Top 5: LUSH Face Masks

Other than occasionally slathering a £1 sachet on during a rare ‘girly pamper sleepover’ in my early teens, face masks were never something I really did. However, since I’ve become rather addicted to skincare in the last year or so, I’ve started to realise what a big difference a regular face mask makes to my skin. I’ve now amounted quite a collection of face masks and peels from various brands but one of my favourite places to visit when I’m after a new mask is LUSH. I’ve tried a fair few of LUSH’s face masks recently so I thought I’d round up my top 5 and give you the low down on each.

Top 5 LUSH Face Masks review emilyloula beauty blog

Top 5 LUSH Face Masks review emilyloula beauty blog

Cupcake Fresh Face Mask > £6.50

Out of all of LUSH’s face masks, Cupcake is without a doubt my favourite, and one that I’ll continue to buy as long as they continue to stock it. Not only do I adore the delicious minty chocolate scent, but the texture is perfect and it really does help with my oily blemish prone skin. Cupcake contains Rhassoul mud, which is highly absorbent, and works with the cocoa powder to give a deep cleanse, and to draw out all of the impurities and dirt lurking in my skin. It also contains fresh mint which stimulates and tones and the additional linseed and cocoa butter help to soften and moisturise the skin. Cupcake has quite a thick, gritty consistency, which I love as it means it’s not going to drip off your face, however it can be a bit messy trying to remove this over the sink, after the 10-15 minute time frame is up. After about 7 minutes or so, it does begin to harden however it doesn’t get so hard that you can’t move your face or talk, which is a pet hate of mine with face masks. The scent isn’t an artificial at all, instead it smells of real delicious chocolate, with a fresh uplifting mint addition to it, which I really, really love – I wish they made more LUSH products in this scent!

The Man In The Mushroom Fresh Face Mask

Earlier in the Summer, myself and Jasmine (from Jasmine Harding Makeup) met up in London for a blogging event, and whilst we were on Oxford Street, we couldn’t resist popping into their new extremely huge flagship store. I picked up two LUSH Oxford Street exclusives, including this The Man In The Mushroom mask. African honey, jojoba oil, oyster mushrooms and avocado help to soften, hydrate and condition the skin, whilst turmeric powder brightens the complexion. Man In The Mushroom also contains soya yogurt giving it it’s unique milky, fresh texture, which feels incredible on the skin once applied, especially when it’s cold and straight from the fridge! (LUSH Fresh Face Masks need to be kept in the fridge if you weren’t aware). I’m not entirely sure what the scent of this mask actually is, but to me it smells like sweet caramel apples – delicious! I’m hoping that LUSH will make this a permanent product so that I can buy it from my local store instead of having to traipse into London to restock.

Top 5 LUSH Face Masks review emilyloula beauty blog Cupcake The Main in the mushroom mask magnaminty

  Mask of Magnaminty Face & Body Mask > £5.75

When my skin is really playing up, or when I’ve got those sore under the skin spots lurking around, I like to opt for Mask of Magnaminty to give me a helping hand. This is the only mask in this list that isn’t a fresh mask, so it doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge, unlike the other 4, and is the only one that you can purchase in two different sizes (£5.75 for 125g or £9.95 for 315g). Although this doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge, it still gives an incredibly cool, fresh feeling on my skin, and can tingle slightly due to the mint extracts, which I personally love. Mask of Magnaminty has been created with a mixture of gentle yet effective ingredients that are used to help clean, calm and clear the skin. Peppermint oil stimulates, whilst marigold oil and chlorophyllin treat the skin and evening primrose seeds and aduki beans act as a gentle exfoliator as you remove the mask. I feel like this makes a big difference to my skin when used, and leaves my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed, smooth, soft and supple and I do think it helps with my acne too which is always a huge bonus for me!

Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask > £6.50

Catastrophe Cosmetic is probably my least favourite mask from this list, but purely due to the fact it seems to be impossible for me not to make a huge mess when I use this. The application goes smoothly, by using my usual ‘Face Mask’ flat foundation brush to apply, however when it starts to dry I find the problems start. Due to it having actual pieces of blueberries and a slightly bizarre texture, I found as the mask sets, it seems to clump and ball up, and literally just drop off my face. The last time I used this I actually had to get a dustpan and brush out on my bedroom floor and sweep up all of the hardened face mask off the floor – lovely right? However, other than this downfall, I do actually really like this mask. Containing blueberries, calamine, and chamomile, rose, and almond oils, Catastrophe Cosmetic is said to be a great calming, soothing and moisturising face mask that can help prevent breakouts. Whilst I wouldn’t say that this mask has prevented breakouts for me (although that is a feat with cystic acne), I do think it helps to calm, and moisturise my skin, whilst reducing any redness I may have.

Top 5 LUSH Face Masks review emilyloula beauty blog Catastrophe Cosmetic Rosey Cheeks

Rosey Cheeks Fresh Face Mask > £6.50

Another of my LUSH Oxford Street exclusive purchases was the Rosey Cheeks fresh face mask, however it does look like LUSH are beginning to sell this in their other stores (and online!) which is great news! In my opinion, this is the most soothing and refreshing mask that I’ve tried from LUSH and I think that’s down to the calming rose scent and great ingredients. A blend of kaolin and calamine will help to cleanse and remove any dirt, whilst Turkish rose oil nourishes and tones your skin. Together these ingredients are said to delicately calm the skin and restore balance, which is a claim that I can definitely agree with. If I’ve had a rough day, and fancy a pamper session to help me unwind and relax, Rosey Cheeks is the mask that I’ll turn to in my time of need, to not only calm me, but my skin too.

Overall, in case you hadn’t already guessed, I’m a big fan of LUSH’s face masks. I’m particularly fond of their fresh face masks, as I love the cooling sensation of applying the mask straight from the fridge after a long day, but realistically they’re all fab in my eyes! As with all of LUSH products, these masks are handmade with the freshest natural ingredients, whilst being 100% vegetarian, and completely against animal cruelty. If you’re a fan of face masks, but have yet to try one from LUSH I would definitely recommend you checking them out! If you haven’t seen anything that takes your fancy in this post, or suits your skin type, definitely ask an assistant in LUSH – they’re always so helpful and full of knowledge!

Have you tried any of these I’ve mentioned or would you like to? What’s your favourite face mask from LUSH or of all time? As always, I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments, and thank you so much for reading!

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  • emily couture

    Alll of these face masks sound great 🙂

    emily xx

  • Cupcake and Catastrophe Cosmetic are two of my favourite, but I totally agree about Catastrophe Cosmetic being a bit of a mess when it dries! I also really like Oatifix, it’s so hydrating and smells delicious xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  • I’ve only tried Catastrophe Cosmetic before – and as much as I love it, I do agree that it gets messy – but I love the sound of some of these, especially Mask of Magnaminty! I’ll be having a look next time I’m in Lush 🙂 xx


  • These sound so good and they look so rich in texture too; I’m yet to try a Lush mask but I think it will be next on my list to try xx

  • I haven’t heard of the man in the mushroom mask, sounds right up my street! Cupcake is my favourite too, but it sounds like rosy cheeks could soon change that!

  • I have never used ANY Lush mask but I want to try them all after reading this! Great post! xx


  • I’ve never used a Lush Mask before but this post makes me want to! Especially the cupcake one 🙂
    Mikayla |

  • I adore lush products! They are so fresh and really quirky. I’m currently writing a review on the Showder they have brought out, it’s like a bath bomb for the shower! Super awesome 😀

  • Strangely Cosmetic Catastrophe is one of my favs! I know what you mean by it falling off your face though. Have you tried Cup O Coffee yet? I was really surprised at how good it is.


  • I always go into lush and look at their masks but never buy them. I really want to try Rosy Cheeks!

    A Little Dose of Makeup

  • I’ve never tried skincare from Lush but it’s next on my list. Hoping I can visit the new Oxford Street store soon so I can treat myself to a few bits. I’m all about the calming & hydrating masks so The Man In The Mushroom sounds amazing. Fab review lovely it really gave me an insight into some of Lush’s face masks x

    Beauty with charm

  • I’ve tried the Catastrophe Cosmetic one and I didn’t really like it. It dried my skin out pretty badly that it started to flake up 🙁 I think I’ve also tried the Mask of Magnaminty and had no problems with it but I would definitely try out Cupcake next time! Thanks for the reviews x

    Chloe Rose

  • I have not tried any lush products (they dont sell em in Greece)! I am super jealous because ive head so much about Lush. This cupcake one would be definitely one to try once i find a way to buy Lush products.

    Dora Bangs Bang | Bloglovin

  • Georgia

    Cupcake and Rosey Cheeks both sound amazing! I’ve never heard of the rose one but the ingeredients sound great, lovely post 🙂 xx

    Chasing Belle 23

  • Never tried any lush products, but these look great!

    lisa | lisaxbeauty

  • I haven’t tried any Lush face masks but keep hearing only good things about them. Cupcake sounds really nice! x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  • I get so excited to see Lush face masks then cry inside because we don’t have a Lush shop here. *sobs hysterically* I’ve only used their Seaweed mask but it’s absolutely incredible! I love it and I’m sure if I can try Mask of Magnaminty, I’d love it too! <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin’

  • I rarely ever buy from Lush because I get so overwhelmed by all the items they sell and confused about what I should buy! Also I don’t like talking to the assistants, so that’s kinda out the window haha. I really want to have a lush haul over the next few months to see what all the fuss is about though, and I think this has made a good starting point for me. I particularly like the sound of Mask of Magnaminty and Rosey Cheeks! (Which it’s just as well they’re stocking online as I’m a bit far from the London store haha ;))

    Amanda Jayne | Beauty, Style, Life & Travel

  • Danielle Beautyblog

    I’ve never tried a Lush face mask! I think it’s because you have to keep them in the fridge and I know I would forget about it til it was out of date! Mask of magnanimity sounds lovely!

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

  • Cupcake sounds amazing! I really need to try more face products from Lush, I tend to stick with their bath products mostly! x

  • I have never tried anything from Lush skincare (even though I love their shower and bath products). I am bookmarking this page right now for my next trip there! Xx

    Ally | – Shortlisted for #CosmoBlogAwards vote here

  • I’ve never tried LUSH face masks, but definitely want to after reading this! I love the sound of the cupcake one and the rosy cheek one!

  • I’ve been itching to get one of Lush’s Face masks but there is not a store around me. After hearing about how amazing Cupcake is, I’m even more eager to get my hands on it!

  • Wow you have quite the stash! I tend not to go for Lush just because their fresh nature makes them a bit impractical for my lifestyle. However I really like Cupcake so definitely need to repurchase that. The Mask of Magnamity sounds like something I’d love too 🙂 xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | High-End Palette Giveaway

  • I love mask of magnamity, one of the best mask I’ve tried! You make me want to try the others!

    Miriam ? A whole lot of serendipity

  • Pam Scalfi

    I tried a Lettuce based face mask and I really did not like that! I will need to give Cupcake a try, sounds heavenly! this really helps me as I am newbie when it comes to Lush :p

    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi?

  • I laughed when reading the opening paragraph of this post, I also only ever experimented with face masks on ‘girly sleepover’ nights during my early teens – you’ve certainly transformed your beauty-game since then haha! The dark green Magnaminty mask looks super appealing 🙂

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  • This post could not have come at a better time! I love the sound of Cupcake. I think I tried it when I was a lot younger at a sleepover so I will have to try it again! x

  • I have tried Cupcake & Mask of Magnaminty (which I LOVE!) but other than those two, my experience with Lush face masks is pretty pathetic!. This is a very helpful post for someone like me Emily – thank you for sharing 🙂 xx

    Brenda BusyBee | Win a Maple Holistics Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

  • I absolutely hate those under the surface spots too! I haven’t tried any Lush masks so far but I don’t think I would know where to start as there seems to be so many 🙂

    Velvet Blush

  • I’ve only ever tried Cupcake from Lush, but I really really want to try Rosey Cheeks and Mask of Magnaminty sounds like it would work well for my skintype too. Definitely going to Lush next time I go shopping!
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

  • I personally have never tried any LUSH face masks but have been meaning to for the longest time. This is a great list and I’ll be adding Cupcake Fresh mask into my list to try.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  • I really love trying face masks and want to try this brand. Thanks for sharing!

  • Such a great post, I never know which mask to try:)

  • Eloise Balazs

    I love lush, agree about catastrophe, it’s always a catastrophe applying it, but it is good in other ways. I like the sound of cup cake and the man in the mushroom!

    Eloise xox |

  • I’ve heard many good things about the ‘Man in the mushroom’ one (what a name haha!). I’m going to have a Lush haul soon, so I will add some of these masks to my list!

  • Kirsty

    I love lush but haven’t tried any of the face masks yet (*gasp) but I may have to buy all of these ones as they all sound so good 🙂
    Kirsty –

  • I’ve only ever tried the blueberry one and I LOVED it but I’d never use the whole tub before it went off as they are SO fresh. I’d love to try the mushroom one though, sounds YUM!!

    Gillian? xx? EyelinerFlicks

  • crystalina

    Emily can you believe I’ve never tried ANYTHING by Lush!?I want to try the Cupcake one sooo bad.I’m a bit of a mask junkie,not sure why I’ve never tried these products…you have definetly swayed me for sure (again,lol) go to buy a new mask!!Great post,as always!xx

  • jennhaden3

    I’ve never ever tried anything from Lush <—-I know I'm weird! I've been thinking about getting something from them, face masks seem like a good choice, I the the sound of the Rosey one <3

  • I have tried all of the facemask. By far, my favourite Lush Mask has to be Cupcake too 🙂 xx

    Hana | Bold-Expression

  • I am a huge fan of Lush but I have never actually tried any of their face masks. They sound really good. Thanks for sharing your top 5. I love your photography too.

  • I can’t believe how many you have haha! I love lush but never really tried their masks much, I did once before I actually had a skincare routine! I used Glamglow at the moment but I’ve just ran out and don’t like £50 to replace it so need another. Can’t decide between Cupcake or Mask of Magnimity, I have bad skin so need something good! xx

    Tamz ||

  • Susan

    I love Lush face masks, the only downside is that they don’t last very long so I have to remember to use them! I’ve only tried the Catastrophe Cosmetic one out of your list and I like how that one makes my skin feel, I really want to try Cupcake and Rosey Cheeks too! One I would actually not recommend at all is Cosmetic Warrior, I once bought it accidentally instead of Catastrophe Cosmetic, and while it did make my skin feel nice, the smell was so unbearable I can’t make myself use it again!

    Great post!

    xx Susan | Growing Daydreams

  • I was going to say I’ve never heard of The man in the mushroom mask, but that would be because it’s an Oxford street exclusive! The ones here I’ve tried are Cupcake and Catastrophe Cosmetic and I do like both of them. I wanted to try Rosey cheeks when I got the opportunity of picking a free mask at a Lush event but they were all gone, probably because people knew it was a new one. So I went for the Cranberry festive one instead and that’s really nice although it does have a very strong smell to it x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  • Unfortunately I haven’t tried any of these and I have been meaning to forever! How long do these usually last? I know that being fresh means they have a shorter lifespan.

    Feel free to check out my blog also 🙂

    Claudia |

  • I’ve never tried anything from Lush (yup, I have been living under a rock) so this post was really helpful – I can use all the information I can get for when I actually decide to pop into their store and spoil myself 🙂 xo

  • What a collection you’ve got!! I recently bought Mask of Magnaminty in the oxford store branch and flipping love it! it can feel a little too harsh for my skin though so I’m limiting it to a use every week or 2 weeks x


  • Alisha Valerie.

    I love Lush face masks. Your collection looks awesome!! ??

    With love, Alisha Valerie. x ||