern Spa Hotel Restaurant Review emilyloula blog

After a final dip in the incredible thermal pool at the Malvern Spa and an easy checkout, we jumped into the car and headed towards their sister hotel – Colwall Park, which was only around 15 minutes away. It was actually a lovely drive as the scenery around Malvern is so stunning – I really wished that it was a lovely day so we could have gone for a walk, but unfortunately it was still completely miserable and raining.

Colwal Park - The Malvern Spa Hotel Restaurant Review emilyloula blog - lounge area

Once we arrived at Colwall Park, we were seated in the lounge area which was beautifully decorated in such a homely way, with big arm chairs, and an old fireplace – I loved it! We ordered our drinks, and were then told we could actually move to the restaurant area if we wanted, which was much bigger, and had proper tables for us to eat at, which was great for me, being the ultimate messy and clumsy eater… Continuing with the theme of Colwall Park, the restaurant was decorated equally as beautifully, with huge chandeliers hanging from the uniquely wallpapered ceiling.

Colwal Park - The Malvern Spa Hotel Restaurant Review emilyloula blog - dining area

Colwal Park - The Malvern Spa Hotel Restaurant Review emilyloula blog - chandelier

We were treated to Colwall’s High Tea which features a selection of finger sandwiches, homemade cakes and scones accompanied with jam and clotted cream, as well as tea or coffee, and the choice to add a glass of Prosecco.

Colwal Park - The Malvern Spa Hotel Restaurant Review emilyloula blog - high tea

Colwal Park - The Malvern Spa Hotel Restaurant Review emilyloula blog - high tea afternoon

Colwal Park - The Malvern Spa Hotel Restaurant Review emilyloula blog - high tea afternoon

The finger sandwiches are made using home grown herbs, and included cheese & pickle, egg & cress, salmon & cucumber and ham & mustard, I’m quite a fussy eater, so I didn’t try all of the sandwiches, but the ones I did, were very lovely, and Jordan enjoyed them all. My favourite part of the afternoon tea though, was the cakes and scones of course! The scones and cakes included with the high tea were all homemade, and to say they were all delicious would actually be an understatement. Jordan and myself both agreed that the lemon drizzle was the best that we had tasted – I just wish there was more of it! Although we did both leave Colwall Park incredibly full, so maybe this wouldn’t have been a good idea..! I always feel like afternoon tea doesn’t look like that much, especially for two people when it arrives all plated up, but I don’t think we could’ve eaten another thing between us!

Colwal Park - The Malvern Spa Hotel Restaurant Review emilyloula blog - high tea afternoon

Colwal Park - The Malvern Spa Hotel Restaurant Review emilyloula blog - high tea afternoon

If I lived closer to Colwall Park, I would definitely return on a regular basis for an afternoon tea! The area is beautiful, the hotel is lovely, the staff were so friendly and attentive, the service was quick, and of course, the food itself was delicious – an absolute 10/10 for me!

Overall, we had the most amazing time at The Malvern Spa and Colwall Park, it was a truly wonderful experience. Even though the spa was almost a 2 hour drive away from me, I definitely wouldn’t hesitate to return – in fact I am planning to in the very near future! The hotel decor was lovely, the spa facilities were fantastic, the food was delicious, the room and bed were so comfortable and just the general atmosphere was amazing for a relaxing weekend away. I wouldn’t change anything whatsoever about our stay at The Malvern Spa, and I have absolutely no criticisms, it was just perfect, and I honestly can’t wait to return.

Spa break packages at The Malvern start at £229, for two people which includes breakfast and a treatment each. If you just fancy coming for the day, then Spa Days start at £70 including various treatments. The Malvern also have various seasonal offers on their website which regularly change, so you might be able to bag yourself a Spa bargain! If you live close by, or even close enough to make a weekend out of it like we did, I would 100% recommend visiting The Malvern Spa, for that perfect relaxing trip.

What do you think of The Malvern Spa? Doesn’t it look incredible! Have you visited before, or would you like to? As always, I’d love to have a read of your thoughts in the comments or hear about any spa trips you’ve been on recently! Thank you so much for stopping by! 

emily x

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*My stay at The Malvern was provided in return for this post. This review reflects my honest thoughts and opinions of my time at The Malvern Spa, Hotel, Restaurant and Colwall Park*
  • Pam Scalfi

    this looks amazing and your stay sounds like it was great! I stayed in a similar spa for a few days after I got married and I remember thinking, why dont I do this more often! Loving the ring, sooo gorgeous! happy birthday again hun!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi?

    • It was a lovely stay, i wish we could go back already! Congratulations again on the wedding, amazing! A spa is definitely a fab place to unwind, we should all go more often haha! Thank you lovely xxxx

  • Wow it really does look like an amazing place! Your photos are gorgeous, as is your ring! xx

    • It was honestly amazing, I would love to go back soon! Thank you so much Gemma xxx

  • Looks like such a wonderful place, the decor is so pretty! I’m glad you enjoyed your time there, it honestly looks so beautiful! The food looks amazing too 🙂

    Anika xo |

    • Thank you Anika! It was honestly such an amazing place to stay and I would love to go back ASAP!! Thanks for stopping by xxx

  • Kay (shoesandglitter)

    Sounds like you had an amazing time, sweet! 🙂 Really enjoyed looking through your photos, the food especially looks so delicious! And I really like the interior of the rooms. Very luxurious, but something still very cosy and comfortable about it. I could really use a spa day like this! Thanks for sharing, lovely. xoxo


    • It was an amazing time, I’d love to head back already! The food was delicious and the spa was amazing, it was just a great experience! Thanks for stopping by and reading xx