Top 10: iPhone Apps For Bloggers

Today I thought I would write a different type of post, and let you guys know about my favourite iPhone apps that I use for blogging. My iPhone is my favourite piece of technology, and these days there really is an app for everything, so I try to utlise these as much as I can to help my blogging journey that little bit easier. I’ve listed my top 10 iPhone apps which I think will help will help bloggers, but the majority of these will be useful to most people as they’re really versatile.iphone_apps_pinterest


iPhone Apps for bloggers beauty emilyloula afterlight
iPhone Apps for bloggers beauty emilyloula afterlight

AFTERLIGHT (79p) is an app that I often hear about in the blogosphere, and one that I use all the time to edit my social media pictures – especially Instagram (I’m here if you fancy following). This is the only paid app on this list, but one that I do think is honestly worth the 79p. It’s heads above all other photo editing apps, with so many different options and filters to make your photos look perfect. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to try out a new iPhone photo editing app – I’m honestly highly impressed with it.




iPhone Apps for bloggers beauty emilyloula anydo
iPhone Apps for bloggers beauty emilyloula anydo

ANY.DO (free) is a really simple list app that lets you keep multiple lists, whilst syncing them across to other devices, and their web based version. I’m a list kind of person, give me any task and a list is the first thing I’ll create, so I was bound to love this app. I mainly use this for blogging posts and photos as you can see from the screenshots, but it’s also great for general reminders or shopping lists. It’s such a simple concept and design, but that’s what makes me love it more. You can have a simple list, or you can make it more in depth by adding reminders, notes, and favoriting individual tasks or lists.  You simply swipe the task when you’ve completed it, and it gives that oh so satisfactory line across it. An everyday perfect list app for a list obsessed blogger like myself.




iPhone Apps for bloggers beauty emilyloula
iPhone Apps for bloggers beauty emilyloula

BIT.LY (free) is an app that I’ve only come across recently, but one that I love all the same. It’s basically a tool for shortening your links, but it also allows you to track how many people have clicked on them via the website or the app. This app is perfect for when I want to promote a new blog post, but don’t want to use up all the characters (twitter I’m looking at you), with the link. For example the link to this post is, whereas with I can shorten it to Super, super handy app, so simple to use and one I would highly recommend for all bloggers.




iPhone Apps for bloggers beauty emilyloula bloglovin
iPhone Apps for bloggers beauty emilyloula bloglovin

BLOGLOVIN’ (free) is what I use to follow all the blogs I read whether this is on my computer or phone. I find it’s really great to keep on top of new blog posts from my favourite blogs without missing anything as well as coming across new blogs too. Bloglovin’ recently updated their iPhone app (thank gosh), before it was quite clunky, but now it’s lovely, and perfect to keep up to date with blog posts. If you fancy following me on Bloglovin’ you can do so here




iPhone Apps for bloggers beauty emilyloula buffer
iPhone Apps for bloggers beauty emilyloula buffer

BUFFER (free) is a great app for bloggers who like to keep on top of their social media accounts. You can connect Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin on the free version, and Pinterest on the upgraded version. Once you’ve connected your accounts, you can then schedule posts to be sent at a time, or timescale to suit you.  I find this really handy if I have scheduled a blog post to go live, I can then coincide my tweets or Facebook status to promote it. Also great for when I think of 10 things to tweet in one go, but don’t want to spam my followers so spread them out throughout the day.




iPhone Apps for bloggers beauty emilyloula fotogramme
iPhone Apps for bloggers beauty emilyloula fotogramme

FOTOGRAMME (free) is the perfect app for anyone, like me, who runs two separate Instagram accounts. I have a personal instagram and one for my blog (which is here if you fancy following). On twitter you can switch between accounts within the app, but at the moment this isn’t the case for Instagram, and you have to manually log in and out each time. Fotogramme lets you switch between two or more accounts within the app, and let’s you like, follow and comment on pictures. At the moment you can’t actually post images from Fotogramme due to Instagram’s privacy settings, but I just use Instagram itself to do that.



iPhone Apps for bloggers beauty emilyloula google analytics
iPhone Apps for bloggers beauty emilyloula google analytics

GOOGLE ANALYTICS (free) is such a handy tool as a blogger, it can let you see such a wide array of information about your site and visitors. You can see your page views, popular pages, find out where your audience is based, what browser they use or how they ended up on your site. You will need to set analytics to work with your site originally but once this has been done the app provides you with so much vital information.  If you’re struggling to get to grips with the web based analytics, I would definitely recommend the app, as it’s much simpler and more user friendly.



iPhone Apps for bloggers beauty emilyloula google docs

iPhone Apps for bloggers beauty emilyloula google docs

GOOGLE DOCS (free) is another app from Google that I couldn’t be without when blogging now. I use Google Drive to keep my documents up to date across my devices, this is particularly handy for me if I start a post on my lunch break at work, I can then check it on my iPhone, and finish it at home on my Mac. I always write my posts on Google Docs first, then copy them into WordPress. This way I always have a backup copy of my post if anything was to go wrong, and can always edit them on the go. The interface is really fresh and easy to use, and I would definitely recommend it if you haven’t tried Google Drive / Docs yet!



iPhone Apps for bloggers beauty emilyloula pinterest
iPhone Apps for bloggers beauty emilyloula pinterest

PINTEREST (free) is one of my favourite tools as a blogger, so I definitely needed to include the app in this line up. If you aren’t familiar with Pinterest (where have you been?) it’s a form of social media where you can ‘pin’ almost anything from meals, home improvements, outfits etc, the list goes on. You can literally find anything on Pinterest, so if you haven’t used it yet you are seriously missing out. I mainly use Pinterest to find out new blogging or photography tips, blog post ideas, makeup dupes  and looks. Pinterest can become a great source of traffic if you start to pin your own images from your blog, I’ve started to get into the habit of doing this and it’s really started to make a difference to my stats already. If you fancy following me on Pinterest, I’m here




iPhone Apps for bloggers beauty emilyloula squaready
iPhone Apps for bloggers beauty emilyloula squaready

SQUAREREADY (free) has saved me many times, where I think I’ve taken the perfect Instagram photo, yet it’s not exactly square, so half of it gets chopped off. It’s a simple app and concept, that gives you a square background and allows you to upload your picture over the top. You can then move it around, change the size and colour the background, so that your picture is really Instagram-worthy. If you’re an instagram addict, you need this simple app in your life.

So that’s it for my top 10 iPhone Apps for bloggers, I really hope you’ve found this post useful – let me know if you do download any of these! Are there any iPhone apps you think that I should try? What’s your favourite?

emily x

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  • I love the bloglovin and afterlight apps for blogging!

    • They’re both great aren’t they! Thanks for reading x

  • This is a very useful post, I really enjoyed it! I gotta give some of these apps a try, Afterlight, Buffer and Pinterest are hands down one of my favorite apps ever! Thanks for sharing, Emily! xx

    • Aww thank you, glad to hear it was helpful and you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading xx

  • Eloise Balazs

    Some really useful apps thanks for posting darling!


    • Very welcome Eloise! Thanks for reading lovely xx

  • love bloglovin and afterlight, vsco is another one of my faves 🙂

    • Ooo I haven’t heard of vsco, definitely going to look that up! x

  • I’m going to give in and get Afterlight I think – never heard a bad word about it so it must be pretty fab! I’ll have a look at the others as well as they do all sound really helpful for bloggers like ourselves!
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

    • Do it Rebecca! Let me know if you like it! Thanks for reading lovely xx

  • Ohh, this is absolutely brilliant! I never knew Buffer is free, just downloaded it onto my MacBook!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Thank you Shireen, glad to have helped! Buffer is so great isn’t it! x

      • I want to thank you again for introducing Buffer to me, it honestly has changed my Twitter game! Have a lovely weekend!

        Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

        • Aww thank you for coming back to say this! I’m so glad it has helped you! Have a lovely weekend too xx

  • Great post! I’m always looking for things to make blogging a little more accessible (I’ve been loving hootsuite). Looking forward to trying out some of your suggestions!


    • Thank you! Glad to hear it was useful! Thanks for reading xx

  • Maireem Maneje

    Love the list, really handy 🙂

    • Thanks! That’s great to hear x

  • These are such great apps!!


    • They are, aren’t they! Very handy x

  • This list is really helpful! I really want to download google analytics now 🙂

    Sarah |

    • Great to hear that it is helpful! Google Analytics is really great! Would definitely recommend x

  • Love this post! So helpful! 🙂 Will definitely try and Afterlight and Google Analytics. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

    • Thank you! Hope you find them helpful if you do download them x

  • Oh that’s a very thoughtful post and i find this very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

    • Great to hear you found this helpful! Thanks for reading xx

  • Afterlight was the best 69p I’ve spent!

    Annabel ?
    Mascara & Maltesers

    • Such a good app isn’t it!! x

  • I love the sound of, it sounds and looks like the perfect app for to do lists, I have one now but I’ve never really liked the interface and think I will be downloading this one as a replacement.

    Kristy |

    • It’s definitely my favourite to do list app, hope you love it if you have downloaded it! x

  • Afterlight is my favourite – it’s such a fab app xx

    Gemma ? | Miss Makeup Magpie

    • Totally agree Gemma, it’s so good! x

  • I have bookmarked this. Thank you for sharing! I will check out those apps. 🙂


    Yours Truly, NY

    • Ah great! Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy if you do download them! x

  • I love Buffer 🙂 Afterlight looks great. Definitely bookmarking this and getting some of these once I clear some memory! xx

    Magpie Jasmine

    • Buffer has made my life so much easier haha! Hope you love any of these apps if you do download them! xx

  • This was such a good post! Thanks for sharing girl!

    G.J – A Personal Style, Beauty & Lifestyle blog.

    • Very glad you think so! Thank you for reading xx

  • I’m so glad you made this post! Fotogramme is exactly the type of app I’ve been looking for. I’ve been seriously neglecting my personal instagram lately and this will be so useful. Thanks!

    Tara Eavan x

    • Glad to have helped Tara! That’s exactly the same for me, Fotogramme has been such a huge help! Saves me logging in and out everytime, very handy! xx

  • Great post Emily! I already use and love Afterlight so much. I didn’t know that bitly and google analytics had apps though!

    Tegan xx – Permanent Procrastination

    • Thank you! I’m so addicted to the Google Analytics app now! Thanks for reading x

  • Amy

    This was SO helpful! I haven’t heard of some of these, so I’ll be downloading them right away 🙂 xx

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    This is such a helpful post, I always love discovering great new blogging apps 🙂
    Love Holly x

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