What’s on my iPhone?

I have to admit, I am a super nosy person, therefore ‘What’s in my…’ posts are definitely my favourites. So in the next couple of weeks I have decided to write my own versions of these posts, including everything from my shower, my car, to my desk at work. So stay tuned for these, however first up is my most beloved item, my iPhone. In this post I have included every app that I currently have on myiPhone, including the links directly to the app store, in case you fancy downloading it too! All my apps and folders are in alphabetical order, because I’m slightly obsessive with alphabetising things!

whats on my iphone iPhone & Case

I currently have a beautiful 32GB Gold iPhone 5S, which in some respects is my baby. I am a huge, huge lover of technology and my phone is no exception. I have a couple of phone cases which I switch between but since it’s the summer month’s I have opted for my Ted Baker Sweet Talk Case. It’s a beautiful greeny/yellow colour and smells of watermelons, hence the name ‘Sweet Talk’.

iphone case

Screen Protector 

My screen protector has been my absolute life saver, and was less than £4 from eBay (here). I am possibly the clumsiest person you will ever meet, and I am ALWAYS dropping my iPhone. I think I have had 4 replacement screens on iPhones in the past, purely just to me being a clutz but this screen protector has put an end to this (hopefully). It is a ‘tempered explosion proof film’ which is 3 times stronger than a regular film, meaning sharp objects (e.g. my keys) won’t scratch the surface at all. It is a lot thicker than a normal flimsy screen protector but it is so worth it and doesn’t affect your phones functionality at all.  I have a lot of cracks and chips out of my screen protector where I had dropped it a lot when I was on a night out (oops – too many vodka’s!), but my actual phone screen is unaffected. I would recommend this to anyone who is prone to dropping their phone!


My lock screen background is a gorgeous photo of my 2 dogs who are the absolute loves of my life. I am such a softy when it comes to them and spoil them rotten, this picture makes me so happy and gives me a little warm fuzzy feeling inside! My home screen background is a pre-loaded one thanks to Apple, and is a beautiful simple photo of a mountain somewhere…

Home Screen Apps

The apps on my home screen are my most used apps, including the social platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp Instagram and Twitter. If you drive regularly I would 100% recommend that you download Waze, which is a free social sat-nav app, where other users update the roads and any traffic or accidents in real time. It will also let you know if speed cameras or traffic lights are coming up and will divert you around any serious traffic, I use it pretty much everytime I drive! Another app on my home screen that I like is, MyFtinessPal, if you haven’t heard of this, this basically tells you how much calories, fat, sugar etc are in the food you eat just by scanning the barcode or searching for the name. It lets you creates weight loss goals, but it’s great to use even if you aren’t planning on losing any weight, as you can see exactly what is in the food you are eating!


This folder contains lots of the apps I use to help me blog, including the obvious and well known Bloglovin‘ (you can follow me here!). I use Dropbox a lot for syncing photo’s between my iPhone, Mac and work computer. Evernote is great for doing the same thing, but with notes and memo’s! I do have WordPress on my phone but I rarely ever use this to blog from, I only use it really to schedule posts and double check everything is OK! Static is a great and super simple app that helps me look at the followers I have across different platforms. It is so easy to set up and really effective! PhotoCollege is as it sounds, it lets you create collages from photos in your library, and Squareready is used mainly for Instagram so I can fit my whole picture in that pesky square box! I’ve actually now written a whole post on My Top 10 iPhone Apps for Bloggers if you fancy giving that a read


This folder is probably my favourite on my phone, as I absolutely love to shop. If you haven’t already downloaded the Boots app, you definitely need to! Once linked to your advantage card, you’ll be able to see how many points you have and how much they’re worth. You can also see the offers that are in store currently, e.g. 3 for 2 on cosmetics. My favourite part of the app is that you can load your Boots coupons onto your advantage card. So instead of having to remember those paper coupons you get through the post, you simply load them on through the app, and any time your shop qualifies for the coupons you have loaded, the extra points or discounts are yours automatically! Genius!
Vouchercloud, Groupon and HotUKDeals are three apps I love to check regularly in case there are any deals that I am missing out on! I have found some absolute bargains from all 3 of these apps, so would definitely recommend having a look at them! The Starbucks app is fab because you can pay for your coffee straight from  your phone without any hassle, you can also load gift cards onto the app and set it to automatically add payments so you are never short of change for a coffee! eBay is also a great app to have, I spend many nights in bed looking up makeup storage and brush dupes. 


This folder probably get’s the least use, and I’m not even sure the name of the folder ‘fits’ the apps inside, but who cares?? Flixster, Orange Wednesday’s and IMDb are all used for films, Flixster gives me current cinema film times, along with being able to create ‘Want to See’ lists and watch films you have bought directly from the app. My iPhone is on the 3 network, although I got a free orange sim card online and have loaded a little bit of credit onto it for Orange Wednesdays, you can just link the phone number to this app, saves me a lot of hassle swapping in and out sim cards when I want a cheap Wednesday movie! IMDb is the Internet Movie Database, great for checking pretty much any film that has existed, with hundreds of reviews, spoilers, trivia and facts. TV Anywhere is an app by Virgin which allows me to remotely control my TiVo box, record shows and see what’s on TV, if you have a Virgin TiVo box, I would 100% recommend getting this! Sun Mobile just keeps me up to date on the current news and headlines.


FindUnfollow and Followers + let me keep an eye on my Instagram and Twitter followers in a very simple format. Snapchat, FaceTime, iTunes, Game Center and YouTube are all pretty self explanatory apps (3 of them can’t even be deleted!). I use Spotify to listen to my music all the time, whether that’s when it gets quiet at work on the evening or when I’m driving at ridiculous hours in the morning.


I am really not a big gamer and I have never been so I only have 2 measly games on my iPhone, Candy Crush & Subway Surf. I have been hearing so many good things about Kim Kardashian’s new game, but I have a very addictive personality, and I don’t even want to start myself off with this haha! What do you think of this game, should I start playing??


Writing this post now I am realising that a lot of my apps could have been placed in much more appropriate folders than they are, but I’m used to all their whereabouts now and I don’t specifically need to swap them around! Timehop is one of my favourite apps on my iPhone, you link your social accounts, (e.g. Facebook, Twitter), and every day you get to see what you were doing years ago today. For example on this date 5 years ago, I put a picture up on Facebook of my friends at Thorpe Park. It’s such a great app, it can sometimes be cringy but it’s all part of the fun! Messenger is purely Facebook’s additional app for messages and Lloyds TSB is my banking app. Find iPhone lets me locate and remotely wipe my iPhone, iPad and Macbook if they were to get lost or stolen. Snapguide is an app that lets your browse user uploaded guides from everything to baking to beauty, it’s a great app with loads of pictures and different guides. If you haven’t heard of Etsy, you need to go and have a look now! It’s a shopping platform created by loads of individuals and personal shops, you can find everything on Etsy, especially loads of beautiful hand created items. Field Agent is an app which can actually help earn you money by carrying out simple tasks in your local area, I regularly check this app when I am out an about to see if there is any tasks around me I can do. I have only completed one task on here, and that was to take a picture of a billboard and I received £5 for it, happy days! The Subway app lets me collect points on my iPhone for any purchases I make in store, as well as checking near by stores and my current points. I actually completely forgot I had GumTree installed, and I never used it so I have literally just deleted it now whilst writing this post.


Whenever I travel, there is a 99% chance that I will drive there (unless I am going abroad obviously or into the centre of London), and because of this, this folder rarely gets used. I use Waze (as mentioned earlier) for my go to Sat Nav app. On the off chance I do use public transport, I use the National Rail app for up to date train times and departure boards, and Tube Map, for help with tube lines, changes and routes. Parkmobile is an app that allows you to search for car parks near by and pay on the app, so it saves me fiddling around for change. I like it because it has stop watch feature on it, meaning you only pay for the time you exactly need and don’t have to guestimate how long you will be away for your car for.


Most of the apps in this folder are ones that have been pre-loaded by Apple and that I can not remove; App Store, Calculator, Compass, Stocks, Voice Memo’s and Weather. The only apps I have downloaded for myself in this folder are the AA, 3 and Remote apps. The AA app is in case I break down (fingers crossed), this means I can alert the AA directly of my location without having to guess or explain where I am them. It also keeps my details within the app and I get reminded when my road tax, insurance and MOT are due to expire.  The Remote app allows you to control your iTunes Library from your mac, meaning you can play music directly from your iPad, iPhone or iPod. It also allows you to control your Apple TV, which is mainly what I use this app for. Lastly, 3 is the mobile network I use, so this app is mainly used to check my remaining minutes etc, and my upcoming bills.

Sorry about the super long post, but I hope you have enjoyed it and there’s at least one app I am using that you think you should be too! Is there any apps that you think I should download?

emily x

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