Top 3: Lip Balms for Super Soft Lips Under £10

In the world of beauty, lip products are my all time favourite, whether this is standard bullet lipsticks, liquid lipsticks, lip glosses or stains – I’m addicted. I can’t help myself from buying them and my collection is really starting to get out of hand now, but I honestly don’t care – I love it. However, none of my lovely collection are going to look as good as I would hope, if I was to have dry, damaged or cracked lips. Because of this, I try to take my lip care fairly seriously, and you’ll always find me lathering one product or another on my lips. So today, I thought I would round up my top 3 lip balms for you guys, that help to keep my lips, soft, supple and nourished.

Top 5 Lip Balms Soft Lips emilyloula Dr PawPaw Balmi Nuxe Reve De Miel

Top 5 Lip Balms Soft Lips emilyloula Nuxe Reve De Miel

The Intensive Overnight Treatment

NUXE Reve de Miel Lip Balms > £9.50 for 15ml

I’ve mentioned this balm quite a few times recently on my blog – including my Escentual French Pharmacy Haul & My Evening Skincare Routine. This is because I’m a huge fan of this stuff and I think it definitely deserves its cult status, with one being sold every 28 seconds. The balm itself is non greasy and has the most gorgeous, rich and luxurious texture that is unlike any other balm I’ve come across before. It contains some really great natural ingredients like Honey, Sunflower, Musk Rose and Almond oils, Shea Butter and Grapefruit essence, which gives it the most wonderful scent, that I absolutely love. Due to it’s thick consistency I wouldn’t recommend using this underneath a lipstick, but as an intense repairing overnight treatment instead. I liberally apply it at night as part of my skincare routine, then in the morning my lips feel in incredible condition. NUXE mention that you can also use this as a lip scrub by mixing even parts of brown sugar and this balm, I personally haven’t tested this myself, but it sounds like a great idea, and one I’m sure to try out in the future. If I’ve ever got sore, cracked or chapped lips this is the balm I turn to, and it sorts out all my woes overnight. Normally, I don’t like lip balms in pots like this, but I can see past this due to how much I adore this one. This is the most expensive balm out of the three at £9.50, but it’s my personal favourite and one I can see myself repurchasing again and again – it’s so worth it.

Top 5 Lip Balms Soft Lips emilyloula Dr PawPawThe Multi-Tasking Balm

Dr. Paw Paw Original Clear Balm* > £6.95 for 25ml

I’m sure you’ve seen this little balm making it’s way around the blogosphere recently, but I believe it deserves its place here, as it really is a great product. The PawPaw balm is made from a variety of natural ingredients including Pawpaw, Olive Oil and Aloe Vera Oil which, blended together, create this incredible multi-purpose formula.  Dr. Paw Paw’s original balm can be used not only for your lips but for controlling your brows, softening your cuticles, soothing dry & cracked skin, conditioning the ends of your hair or as a primer for your makeup. I’ve also read that it’s great for healing spots and for nappy rash, but I personally haven’t tried either of these.

It has a thinner consistency than the NUXE balm, however it is still fairly thick, and takes a bit of squeezing to release it from the tube. As a lip balm alone, it is really nice and conditions my lips well, helping with any cracked or dryness I might be suffering from. Although I do really like this balm, I don’t think as a lip balm alone it particularly stands out compared with others that I’ve tried. It really is all the various purposes of this balm that make it a true winner for me, and the reason why I’d re-purchase another tube easily. It reminds me a lot of Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream, so if you’ve been wanting to try that, I’d definitely give this budget friendly tube a try. There are three balms in this range, this original as well as two coloured options – Ultimate Red & Peach Pink. I would imagine these tinted balms would be perfect for a light wash of nourishing colour in on your lips and cheeks for the summer months, but then that limits the other uses of this balm. That is unless you fancy having peachy pink brows?

Top 5 Lip Balms Soft Lips emilyloula BalmiThe Everyday Balm

Balmi Cube Lip Balms > £4.99 for 7g

Balmi is my oldest favourite, and most repurchased balm on this list – I’m onto my 6th or 7th little cube now, I think that shows just how much I love it. For a day to day, slick onto your lips kind of balm, this is perfect. The packaging of the Balmi is a cube, the lid twists off to reveal the balm, which originally comes in a pyramid shape, making it easy to coat both your lips with this balm in one swipe. I personally love this design as it saves you from faffing around to dip in your finger and contaminating your lip balms pot or tin. My Balmi in this picture has worn down now, so the pyramid shape doesn’t exist anymore but it still applies nicely and evenly to my lips. Balmi provides SPF 15 and UVA protection which is a really great bonus for me, and contains some really natural ingredients such as antioxidant-rich Vitamin E, soothing Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil. The balm has a lovely consistency, and is great for applying underneath a lipstick for some added moisture, without having a tacky or sticky consistency. I’ve heard quite a few people compare these to the EOS balms, but I’ve personally never tried them, so I wouldn’t be able to comment on this. Balmi comes in a range of different flavours including strawberry, raspberry (my personal favourite), mint, coconut and blackberry, so there is a flavour to suit everyone. The only negative I have about Balmi is the fact that screw on lid seems to break quite a lot of the time, meaning it’s not great for travel. As I’ve mentioned I’ve had quite a few of these, and I would say a third of them have had this problem. Definitely annoying, but truthfully not enough to put me off buying them!

So that’s my round up of my top three favourite lip balms for super soft lips, what do you think? Have you tried any of the balms I’ve mentioned – or have you got any recommendations for me? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, and thanks for reading! 

emily x

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* A product in this post was provided for the purpose of this post although all opinions and thoughts remain my own *
  • S Jones

    Lip balms aren’t really something that I like to spend a lot of money on so it’s great to know that there are some great ones under £10! – Great post x


    • There definitely are some great budget lip balms out there! Thank you xx

  • Pam Scalfi

    I loooooove Balmi coconut but they are never in stock at Boots. Any ideas where I could get it instead?

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi?

    • I haven’t actually tried the coconut one! I know what you mean – they’re always out of stock in my Boots too! I’ve picked a few up from Tesco’s so may be worth a check in there? xx

      • Pam Scalfi

        cool! Thanks for the tip 😀

        Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi?

  • Fiona Paton

    I haven’t used any of these before! I’ve heard so much about the nuxe balms but if am honest I have a whole draw full of freebies from Molton brown and elemis from flying so seeking out lipbalms has never been an issue. But am beginning to feel as though other brands might be able to do a better job as I still find I get cracked lips x

    Thanks for sharing.

    Fi |

    • If you haven’t found anything to help with your cracked lips, I would definitely recommend the NUXE balm. It’s done such great things for my lips – it’s so nourishing and repairing! Thanks for reading xx

  • I love the Dr Paw Paw one and it is amazing! x

    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    • It’s really great isn’t it! xx

  • Emily Knott

    My monthly favourites goes live tomorrow morning and the Dr. PAWPAW balm makes an appearance.

    • It’s such a great balm isn’t it? I’ll be sure to check the post out xx

  • I can’t be without a nourishing lip balm, the Dr PawPaw is really nice, I like to use it in the morning as it’s not greasy and easily can be worn under lipstick but for the night I also prefer something richer. x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

    • I’m exactly the same as you! A richer more nourishing balm for the nights is definitely the way to go! xx

  • They’re really great aren’t they! x

  • Wow these sound amazing !! I have not used of these lip products before


    • All three of these are really great! x

  • I love the balmi cubes, sweet mint is my favourite. The Nuxe one is my favourite night time one! // x

    • The balmi cubes are the best aren’t they! I haven’t actually tried the mint version yet, Nuxe is my favourite tooo!! x

  • I am addicted to lipsticks too! I love them so much that sometimes I really need to be strong to not go into a store and buy 3 or 4 lip products haha The Nuxe one seems incredible! I have no idea where I can find it, where did you get it? Xx

    • I’m exactly the same as you, it really takes me a lot not to walk out with at least a new lip product every time I visit a cosmetics store! I got my NUXE Balm from Escentual, but I think they stock them in M&S xx

      • I think I need to get it online because I live in Portugal and I’ve never seen it around! Thank you! Xx

  • Dr Paw Paw sounds similar to our Australian version of Paw Paw. It’s in a red tube. But you sold me on NUXE Lip Balm. I need to look for this lip balm. It’s winter here in Melbourne & I must say that my lip dries more than unusual.
    Thank you for the recommendation, Emily 🙂

    Hana | Bold-Expression

    • NUXE’s balm is great, you should definitely pick one up if you can. I’m really jealous that you’re from Melbourne, it looks like such a beautiful place! Thanks for reading Hana xx

  • When your Dr Paw Paw balm runs out, you might want to try Lanolips 101 Ointment – it’s a similar sort of consistency to the Dr PP, but is made from lanolin (the natural oil in sheep’s wool!) – as long as you aren’t allergic to it, it’s the best moisturising ingredient ever! It works really well for me and I turn it to whenever I have damaged lips, or damaged/dry skin anywhere else on my body. However! I would still love to try NUXE’s balm as a ‘luxury’ lip balm for special events etc! 🙂 Great post as usual Emily – oh btw, those Balmi pots are so cute & sound really practical too!
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

    • I saw you mentioned Lanolips on your blog and thought it sounded really interesting, I’ll actually give it a try after this, thank you! Two of my sisters are actually allergic to Lanolin, but thankfully I’m not so I’ll still get all of the benefits 😉 NUXE’s balm is fantastic, I don’t think I could be without it now – you should treat yourself 😉 Thanks for the lovely comment as always Rebecca xx

  • Charlotte C

    If you haven’t already you should try Carmex as it is only around £1.49 and it works wonders! EOS lip balms are also amazing 🙂 I am a lip product addict, too!

    Charlotte ~

    • I haven’t actually tried anything from Carmex in quite a few years, so I’ll definitely have to give them a shot! I’ve heard that EOS balms are great, but they’re so pricey over here! Thanks for reading Charlotte xx

  • Paris Cross

    Love the look of these! I always put an argan oil lip balm by The Body Shop on my lips overnight and it’s great but I wouldn’t call it an ‘intense overnight treatment’ so I may have to look into that Nuxe one! Also love the look of the PawPaw one – I love a multi-tasking product to pop in my handbag 😀

    Paris x